Life balance and all others..

No blog for two weeks!!??  well, the reason is related to much of work and others. It is important to have the balance in Life.


Activities and work for two weekend’s in a row, can be tough. But at least the training has been good. For two weeks ago I was in Åre. Four days with free heel skiing made my legs burn. On Sunday morning we went up early, it was cloudy. We took the lift up to the highest point,  and the sun was shining. One of the best skiing day I ever got.


Åre showing its best side, with Sylarna and Helags ”bathing” in clouds. What a morning…

We also did snow-kiting and it was a real nice moment…



But it is real important to got the balance to be in right mood. It is ok with lots of work for a while, but then you really need to rest and do the things you like. This weekend has been a wonderful gift. Train, sleep and lots of time in the nature. I really liked it.

And some news related to Jamtlandsfjallen: there will be a change of the wind shelters on the trails in area. Gamla Sylen, Snasahogarna, gasen, and Endalen will be replaced by new shelters with new Stoves.


New wind shelter for replacing the old ones in Jamtland.

The training goes on like it should. Fully focus for strength and endurance. With 9 workouts this week, I feel real comfortable.

The glaciers at Kilimanjaro is melting, and soon they will be gone. But still ther is a chance of…Ice climbing at the roof of Africa.

Will Gadd - Action

Still some ice at the roof of Africa..

The season for trail-running and Via ferrata is coming up soon, so I will have some focus for that. So I have tested Patagonia’s Fore runners vest. A real good choice. This one will sit perfect, it is big enough for bringing gear for a cabin based run. I will also use this for the Via Ferrata. Sitting tight and with not anything disturbing a free movement of the body.


The last picture will be from the four day of free heel skiing days. A morning of full enjoyment..


And this weeks music, a old goldie..

See ya soon. Wednesday this week..


PR, samis and about dedication.

Yesterday the 6th of February was the Sámi’s National day.


And step by step there rights will become closer, even if there is a long way to go. Even the Swedish church has come with there apologies for there transgressions of the samis.  This week they even got the right for fishing and hunting at the Girjas Sami village, in Swedish Lapland.


We have all a lot to learn from the samis…

Motivation gets you going, strong habits make you move to improvement. That is dedication. Do the thing that move you closer to your target. Commitment and dedication, that it what make you go up early in the morning and hunting your targets…With dedication you got passion…


Focus, passion and dedication, go for it and be your best version of yourself.

This week the workout has been hard as usual. Got up early yesterday morning at 05.15 for lugging the car wheel. It went fast , real fast. Great. With a EFIT workout and a cross-country running workout the day was completed. This morning I did know what the day was meant for.  A test of pull-ups, push-ups and squats. This together with 2.2K running. And I beat the record. I am so satisfied. A great, a real great day. All time of training, yes it has been worth it.


At last Fjallraven has a new sweater. Looks great.


A new Fjallraven product.

See ya soon..



Fully focus, hard training and ice climbing weekend

Friday morning, up early and to work. It is a good day, hard training and a ice climbing weekend coming up. The training was  hard and good. We started the journey to Älvdalen and Trängslet in the noon for for Ice climbing.


Ice axes prepared for climbing…

The first day of climbing went good, nice weather even if there wasn’t that much ice as it just to be at this time. The same with the snow, which is good due to the fact it will be easier for  accessing the ices.


Good training for the whole body, strength, balance and technique.

Second day a bit more difficult, and more variation. Press the limits, press the body. See what you can do with a challenge and push, thank you for that Mikael. The root become a crux, but with strength and some push it was solved:-)


Now it is time to push the limits due to training and challenges. So here comes some thoughts about it:

You will get hit by hard times, so think about this. Pain is a part of life as love, and it helps you to grove.  Mind-set is half the battle. Consider that your biggest fear doesn’t really exist. You always grow trough experience. You cant change situations you don’t take responsibility for. The present is all you really have to deal with. There is always, always something to be grateful for. Great things always take time. The only one who can validate you is yourself. Your not alone, it is always someone there to cooperate with you..

So for the upcoming hard, hard training comes here some music..

See ya soon and train as hell!!