Tired and out of gas…And life is exactly what you make it to..

The week has been great, good training with good efforts. Yesterday morning I went up early for lugging the car wheel. The mind was in the present and with good music in my ears I push me. Today I went out for trail running, and it felt good. But in the afternoon it was time for a workout at the gym. I felt tired already from start. The body didn’t answer, Frustrated I left the gym, and felt angry and sad. But with so much training and a pressed situation at the moment at the job, will probably be the explanation. I have good time coming up with ice climbing and skiing so it just to grab on to the positive parts of life. But it is interesting when it comes to get the balance in life. It is so important that all pieces works out properly. But I know that this period is tough, so it just to keep on, and there are so damn good days coming up. So I have to take a nice fruit smoothie and enjoy life.

And here this week wisdom:-)

Life will be exactly what you make it to..

You can not change what you refuse to confront..Dont think of cost, think of value. No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying. Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it.Giving up doesn’t always mean you’re weak, sometimes it means you are strong enough and smart enaugh to let go and move on. If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.

See ya soon


Time to make a stand…

Second week of the new year, and now were on:-). Today it will be about motivation. I think it is time to make a stand and live it. My device you know: train insane or remain the same.


Build up your target and start struggle, get you a partner that will be accountable to you. Stay focused, and you will reach the goal and you can feel good and celebrate. Here comes some help:

1. When you make ¨the plan, anticipate bumps. build up solution for if and buts, such as bad weather, loss of time etc. 2. Channel the little engine that could – really. Set up goals you self believe you can achieve. 3. Don’t let the goals go wild. To tough goals can demotivate you and burn you out. 4. But stay focused and work on them every day. Take it step by step. by taking small step you move towards the goal and you got a much better chance to reach your wish. 5. Lean on a support crew when struggling. As I wrote earlier, get one to be accountable for your achievements. Get help from family and friends. 6. Make yourself a priority. You have to put your need first. It will sounds selfish (and of course it is) but you will derail your progress if you sacrifice yourself for please others. 7. Challenge yourself and change things up. It will be hard to stay enthusiastic when everything remains the same. Change forms and  new things all the time. You will also develop your habit of flexibility. 8. Keep on learning. To refuel your efforts, focus of enjoying the process to getting to the goal, rather then just focusing on the finish line. (truly a thought for the whole life!) 9. Always remember the deeper meaning. You more likely to realize a goal when it has a true personal significance to you, according to Deci.

The training this week has been tough and it has been 8 workouts within 6 days. I have fulfil my training plan so far so it is really good. A couple a quality workouts at the gym, cross-country skiing and running as well..


Tired tired and tired but motivated as hell, after a F***ing Friday at evolvefitness.


Keep up the pace and see ya soon..


New year, new targets and a good start of the training.

The first week of the new year is about to end. It is time for setting the goals for this year. Whatever it is from reaching a mountain-summit or becoming a better version of yourself or the best husband or wife..It is now you can change your life, or just let everything happen without your control:-) and here come some help for reaching your targets:


1. Minimize contact with negative people. 2. Maximize time with people that gives you energy. 3. Read and listen and watch positive things. 4. Prioritize the thing that you want and need to do. 5. Change a piece at the time, small step..So now it is up to you, go for reach your targets:-)

And the training..


Cold running, and workout at the outdoor gym..

So the first to weeks on the new year has result in 22 workouts. yesterday morning I was lugging the car wheel and some skating and skiing in the afternoon. But now it is time to take it easy, working hard = payback somehow. And I don’t want injuries.

Some heavy training music this week..

See ya soon


The first week of 2016 and about sport and guiding..

The first week of 2016 has ended. And today I will share my thoughts about ultra training and guiding. For a couple of years the training has become more and more extreme. Multisport, ultra distance and sky running etc. People in mid age train as never before, everyone shall do the Swedish classic etc. But in my mind the pendulum has come to an end.


To extreme, to long, to hard:-)

Soon it cant be more extreme, and then? What’s next? I think the mindfulness from the base will be the next. Sitting in a mountain cabin, just looking into the bonfire..


A bonfire, and a nice cup of coffee..and contemplation..

I also think that the guiding will be more important in the near future. The guild of guiding will become more important related to the global warm-up. The weather will affecting us in different way. But the weather forecasting and how it will affect the outdoor areas and environment will be a knowledge that will be important. So even if the extreme sport will continue, the knowledge of local weather situation and affections will be a need experience.


Extreme weather condition will be a need of knowledge for guides..

So the this weeks training; totally 11 workouts 660 minutes, a great start of the new year..

See ya:-)