Training, preparation and others..

I’ve been on a trip to the Hoga Kusten area in the north east part of Sweden. With a couple of good days in the Skule skogen area.



And so near to Skuleberget a Via Ferrata session was naturally.  A warm but very fine day, resulted in two routes and a couple over hours hanging on the cliff side.


The yellow route at Skuleberget..

The training follows the plan, and at this time of year there are two focus, endurance and preparation. Preparation for the upcoming guide season.


Its time for the preparation of the upcoming guiding time.

And how to do the training, well 30 minutes of pull-ups, push-ups, dips and row. And this combined with 5k running. Tonight there will be a 30k fast hiking with 30 kilo back-pack. that endurance training..

And here some new interesting equipment:


Suunto Spartan Ultra will be awaiable in august. A new collection of GPS clocks for multisport and adventures.

A new back pack from Gregory:


Gregorys Baltoro, a new back pack.


Lundhags Makke pant, a smart field trouser. With ventilation on the inside of the thigh. One of the best trousers I have test (without scale protection)

And you, don’t forget the Utefest at Docksta 9-11/9.

See ya soon or on upcoming Sunday!!

BR Uffe



About trail running and medical fields.

Trail running in history areas. During the weekend I went up to Jämtland for some trail running.


I started from Tossasen on Saturday morning and run to Lunndorren mountain cabin. The old trail between Jamtland and Harjedalen.  Quite interesting place. During winter you can fins some real fine ice climbing routes. But be aware of this is one of the toughest place to be at when the wind is hard. So this is the place to prepare for a tough expedition. If you able to set up the tent here in a storm, you are ready for high peaks. There was no people at all at the trail, so its not so very often used this days.

And now over to the guides tips. It can be hard to set stiches in the field, but then you can use some surgery tape instead.


And this weeks music will be an old goldie:-)

See ya soon..