Ice climbing ”clinic”, strength and cardio workout and some new gear to test..

Last weekend I spend at Abisko/Bjorkliden for a ice climbing ”clinic”.  Tovo Spiral a Swedish/French mountain guide was the mentor. The first day was a lot of controlling skills and tecnique and also traversing on the ice. Real good for develope our skills. The secons day the focus was on buildning belays set up and abseiling. So two real good and exciting Days of ice climbing tecnique… The ice Close to the mountain station was quite ok, but we were hoping to get some more ice, but the weather; rain snow and hail(as usual in the area)

When it comes to workout, it is time for strenghten up legs and the cardiovascular ability. So now it will be focus on hill training, stepp machine etc. So one month of prepairing for the upcoming guiding on skies andsnowshoeing. 

When it comes to gear I will have some new test in front of me. A totally new brand Arcteryx will be one. The jacket Beta SL hybrid. A light 2L Gore-Tex Pac-lite. This one will be interesting.

Another intersting thing will be to check the Petzl Micro Traxion pulley. This is a must in the crevasse rescue kit. High efficient with a self locking system, it is a good thing to bring on the glacier..


This week I will present a Swedish nice mountain lodge. The Fjallbacken at Bruksvallarna. Here you can ski, Ice climb and much more. The food is localy produced and will be served in the Helags restaurant.

The upcoming week thre will be a new interview ..

See ya soon

Humility and age…

Okey, so here I stand in the middle of Life. The risk will be to become a grumpy old man knowing everything in the best way. I Think with the age a good portion of humility would have become. Becuse of having experinece and knowledge it dosent mean it will be a better skill or experinnce comparing to a 20 year old collegue or mate.

With a lot of new upcoming adventures, I will have  more humility attitude:-).

When it comes to hotel, I Think I found one of the ones I want to travel to. In Campoluc the cmp zero looks like the paradise. Skiing during the day, and ice/wall climbing as after ski..



Matti Nykänen the Finish skieer has died, and a whole nation mourn him. He was a real fantastic and charismatic person. Here comes some of his qoutes:

Every chans in Life is a possiblity..

Life is the persons best time..

Jesus also was stoned one time, but he is also worldfamous..

Shall we agree over that you are a janitor and I am a worldchampion


See ya soon

The history of soft shell..

Now we passed the first of February and the Winter season is really here. A lot of upcoming adventures is on its way. This time of the year is nice due to that now we can plan for really nice adventures.

In the fashion the outdoor look has been in focus for a couple of years. At the moment the 90s is in the focus, and for example fjallraven and Acne cooperate in designing of clothes. and all of a sudden, the fleece sweater has become hot. The history behind this garment there is a story. It was in the 70s, the climber Yvon Chouinard asked a textile Company in Massachusetts if they could design something better then the woollens that get wet and heavy. So then the soft Shell/fleece was born. And also a new brand, the Patagonia.

And as a coincidence I will review Stellar Equipments M guide Merino mid hood. First of all I like Stellar. Good price and high quality. They also try to be inovaiters. This garment is not a exeption. With a mixture of 18%merino and 76% polyester an 6% elastane it is quite interesting. The hood is big enaugh for a helmet and is to adjust. Two high pockets which not will be in the way of backpacks straps or a climbing harness. If there is any thing I got objection to it will be: lack of drawstring in the waist. And I like clothes that are slim in alpine style, this is a bit of loose style. But overall so far, it is real good.

The North Face has produced a new breathable textile that will be awailable from the autumn this year. The name is futurelight. With a factory that is powered by solar power and with recycled textile it will be real sustainable. It has been tested on Lhotse and Mount Everest.

See ya soon..