A diffrent year, workout and the archipilago…

With just 32 days left of the year, I can conclude that this will be a very diffrent year. A survey that has been done, show us that hiking is one of the most common world when the Europeans google for vacation 2021. It also show that insurance and condtions also will be important. It alos has been a discusion about how to save more of the pre-mountain forest. And there is a suggestion to protect a distance above 100 mile of the pre-mountain forest from being affected of forest industry. In my ear it sounds good.

When it comes to workout, we all have to be inventive. With the gym closed, and no workout partners it will be up to you to take responsible. So here you got a suggestion of a good programming..By the way I checked how long I been hiking so far this year..5120km. You can see that on my boots:-)

This week it is time to look close up for new adventures. So living in the Stockholm area, what to do? Well, here is a lot nice trails that is just lying and waiting to be hiked. My first suggestion will be The Sandhamn trail. The trail is 8km and the difficulty is middle. I really should like to hike this one in teh winter. If you have fly over the Stockholm archipilag you know what I mean.  The trail starts at Sandhamn brygga, I suggest you to take the boat from Stavsnas, it will take you 45 minutes to get there, while you can enjoy the archipilag from the boat windows. As soon as you have get away from the harbour a fantastic island open up its tresures. If you follows the red marks you will hile 8km around the island. Check if the Seglarhotellet or värdshuset bed and breakfast is open and you can stay here and go back the next day.

Ten year ago we were in Argentina and Aconcagua, this will be a tribute for that jurney..

See ya on tuesday the advent calender starts…


Development and training…

The Christmas is soon here, so the winter season will begin. Are you prepared? If not its time for some development and training for the upcoming adventures. First we got the NOLS Wilderness First Aid. This is were you learn practical wilder medicine training. Here is the link for the scheduled courses.https://crossinglatitudes.com/forsta-hjalpenkurser Another area will be the education and training for avalange, so I suggest the SVELAV Friakning 1 with the Summit Guides in Are. https://www.summitguides.se/svelav-friakning-1/ and if you need to develop your skills of promote your buisiness especially in the times with Covid etc. You might try this web-seminare about develope your selling/information channels LinkedIn, Instagram and FB https://nischad.se/event/

When it comes to my suggestion of how to spend the Christmas or New Year it will be the Almdalens Mountain Cabin. You go to Krokom, and from here take road 339 pass Follinge towards Laxsjo go to the left towards Lalavattnet. From here follow the trail towards Almdalen 9km ahead.

And as Christmas closing in, here comes the first Chrismas gift suggestion: a poster about mountain security…https://kunskapstavlan.se/products/fjallsakerhet

And dont forget the advent calander that begins at the first of December…

See ya soon…

How to become a better mountaineerer

Okey, so it is Sunday again. The weather is grey, and the rain is just haning there waiting to start. At three a clock it is already dark. The term go with the flow, it might be right now. Time for reflection, time for listening to the silence or the sound of the crackling fire. Releax, take your time and evalute your year and your knowledge and skills. If you are or will become a mountaineer you need to know this truth: The weather will not always be perfect (rather often the opposite). Climbing a mountain is not a walk in the park. Always, always remember the summit is only the half way. You are going to be scared at some point of the trip oryou are not trying hard enaugh. There will be times when you want to turn back. You are going to get lost. You know it is going to be painful. You are going to fight with your partner. So from there you can get some inspriration for how to become a better Mountaineerer. First you need to understand yourself, what is the drivers for you. Why do you want to do it? Here you got a intresting area to understand and work with. Humility, curiosity. openess will be important caracteristics you can have good help with. Today we start with curiosity, how to get more of that? Read widely. and let the curiosity take on new path. Choose a area in mountaineering and dig deep into it. Poish your mind with others minds, meaning that ask others obout there thaughts and opinions. Being an expert who is interesting in everything, broad up your knowledge in the mountain area. So now try to become more curious.

When it comes to the mountain rescue, it was less numbers in Norrbotten during 2020. This is the only county that has less rescue missions during 2020. Norrbotten 66/77, Vasterbotten 18/13, Jamtland 64/43 in total in Sweden: 142/133.

In the pandemics track we can see that the numbers of Swedish visitors have increased during 2020. But this is not just positive, we can se as mention that numbers of rescues hav increased. But also the dump of trash and equipment!? At Kebnekaise mountain station the site manager report that people have dumped up to ovwr 100 tents. And in the tents even new unpacked new equipment…

See ya soon..


About ice axes.

Todays blog will be about Ice axes. Since the fist ice axe saw the first light, it has changed a lot. To choose the righ choice it will demand you to rethink your choice well. When you decide, the ice axe will follow you during nice conditon as well as complex and demanding situations. Even your life can depend of your ice axe under special circumstances. The market of ice axes has develope a lot and there is a lot of dirrent sort and quality, and very often built and formed for a certan activity. So you might end up with a couple of them. The tip is one thing that varies. It can be positive, negative or neutral. It can have adze or hammer. First of all the axes are diveded into two different categories. B (Base) and T (technical) the big diffrence is the strength, the technical one can be used as a belay, whitch B cant. So the choice for ice climbing then will be a T one? Well today I would say yes, but a couple of years ago the B axes got thinner which was better for the ice. But the manufactures of today have thinner the T marked axes. For high altitude hiking, the classic B would be the first choice. It is light and easy to use. The longer the better for a hiker. The classic one for peak tours? The axe here must be small and light. This for not hurt the user within a fall etc. You might need to use it as a anchor or belay, so a technical one would probably be the right choice. And the choice for tough alpinism will be the technical one. The big diffrent is that the technical ones got the blade, tip and the cental part of the axe head made of steel. the B ones got sheet metal instead. So now you might have a more clear picture of your choice of ice axes.

When Corona has become calmer we will have the possiblity to travel again. And I am longing for a visit in Norway. Last blogg it was about Sunnmore, and today it willbe about Snohatta and Tungestoelen hytta. Here you can do a lot of nice glacier tours. Or you might hike to the Flatrehytta (9 hours). Or why not to Fjaerhytta. 

See ya soon…



Winter is coming, knowledge and Norweigan alps..

It is just one month before the chrismas calender starts, and it is hight time for preparing for the upcoming winter season. So sharping the steel edges and the ice tools, because soon its time for using them.

I have alreade wrote about the need of developement and also to fill the knowledge gap. So here you will get a tool for living up to it. Six days in the week you use for developing your skills. So one day for every area and one day for rest.

Navigation and weather skills is very important in the mountain environment.

Monday; learn something about weather. Tuesday; this will be the tecnique day. Rope, knots etc. Wednesday; navigation day. Thursday; First aid and medicine. Friday; Culture and history of the mountains. Saturday; Workout, and physical knowledge. So reaad and learn at least one thing of the area every day and you will developement your mountaineering skills. So today I will help you with the monday. Here comes some info about Weather.

Today we start with air pressure. First of all what is air pressure? By definition, atmospheric or air pressure is the force per unit of area exerted on the Earth’s surface by the weight of the air above the surface. The force exerted by an air mass is created by the molecules that make it up and their size, motion, and number present in the air. These factors are important because they determine the temperature and density of the air and, thus, its pressure.

Low pressure. 

A low-pressure system, also called a depression, is an area where the atmospheric pressure is lower than that of the area surrounding it. Lows are usually associated with high winds, warm air, and atmospheric lifting. Under these conditions, lows normally produce clouds, precipitation, and other turbulent weather, such as tropical storms and cyclones.

Areas prone to low pressure do not have extreme diurnal (day versus night) nor extreme seasonal temperatures because the clouds present over such areas reflect incoming solar radiation back into the atmosphere. As a result, they cannot warm as much during the day (or in the summer), and at night, they act as a blanket, trapping heat below.

High pressure.

A high-pressure system, sometimes called an anticyclone, is an area where the atmospheric pressure is greater than that of the surrounding area. These systems move clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and counterclockwise in the Southern Hemisphere due to the Coriolis Effect.

High-pressure areas are normally caused by a phenomenon called subsidence, meaning that as the air in the highs cools, it becomes denser and moves toward the ground. Pressure increases here because more air fills the space left from the low. Subsidence also evaporates most of the atmosphere’s water vapor, so high-pressure systems are usually associated with clear skies and calm weather.

Unlike areas of low pressure, the absence of clouds means that areas prone to high-pressure experience extremes in diurnal and seasonal temperatures since there are no clouds to block incoming solar radiation or trap outgoing longwave radiation at night.

With this knowledge and with stydying the weather for a region for a while before you going there, you will be able to predict the weather. This i a very good knowledge to have for planning your adventure. Here you got one good website to look into for training your competence…https://weatherspark.com/y/50542/Average-Weather-in-Saint-Chamond-France-Year-Round

When the corona restiction is over, we can travel to new adventures. I will suggest a tour to Norway and the Summore alps close to Alesund. Here you can ski, rappeling or why not kayaking or hike. This are can offer the whole box. 

At the end I will recomend a move. Zarbardast might be something you like…

See ya soon…