Focus on technique and strength..

This week has been good. Hard workout with hard strength and technique on the climbing wall. With a lot of rowing, ski-ergo and dead-lift, the body is answering good. I am getting prepared for the upcoming adventures..

Get every minute to pinch the technique.

This week the outdoor first aid will be about lightning. First of all, it is very unusual to get hit by a lightning. The risk will be increased during the afternoon, when the sun has warmed up the ground. Rising hot air lead to that vertical cumulus clouds are formed. In Sweden 15-20 person need to seek care after getting hit by a lightning. What happens with the body during a hit of a lightning? When the power pass the body, the heart stays. After a while the heart will start automatically. But if the affected even got respiratory arrest,  the oxygen shortage can lead to a second heart stay, and that need to handled by professional care. This is important to know, and the reason to focus for the ones that are looking dead. This is the steps: 1. Secure to protect from another hit from lightning. 2. Check the breathing, be causes with the neck. 3. If the injured don’t breath start HLR immediately. 4. Stop bleeding,  check the pulse.5. Check the consciousness, paralysis and loss of feelings may occur. 6. Check the skin, for mark from lightning. Protect against coldness, and start evacuation immediately.

I hope the cold will be here soon, it is time for ice climbing..

And in the end White Buffalo, maybe the best voice ever..

See ya soon, Friday this years calendar will start…

Real good workout, Expose and Environment. Positive attitude and positive thinking.

Sunday morning. Woke up this morning of a wet nose. The husky wanted to have a morning walk. So we went out, it begun in the dark, and then the sun set. A wonderful morning and a fine day has just begun.

When it comes to the workout, things are falling in place. Yesterday it was a real good workout.

10 minutes (10 x bench-press, 10 x push-ups, 10 x hammer-curls)

10 minutes (10 x bent over row, 10x Burpees over BB, 10 x strict-press)

10 minutes (10 x calf-raises, 10 x lounges with high knees/see movie, 10 x sprint sit-ups)

15 x 3 bench-press and cool down and stretch..

So building up  a good base for upcoming adventures.

Becoming a real mountaineerer, follow this advices:-) this is the shit..

Last blog I wrote I will continue with the wilderness first aid. Now we have come to Expose and environment. When you have gone trough the L-A-B-C-D, then it times for E. Using the S-A-M-P-L-E.

Symptoms, the main inconvenience. A subjective description of the situation. Allergies, the knowledge of pet allergies or medication allergies. Medications, if the victim use any medicine at the moment or else. Past, previous history of diseases etc. Last ins/outs when the victim last drink or eat and last defected. Events what happened before the illness/accident.

At last a bit about positive attitude and how to programming the mind in the right way..

And you, getting angry will affect your immune system negative for up to 7 hours, but a laugh will strengthen the immune system for the same time..

And be a wolf…going your own way..always focused on your target..

See ya soon..

When the trip is the goal, about workout and first aid in outdoor.

When its time for travel to the mountains of Sweden my journey stats from Stockholm. When its summer is nice to start early. Listening to the radio and look out on the landscape. Already after one hour the landscape start to shift. Many are the small village I passed. Kårböle, Ytterhogdal, Ljungdalen, Järpen and Undersåker. Names that will start feelings inside of me. Lots are the stories associated with these resorts.

Ytterhogdal, mean lunch when you are going home from the mountains..

Undersåkers train station, anticipation of adventures and of mountain environment.

The Pilgrim inns. A stop and recovery with food, and a reflection of the mountain adventures..

Take a stop at strandgården, for a visit to sleep recover and a fantastic view..

So don’t forget to enjoy the trip as a important part of the adventure. Often is it here you have the real experience. As that time when I was sitting at the train station in Marrakech looking at photos of polar bears. thanks for that Adrian.

When it comes to first aid in the outdoor environment, it is important to have the skills and knowledge. Maybe you are the only one who knows what to do, and you must know when you need to take decision over a evacuation.

When someone get injured you need to do a emergency care. L-A-B-C-D-E.

Airway and C-spine control. Breating, Circulation and bleeding, Disability, Expose and environment.

Secure the injured person get free airways. Then check the breathing; see listen and feel. Check the puls, if its weak or greatly enhanced suspect circulatory influence. Disability, use the AVPU-scale: Alert, Verbal, Pain, Unresponsive. (ask the injured to move fingers and toes gently, if unconscious note if the injured moves arms/legs spontaneously) Exposure. This one, will be explain in the next blog.

When it comes to the workout it has been a real good week. With 900 minutes I cant be anything than satisfied. Ended up the week with 7km with a 23kg backpack. The target was 50 minutes and the result:

45.59 four minutes left, great result.

And today a air assault bike challenge. 10 x 30s  60s recovery, with a mate. The target was 220 Cal. result 243 cal. and approved.

Ice climbing training..

See ya soon, and soon it is time for this years advent calendar..