Midweek update, tough challenge..


So this week the challenge was to enjoy the Evolve Fitness training. 5 workout with a real tough program. It is training in small groups and with very well skilled instructors. I wouldn’t say they are PT:s because they are more like instructors and coaches.  With barbells and jump as well as kettle bell training, it is real hard and good training. After three days I am feeling real tired in my whole body. After yesterdays training with chins, rowing, and barbells exercises I was totally exhausted..

So how can you be able to train harder?

1. Retrain your brain. You must decide to challenge your self..

2. Build a foundation, a platform were you can go from.

3. Learn to learn. You must be brave enough to test new things. Be ready to fail, just for be able to learn.

4. Secure that you have a good diet. Eat clean products..


The weeks epigraph…and I really live up to it. I can promise…

See ya soon..


Train for your brain, autumn season and the challenges..

Train your muscles and you will protect you brain from stress & depression.

It has been known for long time that physical training is beneficial for the body and mind. And it is something we all also can feel. But now has the research find out that the brain will be protected from stress and depression by workout.

Current research cant really explain what is happening neurological at a depression, but new research has helped out with a key for understanding. Now they got the explanation of what is happening biochemical  how workout protect the brain from stress and depression, says Mia Lindskog researcher  at Karolinska Institutet. What is known earlier is that the protein PGC-11a1, increase if we train our muscles. The researches used a breeding of mice’s with high levels of the protein. And they did a test with ”normal” mice’s in a  stressed environment (Such as flashing lights, high sounds, disturbed sleep etc.) The well trained mice’s(on a genetically way)  didn’t show any symptoms of depression, while the normal mice’s did.  What the researcher also saw was that the mice’s  with higher PGC-1a1 protein level also got higher levels of the enzyme; KAT, even this in the muscles. KAT got the ability to break down kynurenin. that is to be formed during stress. What the researcher discover was that this substance (KAT)inhibits kynurenin to reach the brain, and protected from stress and depressions..And I think you all have the feeling if you are stressed and train, you will feel better afterword’s. Here you got the clinical understanding of it.

Brain Focus - Imagery Muscles[1]

Train your muscles and protect yourself from stress and depression.

You can read, and listen here ( It is in Swedish)


Know the autumn season is here. I really like the fresh air, and all the magnificent colours. The lowland and the mountain environment shows its best side. Get up early in the morning and see the nature be bathing is the suns gold..


Enjoy the season..

I’ve been thinking and the training and knowledge about outdoor ”know how” and its a bit of knowing the four elements. All season got its all challenges due to that. It is not easy to start a fire for example in the autumn. The wind (air) is a very important factor to count with during winter in the mountain environment. As well as the thin air at high altitude. So train and learn how to control your body during the different prerequisites. So prepare and train yourself for the autumn seasoning…At two a clock yesterday Sylarna was the coolest place in Sweden with 2.4 Celsius degrees…


The training this week has been as planned. When I write this I still got two workout left, one at the gym and one trail-running. This will end up in nine workouts. Three of them has been swimrun. Swimming towards the wind was a challenge it selves, with wave coming up in my face. This with involuntary gulp of water(Sv. Kallsup) as a result.


Swimrun a good combined training for the whole body..and a good season training to adapt to cold water and so on..

But this weeks challenge was..


Barbells training in group, one hour with barbell. Really good, and it was cover all body training. Try it you will like it, and you will feel good and reduce the stress and depressions:-) 50 lefts..

The upcoming weeks challenge will be a tough one, it will be included 5 days..(shit, this one is a real challenge..)I will give an update of it at Wednesday.

See ya soon


A new challenge, and prepair for the upcoming events..

Now it is time to start the preparation for next season.


It is how you prepare now at this moment, how good you will accomplish your target for upcoming events..So train hard, stay focused and get passion for your challenges.

The training this week has been good. But I am started to feel a bit worn. Well it can have something related to the challenge:-)


This week the challenge was Swim run. So I listen to Gorans suggestion of swimming in the lake were I live. But living up to my words of combined training a added some running as well. So Saturday morning and this morning I went out running for 10k and swimming 1k. So from now it is just 51 challenges left:-)


The frogmen…Swimrun challenge..

I used Head:s Swimrun Rough black. A real good suit with good details such as build in pockets for bars etc. So this one was real great.


If you train one hour a day, that will be 4% from the day. But the training should make your life better, and not become your life…

At last just two things; come on and give me some challenges. And don’t forget to sign up for next years Chamonix event..


(Foto Goran Karlén, join Nordic Light Adventure to Chamonix for 2016)

No night train to Jämtland & Hill training.


No night train to Jämtland.

Well then it was time for it, again..SJ one of the biggest train operators in Sweden has decided to stop the night train with Jämtland as destination. This has been in focus before, and the traffic is already reduced. Of course  there is two side of the coin. One is that it must be valued for the operator. The other, is to got a living countryside and a living tourism for this area. I think it should be both the SJ as operator to take its responsibility and the interest from the tourist side, for example the Swedish tourist federation (Svenska turist föreningen). If the two areas work together with a package it would benefit the both side, and for Me. as costumer. As well as for the environment. Now people will take the car or go by bus instead. At low season, the mountain station must closed, due to reduced income. But with a smart package everyone will have a benefit out of it. But both side must take there responsibility..


No more night train to Jämtland will have impact on the tourism in the area..

And the training, today it was hill training. Tough but, good afterwords:-)

See ya soon..


52 challenges, and become what you want to be…

This week the training has been good. When it ends it will be 9 workouts and about 540 minutes. It has become time to check the head lamp, the darkness comes earlier now.


My new challenge will be to try a new challenge every week. this for develop and challenge myself. So if you got any suggestion, leave a comment:-)  So I look forward for new training methods, and new adventures:-). So it will not be just hike challenges as on the picture.

The difference between what you are, and what you want to become is what you do…

An adventure is only a inconvenience rightly understood. An inconvenience is only a adventure wrongly understood.


”A early morning. The sun has just been up for an hour. The train stops at the Enafors railway-station in Jämtland. The air is cold, and only one passenger step of the train. Iggy Pop:s the passenger is in my head. I put my back pack on and start to walk. After just 1k I leave the E14 and follows the trail to Silverfallet. When passing the more’s the air will become even more cool. The ascending starts and I can feel it in my legs. The land is frostbite. The November air is fresh and I feel I am really in the moment. After a while the trail will become a bit easier. Here and there it is icy, It is good to have the sprigs on my boots. The sun is painting Ingolvskalet in golden, what a perfect day. The target for the day is the area close to Getvalen.” (to be continued…)


How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains! John Muir

And of course Iggy Pop:

And this weeks hit..

See ya soon..

Combined training and Chamonix 2016


Check under news and Our Services -How to get you there for booking next years Chamonix adventures..

This week it has been good progress within the training. 10 workouts within 6 days. 590 minutes of different training. Now when the fall has come it will be a challenge to keep up the training. A good suggestion will be to cooperate with a partner. Challenge each other for example with a two hours workout. Were you have responsible for each part. That can be a new way of training.


Challenging your training partner to get new forms of training.

And also learn form duathletes and triathletes, combined training. Do two or more moment together. It will be more fun, different and more covered training for the whole body..

Ask yourself:

What do you want to change?

How will you change?

Why do you want to change?

Start with small steps but with continuity. Have patience.

This is the first step for the rest of your life…Live your life with passion, every day..


Prepare for the winter season. the first snow has come at Låkktatjåkko Mountain station.


The first snow for the season has already come to Låkktatjåkko mountain station..

See ya soon, and don’t forgot to sign up for Cham 2016…

Chamonix 2015

This years trip to Chamonix was fantastic. With a sunny weather with 29-30 degrees the whole trip. Up tour up to Albert premier hut. And a spectacular trip from Aiguille du Midi to Pointe Helbronner. And as well up to Grand Montets and Petit Aiguille Verté.


Acclimatisation to Albert Premier hut.


Glacier trail to Ponte Helbronner Italy.


Glacier rescue technique training…(Chamonix in background)

And a happy guide..


(Photograph Mikael Linder)

And the training follows the plan. 7-12 workouts every week. And now the group training season will begin. Look forward to it. Don’t forget to look under News and updates. the planning for next years Chamonix event will be present during the weekend. Sign up for an adventure!!