Via Ferrata, Love to the North of sweden and the Body..

A real good week of training. Seven different workout, and one of them Via Ferrata. Yesterday morning I Went up early. My goal for the day was to go to Skuleberget in northern Sweden for via ferrata. A fantastisc morning with the fog leaving the water, and the sun rising in the west.


A great Via Ferrata day at Skuleberget, Sweden.


Look in the middle of the photo and you can see the climbers:-)

This summer has been fantastic, trail running, longboarding and Via ferrata. And I must say, when I passed the Dalälven river yesterday I felt the good feeling. I cant help it but it feels so good to be in the northern part of Sweden. It is with a heart full of love I can Think back to all adventures i have had up here. Another thin I am very pleased of is my body. It adept to all training I subjected it to. It is fabulous. What a perfect machine the body is if you take care of it physical and psychological. And you; the most beautiful view, is the realization.(Sv. Den vackraste utsikten är insikten).


Northern Sweden is beautiful…

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Ute fest 11-13 September.

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  1. North scandinavia is great Ulf. Long summernights, northern lights in the winter and good opportuneties for arctic training. I think your plan for training with Via Feratta is perfect.

    Bring some of your clients to this adventure. Its also in Funäsdalen, Trondheim and Lom. Keep strong!!

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