A Reverend hike

After a tough start up in the ski slope me and the husky reached the plateau. The body has now been warm and the pulse will continuously be around 100. The first target of the day is the wind shelter at  Falkfångarfjället. We follow the summer trail at first and then we turn over to the winter trail. Due to the wetness I recognize it was a wise decision.  When we turn we can see the target in the far distance. Some reindeer join us on our way to the shelter, something the husky like. He strive in wrong direction the whole time…But soon we are there. With a cup of blueberry soup and a sandwich with cheese and we are ready to go again. Even if the trail is up hill its much easier now. Soon we are at the peak of Falkfångarfjället, and get rewarded with a fantastic view. I can never get used of the fabulous views I got in the mountains. It affect my soul in a humble and thankful/grateful way. I am so thankful for that. So now we just got a lot of downhill in front of us. The rest of the journey will become as a song. Soon we are back at the top of the slope again and with Drommen in our back. When looking at my watch I realized it has been over 20K and within just under 4 hours. That ok.

The next day it is time for a hike from Arådalen towards the peak of Hundshögen. After one hour drive, I am in place at the small mountain station, or mountain farm as I should have called it. This is in the middle of the Samis area. I follow the trail towards Gräftåvallen and after 2,5K I turn up heading for the peak. But the cloud is low and the sight is just a couple of meters I decided to turn.  So the peak will be standing there for the next try, but this area is fantastic, and I must say I am really interested to go here in the winter.  So over all this has been a real nice journey, with a cleaning of both soul and spirit…

This week I will do a review of the Lundhags Askro pant. Well, this is a pant for; long hikes in wild and challenging terrain, and will be able to handle the natures power…Says the description. So ok, with a price of 241,18 Euro I got a hugh expectation of them. This is a water repellent pant and got ”no layer”. With zipper in the both inside and outside the legs, the ventilation is good. The right leg pocket got a compartment for mobile phone.  But it is in the same level as the zipper of the pocket, which result in that you don’t know if it will end up in the pocket or the compartment. So with a almost no shell, and with small design shortness and with a very high price it will be just NNN.

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Now things are gathering around the question of the right to lease the land around west Jämtland. Many are those who will be affected of the result depending of what decision it will be taken. The Samis will point to the Girjas verdict, and claim the land as theirs. The locals on the other side, meaning that they having been living here for ages in many generations so the hunting and fishing should be for every one. Then we have the Swedish tourist association, that have a lot of economical interest in the tourism in the area. And we also got all the outdoor people who want to practice mountain sports in all its forms. So from that perspective it is a very complex question of course.

The reason for the complexity will be from my point of view, the lack of communication, and that will be from all involved. Another reason why this question have become so topical is the increasing of the seasons of mountain sports, in combination with a environmental change. So were do I stand in this question than? For me the word sustainability will be the key here. We must stop to see the question from a economical view.  -But stop here probably some of you say. It is of course a economical question for all involved. The Samis from a reindeer herding perspective, the locals from being able to live in the area, and the tourist when the availability wil decrease and it will become more expensive to get there and maybe the season availability will decrease as well. 



But is it not here all of it starts? Go back to the word sustainability…That might be the gordian knot. (den gordiska knuten) If we want to have a mountain environment that is genuine, we might need to adept the the requirements. If it should be a living countryside the locals might got the right of fishing and hunting for be able to stay in the area. And maybe the area where the reindeer will be during the calving period should be protected from external disturbance? Maybe I am wrong, but with a sustainability mindset I think it can dissolve some of the communication within the basic question…But sustainability is far more then the environmental part. It is about leadership and culture, diversity and a global thinking. I will not pointing finger, it is everyone’s choice. But with all the visible signs of the global warming I will draw my straw to the stack.

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Fit body

Today is the seventh day in a row of workout. And I must confess, it feels great. Cycling, gym, running, speed walk among others makes me feel alright, and not tired. It really gives me energy. The most powerful moment was yesterday when one of the twenty five year athlete at the gym stepped forward to me, looked at my body from top to toe and comment; hey you are really fit man. Well becoming almost 59 I was really happy. If I as old guy can be a role model for others I really enjoy, and of course become humble as well. And just that moment was worth all time of workout:-).

At the moment I am sitting and preparing the upcoming training and assessment of this years IML’s. Navigation, leadership, river crossing, weather knowledge and steep ground is jus a part of all the things they(we) need to got skills and knowledge of. But teaching means you must become expert of the subject.

Last blog I was promising some more knowledge about weather in general and clouds in particular. So how can cloud help us to get knowledge about the weather? First of all we must understand that 15-20 days of the month cloud covers 73% of the sky. So bear that in mind when you counting with clear weather of the peak. But the clouds can also help us to predict the weather, at least the upcoming 6-12 hours.

(This Cumulus cloud, is ok and it will probably disappear in the evening)

(This Cumulus cloud is growing vertical, with energy from the sun it will grow and the rain is not far away now)

Cumulus clouds, normally is growing during the afternoon. Due to the fact that the sun does not having so much impact in the noon so normally it will be no rain, and the clouds will disappear under the evening. But keep a look of the clouds if they grow vertically., if there is no clear border of the cloud it will soon start to rain.

Cirrus clouds, when there is a warm front is coming , the initially signs can be cirrus clouds in a distinct direction, and with hooks in the ends. This might be a sign of weather deterioration.  You now got 6 hours before the bad weather will appear. If the Cirrus clouds don’t pull up, the weather will be continued stable.  The cloud at the picture, with its ”hooks” in the end tell us that a shift in the weather probably will appear. Rain within 6 hours is to count in…

Shane Smith & The Saints – All I See Is You – LIVE from the Desert – YouTube

That was all for today, see ya soon:-)

Why the weather is so important..

Today it will be about weather in general and the  temperature in particular. When going to a tour in the mountains the weather is always in focus. The naturally thing to do is to check the forecast of the are a at least a month ahead. I normally check it at least a quarter ahead, just to build my own view. But we always says that, is it something we cant affect it is the weather. That is true, but we can affect how we adept to the weather. The most important thing to start to consider about will be the temperature. That is something within the weather we actually can affect. We need to understand how it will affect us. In the summer when its hot in the days and the son reflect the sun it will be warm and we need to keep up the fluid intake. At high altitude we need to warm up the air we breath and have to take that in consideration. In the winter (and summer) we need to understand how to use the layer system. Ok, so this means when it comes to temperature of the weather we got the opportunity to influence, or? Where will I end up with this facts? Well, we might cant influence the weather, but we can influence its affect on us. This is why the clothing will be so important in mountain sport of all kind. When to use down, when to use wool etc. So you have to plan, check forecast and so on for understanding what to bring in apparel/garment choice. But the most important will be to understand the layer principal.

This describes it quite well, how to use the layer system. Never ever get wet, that the ground rule. Use the zippers in the cloth for getting rid off the moist/heat. Next lesson will be about clouds…

This one will be a good choice in cold condition (middle layer) with wool…

or this one in primaloft from Rab, in not so cold environment..

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Its the small thing that matters…

Today I reflect over that I got 106 years of experience. Well, you think how can it be? He is just 58 years and got 103 years experience. 40 years of work life, 43 years in the mountains and 23 year as Commercial guide. But still learning and still developing…One thing I find important is all that small things that will help us out in the mountains. Things that I really want to bring with me. So here is some of those things; one extra compass, a small light stove, a tent lamp (I prefer one with heat, so warm up a reduce the moist in the tent in the morning) a bivy bag, a multitool, a small saw, a spoon, a fire steel, a charger, cable ties, gorilla (silver) tape. A cord., a energy gel, a PLB (InReach) This will be a good start of small things to carry with you.

A week ago I was up to Helags for a tour. The weather forecast was ok but get worse during the week,  and it looked out we was going to get dew. The 12K up to the mountain station was passed quite quickly and a waffle when we arrived was just perfect. We got our room and stared planning for the top attempt the next day.  A breakfast and then we where on the go. The rain has resulted in higher flows in the creeks, but not any big issues. We chosen the north way up and soon we reach a snow filed we just passed. Sometimes the clouds open up and we got sight for a while. After passing another small snow field we begun to get top weathering. 20 minutes later we where standing of the top of Helags 1789m. No wind, no precipitation and…no sight. But everyone was satisfied by standing at the top. With at least 10 winter summiting and at least 10 summer summiting even I as guide was satisfied. But as we always says half way done, it is now the real work begins…As the nature agency protection has painted stones from the south way up, it was quite easy to descend. At the mountain station I decided to take a tour among the trail towards the cabin of Gåsen. After a while I turned off the trail and went in direction to Snusestöten. A check of the watch told me I was out of time so I turned back towards Jalkedsaåjja  and back to the mountain station. The day after it was time for going back, at as always it is with the feeling of sadness leaving the mountains. I am so ready for a real long tour in the near future, I have to plan that…

As always the weather has an impact of the tour, it always have and next blog(tomorrow) will be about the weather,,,

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See you soon..