Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
First I will start with a poem, for a Norweigan poet. ”Den lykke du söker bak blånende fjell, kan hende du alltid har eiert den sjelv. Du skall icke jage i hvillös ring, men lär dig elske de naere ting”. Arne Paashe Aasen.
And now it is time for summing up 2018.
A valanche, April and a avanache course in Åre. Real good training and real good skiing.
B e true to yourself, I think it is important to do what you want. So think, plan and surround yourself with people who support your thinking. Catch your goal, your life you want to live.
C uralla, this year most challenging Via Ferrata. This one was mor like a adventure track rather a Via Ferrata.
D ocksta, a village you normally just pass. But if you like Via Ferrata, the name starts a desire in your mind…
E naforsholm, This winter tour we was living at this place. Nice food and perfect rooms. With the sledge dog in front of me, I meet the king and queen of Sweden in the ske track. So this year even with a royal touch.
F reuchen, and Peter Freuchen was a new acquaintance. This tough explorer from Denmark, that also started the Advetureers club of Denmark.
G uiding, a couple of guidings to Skuleberget. Always very nice there…
H olistic knowledge, you must know and got skills about all your Equipment. GPS, Spot-tracker, Compass and altimeter for mention some. Practice at home so you can use it in the Mountains when needed..
I nterviews, this year the blog has been updated with the interviews. It has been very interesting, and educational. It also has been very fun to learn toknow this people more. Thank you all for letting me interview you!
J amtland, the playground of all. Chamonix is nice, but to Jamtland I always will return. Here you got it all. The highligt of the year must be the ascend of Lillulvåfjället with the family, including the Husky.
K nots, with a slap of the flu, it ended up in training with rope and knots. This with increased skills.
L es Cheserys lake, this area can be reached from Argentieré or from Flagieré. It is very nice a you will for sure get nice shots over the Mont Blanc massif…
M ore focus on the environment. Yes we must be more careful of our environment. Read Naomi Kleins ”this change everything” and your jurney with the enviroment will start..
N orthern Peak of Kebnekaise, this was the year the Northern Peak passed the Southern in height. This will have impact in the ara how the guiding etc. will be set up. Looking into it with big interest.
O pen mind, what does this mean? well, you must dare to question yourself. Try something new the upcoming year. I will for sure.
P rogress, when it comes to workout it is two things that is important; one variation. And two, to have a program to follow. This year I have got PR in bench press with 100kg.
Q ualifyed mountain leader, after the avalanche course I got the full qualification as Mountain Leader.
R ole model, you must strive for getting better. One of the best things is to get yourself a role model. And by the way, try to be one yourself. For me it will mean; be a better listener during 2019.
S ylarna, well Jamtland in generally but Sylarna in particular when it comes to the area. The Sylarna traverse, still lounging for you and in 2019…And now Sylarna also got its restaurant in place. Need to try that one…
T hinking out of the box, this is one of my trademark. I always try to challenge my self in different ways.
U ltimate gear, what is that? Well I will keep on testing and trying. This years brand is Stellar Equipment. Good price and with a excellent function/finnish.
V ia Ferrata, with the right equipment and a Via Ferrata in Cham. This year has been good. But I really would have liked to test the one in Loen. But maybe 2019..
W indshelter, I never  leave for outdoor adventures without my windshelter. This is one of themmost important gearto bring. You can also complement it with a rescue sleeping bag and other stuff.
Z ero, days without workout was the goal. But the flu got me. One week off, but totally over 740 workouts this year, well I think it is approved.

And the Music of the year…

See ya at sunday…

24th of December and time to sum up.

24th of December again. 24 Days of blogging in a row, and now some rest. It like leaving the Mountains, a good feeling but with some kind of melancholy. Today it will be about leadership and the work as mountain leader. From my Point of view the leadship contains Three important parts; Charisma, accountability and safety. The Charismatic leadership is similar to other styles. Both it and transformational leadership rely on the ability of the leader to influence and inspire followers. Transformational and charismatic leaders motivate the individual or those around them to be better and to work for the greater good of an organization or society. And s charismatic leader you for sure will remeber. The accountybility comprices both the responsibility for the participants as well as to the client. The safty is of course the main part in a  guides Life. As a guide you should and would be questioned. So Think it trough Before you go there. You must be able to challenge yourself in all of the way. In one of my assignment I was asked, -what type of adventure do you prefer? I aswered -all. The manager said, -perfect, that is exactly the answer I want to here. So you have to be costomizable . But then you will have the greatest of job..


Can you feel safe in stressful situation and were you will be validated all of the time, you will be able to like the work as a mountain leader.

How to work as Mounatin Leader..

See ya 31th of December and a Merry, merry Christmas to you all!

23rd of December, about a cabin..

Today its the 23rd of December and just one day left of the calender. Today it will be about a cabin in Jamtland. The Blahammar cabin.


The cabin was built in 1912, and in 1920 a bridge over Enan was built for to make it easier to reach the cabin. But in 1923 the 25th og August the cabin was destroyed in a fire. Four people died in the fire. But in 1925 1st of March a new cabin was consecrated.  In 1939 lars Aune did died, and his son Hugo Aune was appaointed as chairman for the assosiation of Blahammaren. The mystery of the fire, lives still today. What was it that happened that night of the fire? Ans as it should, Torsten Boberg the legend has a part of it as well. He was one of the first to say that the fire was built. The police investigation was quickly dropped in Sweden under mysterious circumstances. In Norway the Police investigation continued, but the archive was destroyed under a bombing during the second World war. But one of the thesis is that it was a rubbery of the cottge safe. It was the end of the season, and it should not have been so much people there. Karl Arvid Andersson Mellgren was arrested and lead to questioning. There was a lot of questions in his hearing. The 24th of August, Johan Ragnhaug a bank clerk decide to hike from Sylarna to Blahammaren. The reason is that he has to hurry home for job matter. He arrives late in the afternoon, eating a small dinner and goes to bed upstaair. Here also sleep Birger Norén the fourteen year laborer. Downstairs sleeps the superintendent Astrid Aunde and the Cook Alma Jonsson. The robbers enter the cabin, just Before midnight. Rognhaug Wakes up of the noice of the robbers. Went downstairs and discover what is happening. a tumult arises and Ragnhaug get killed by a axe or by the revolver. Now the women have wakened and screams. The robbers know that now there is witnesses, so they got killed. Birger is shoot in the bed. The robbers find a vessel with kerosene and put the cabin in fire. The robbers remove the arms and legs to make the investigation more difficult. Well, we will prabably never get to now the real history, it still will be a mysterious…

Far from the mysterious history people today enjoy the food and the familr hospitlity of the Blåhammaren mountain station..



See ya tomorrow..



22:nd of December and vulcanic seven summits..

22:nd of December and today it will be about the vulcanic seven summits. Summiting all the seven is regardes as a mountaineering challenge, first postulated as such in 1999. Two of the vulcanic seven summits is also in the seven summits list. Kilimanjaro and Mt Elbrus belongs to the both series. In Africa: Kilimanjaro, In Europe Mt Elbrus, South America: Ojos del Salado, Asia: Mt Damavand, North America: Pico de Orizaba, Oceania: Mount Giluwe, Antartica: Mount Sidley.

In 2011 Mario Trimeri was the first mountaineerer finnished both seven summits and vulcanic seven summits.

See ya tomorrow…


21th of December and about club’s.

When it comes to history and Mountain,s there is some clubs related to it. In every country with climbing history you can find it. In Sweden we got the ”De lappländska fjällkarlarnas klubb”. The club was founded in 1920 in Stockholm by 13 men. The menbership was increaced to 20 among the four criterias for membership were ”danger to Life” or first ascend of a peak of 1200m or more, or any performance of similar magnitude. The club supported the scientific investigations in Lappland and in 1929 started to issuing the year book Ultima Thule. They also advocated skiing as a national sport and one of the founding members, General Göst Lilliehöök become a leader of the military ski sport. The club was disolved in 1973 when the last member took of his skiis and turn the nose upward to the heaven. The club also funded and allowed  to construct monument, the one t Bustvalen is one.


In Denmark they got the Eventyrens club. It was founded the 13th December in 1938 of Peter Freuchen. I have written about him Before so check that. This is a very interesting man. The club is Active with over a 100 of adventureers. The club got many different members with very diffrent type of adventures and experinces. They also sell interesting books. Today Björn Harvig is ”Förmand” chairman for Eventyrens klub in Denmark.


See ya tomorrow..

20th of december and mountain story

The first ascend of Kebnekaise North Peak(Winter)

Today we got the 20th of December, and soon we got Christmas. The topicof the day will be mountain storys. First of all a story about ascending the North peak of Kebnekaise. Wednesday the 15th of April 1925 a small Company was travelling in Northt direction. The day after Three men was leaving the train in Kiruna. It was Three men with the face marked of wind and hard weather. At lunch time they left Kiruna by skiis for an attempt of ascending Kebnekaise North and South peak. After a night at Pirttivuopio, the tour continued towards Nikkulahti were they meet the legendary sami Nils Sarri,, as agreed should follow them to the montain station. One night at the staion and they started to prepair for the ascend. 25kg for each of the participants and almost 35kg for Sarri.

With snow up to the hip, the ascent was force tentatively. The supply was calculated to last for Three Days. The skiis was left at slope between Tuolpagorni and Rieppovare. The weather was good, and the wind was calm. At 18.30 the top cabin was reached. The cabin was hidden under the snow, so they had to diggit out. After 30 minutes the work was done and they took the cabin in possesion.

After a bastant dinner the Company started ascending the South top of Kebnekaise. At the same time as the sunset, and slowly the night was coming. The next day it was time for the ascedning of first the South peak keep on to the Ridge over to the North peak and back again. Thew weather was fine but much colder then the day Before..The distnce between the peaks is just 800m. Everything Went fine and the party reach the northern peak at 12 a Clock. Of a sudden the men is getting out of there Dreams, a paper from the camera protection goes up in the air of the wind. The weather is shifting. .The Ridge must be taken in a hurry. Late in the evening they are back in the top cabin. Late dinner, and then breaks the hell loose. A Winter storm at 2000m is notheing you play with. they will be stranded until Friday. And then they can descend back to the mountain station.

And Another first ascend. David Lama Lunag Ri

See ya tomorrow friends…

19th Of December and about food..

18th of December and the food.

I’ve been active in the outdoor since I could walk. Skiing, skating or hiking. I still remember the ski-tours the family did towards the wind shelter at Bonäs. Lighting up a bonfire and barbequing a sausage and the day was complete. During the 80s I spend time in the mountain environment tenting for multi day tours. During this time the dry food was the only choice you got. The result was a grey mourning, that didn’t taste so very nice. And it also made your stomach in a rebellion mode. It was the same in the service until the 90s when the new type of dried outdoor food did its entrée. After a couple of tours, I must say I did get tired and hated the food. But when we were going to ascend Aconcagua in 2010, we decided to take the safe choice, the dry food. Just for avoiding problem with the stomach. But after just two days, I went crazy out of the shit, and bought a hamburger with egg at the basecamp in Confluencia. One of the best burgers in my life, and after that it was easy to choose. Whatever, what I learned was that you must consider how and what to eat to get all the calories you need. A normal day in the outdoor requires about 2500-4000 calories, which means you must eat a lot. And for me to be able to do that it must taste good. So, I should be inventive to secure the intake. So, her will follow some suggestion, and experience form my point of view. The breakfast is important. Porridge is a good start. You put it into daily packaging. 2 dl of oats and ¼ the spoon of salt. I also always bring blueberry soup powder. Then you put in this into the porridge in the end of the boiling, and it will taste very good. If I got time I also boil coffee as well, and take a bread. Now you got yourself a good start of the day. If it is not so long tour I also bring canned food. Then I could have a good choice, otherwise it will be dry food with complements such as smoked ham or air dried reindeer meat etc. I always try to bring one or two meals of fresh food, especially on cabin tours. So here comes a recipe for a Taco dinner with reindeer filet. You need: 600g reindeer filet, a bunch of thyme, a bunch of rosemary, black pepper and salt. Olive oil, one fennel, 2 avocados, and one dl roasted hazelnuts.

  1. Chop rosemary and thyme and rub the meat into the herbs with 1 tablespoon of olive oil, salt and pepper and set aside.
  2. Grill the reindeer filet for a few minutes on each side and allow for a few minutes to rest.
  3. Cook or grill avocado and lemon for a couple of minutes, flavor with salt and pepper.
  4. Slice the meat, place an egg yolk in each avocado and pull a turn over the peppermill. Put it all together on a dish with vegetables, chopped nuts, grilled lemon, avocado and bread. Let the guests ”build” their own taco.

Creamy reindeer stew;

1 reindeer meat (Sv. Renskav), 240 g, 1 yellow onion, sliced, 25 g butter, 2 dl whipped cream, 1/2 tbsp. calf bottle

1/2 tablespoon blackberry jelly, 5 juniper berries, 2 tablespoons messmör (optional), salt and white pepper

Roast the onion and meat in butter so that the meat is slightly colored and the onion softens. Add cream, fond, jelly, juniper and mess butter (messmör. Soak for 10-15 minutes. Season with salt and pepper.

Mandel potato Purée: 1 kg almond potatoes, 1 dl milk, 100 g butter, 1 pinch ground mashed potatoes, salt and white pepper.

Peel the potatoes and boil in lightly salted water. Pour and squeeze the potatoes. Boil milk and butter, mix it with the freshly squeezed potato into a puree. Taste with mushroom salt and pepper.

See ya tomorrow..

18th of December and an interview about gear..


Interview with Johan Skullman.

Today I had an interview with Johan Skullman, known as the expert of outdoor clothing and gear. He has more than 35 year of professional experience of outdoor life. With a background, as former officer and equipment tester for the Swedish armed forces he knows his area better than the most.

What is your outdoor background?

I am born outside of Norrkoping close to the Kolmarden area. My family loved the outdoors and was very active in orienteering and skiing so I almost grew up in a backpack. So, my playground was the nature itself. Later fishing and hunting came in as a great part of my life. In the service, it became more of a multisport art, but still skiing and orienteering. I was lucky to get a very specialized education of leadership, outdoor experience and a deeper knowledge into product development, textile engineering, and functional design. I could never have got such a unique education and experience as a civilian, so I am very thankful for my years in the armed forces.

With your competence and skills, I would like to ask you about gloves. And especially connected to ice climbing. What type of gloves will you recommend?

Well, it depends on which type of climbing you are going for, and of course the type of weather conditions. Is it cold, is it wet? Or both? If it is just a day of climbing, you can bite together and just take the pain with deficient equipment. But if you are going for a longer climb, you need to have options. So, if you choose a pair of wool liners and an outer layer of rubberized gloves, you will keep dry and warm. The type of glove you choose, will be depending on your activity. With an alpine ice axe, you can probably use a mitten. But with a technical ice axe you will need a more tactile glove. I will suggest one from Hestra Mountaineering series even from there workwear (JOB) collection. This will keep you warm and dry, still with a good grip. For the multi-day trip, you need the opportunity to choose from several different models, so you can change during the adventure…

And when it comes to coffee, what type do you prefer in the outdoor?

If I can choose it will be boiled from the coffee kettle, but I also drink the instant if there is any else.

See ya tomorrov..


17th of December and about Sylarna

Today it will be about Sylarna. There is no mountain station i feel so much for as Sylarna. It is in a high alpine area, and close to the Norweigan border.  Winter or summer you Always got some new adventure to discover. During the Winter you can ski to Nedalshytta or just go to ascend the Vaktåklompen, with a fantastic view. Or in the summer hike into the tempel valley and enjoy the nature and the calm over the mountain. It is Always with a feeling of excitement and expectation I come here, and with a bit of sadness when I leave…I good suggestion is to go to Helags or to Gasen. This instead of doing the Jamtlandtriangle as usual. The Winter here is something special if you havent been here. The ”moon” landscape is very Beautiful. If you got the chans skiing in the moonlight is a very special experience.

And now this weeks quiz, last weeks answer was Sulitelma. This week it will be math.

The offical heigt of Mont Everest: XXXX

The Official heigt of Galdhöpiggen(reduce) -XXXX

The year  Sven Hedin ascend Mt Damavand:(reduce) -XXXX

The year the Swedish icebreaker Oden reached the Northpole (add)+XXXX

The first ascend of Cho Oyo(reduce) -XXXX

Sum:  XXXX

Answer you send to +46 702 50 90 28 at latest Thursday

See ya tomorrow…



16th of December and the third advent.

Today it will be about a not so knowned military unit, the Sirius patrol from Denmark. The patrols mission, first of all is to ensure Denmark’s sovereignty at the northern part of Greenland.

The unit was grounded in 1941 for look for German debarkation. After the second worldwar it was let down, for being started up during the Cold war. Despite the demanding service, there are many applicants for the few service available. At the moment only med can aply for the mission, and you most of course be completely fresh.

The whole unit consits out of 12 men. One patrol contains two men. who with the dog sledge monitors the approximately 2100 kilometer long uninhabited coast during the winter months. In the summer the patrols are performed by the ice-free fjord, and there are also airplanes and helicopter surveillance. In addition to military surveillance and sovereignty enforcement, the patrol has the civilian police authority in the area.

The service remains over two year, And leave will be approved first when you are back in Denmark. During eight month of the year the patrul is ”on duty” 24 hours of the day. The patrol moves on the night and sleep on the day. An ordenary day march is about 350-450Km., depending on the weather of course. The patrol is self-sufficient and can not expect any support from outside. They build they own sledge for being able to rapair it if/when needed. You have to put the trust to yourmate, the dogs and the sledge..The arming is a Glock20 and a mauser gun, this becase it works in the Arctic Cold.


Today I was climbing at the climbing gym, and a coffee as ”after climb”  And the christmas gigt suggestion of the day will be a book..

Tomorrow it will be a new quiz. See ya..