One mountain men’s reflection (Sv. Betraktelser) of an outdoor life.

It was in 1967, I was just 2,5 year. My mother was a leader in the Swedish Outdoor association, and decided to go skiing with me. The plan was a 2,5K track. After 1,2K she had to carry me at her back (with my  skis on). My upbringing was characterized by the outdoor activity such as skating skiing and grilling over a open fire. At this time the thermos got an inner glass construction. This with a result of that 50% of the times the warm chocolate was undrinkable due to a chocolate and glass mixture. So when the steel thermos was introduce to the market it was a blessing. At this time all boots was in leather, and one inherits from one’s older siblings. with the result of self-evident chafing wounds, when one also inherited already existing folds. So with todays boots with lining of Gore-Tex. There is no reason to complain😊. When I was thirteen years old I bought my own first backpack. Before that it was the old “pear” style backpack that was used from my side. The first real backpack I got was a Walk about. A brand that have copied the Camp trails ponderosa sack. But I sold it before it was one year, for the same amount as I bought it for and bought a Fjallraven Raven Gyro instead. My first tent was a Rec Helags special. An old fashion standard tent. In the beginning of two thousand I looked at it, and realized that it was over twenty years. It was no discussion about that. So I bought a new one. And todays tent will be like to compare a log cabin with a castle. During the late 70s and beginning of 80s it was brands such as Fjallraven, Haglofs and Bergans of Norway who filled the counters in the outdoor stores. In mid 90s the Everest and McKinley brands was available, and to a fear price level. Now also the Internet store of outdoor was started. In the beginning of the 2000 I did my first guide assignment. And in 2010 I held a presentation for a group in the Swedish Outdoor association. They listed with interest, but afterword’s one of the participant of the  audience asked me -do you got the tour guide certification? I answered -No I don’t have that. She looked at me with a disparaging look and a little questioning…Today I am instructor and also a assessor of International Mountain Leaders. So no harm done…I think I have caught up that missing part from that time:-)

But what I can see is that there are two big difference since I started with the outdoor activities. The first is time. Today everything must got with a high speed. You press in all the activities in small “window” of time and you hope you will manage you plan of adventure. And all this without planning for bad weather for example.

The second is that for most of the  practitioners it is more important that other can see and know what they are doing, rather than themselves will experienced. You must be the cool adventurer doing the most extreme thing and also all the same time…

But hey, stop now. If we lift the sight. Why was we (I) doing it from the beginning? Being in the outdoor was for relaxing enjoy the experience of loneliness etc. our own smallness in the big perspective. But if we pressed all in between everything, we got the feeling of that we always are at the wrong spot for the moment and I think we are more obtained of getting everyone else knowing what we are doing instead of letting it be our self-experience the feeling and the atmosphere?! We got disappointed when the nature don’t let the sun shine on us…But, it might be time for us to shine to the nature now instead, be a bit grateful for the magical experience in the great outdoors . Or what do you think?

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Early morning, we have just left the tent. With seven mile look we got the sight out of the Brattås mire. The body is stiff and we are cold. But with a cup of coffee we start to get the bodies warm again, can you recognize the feeling:-) Even the smell of the coffee wakes us up. But is the coffee so good and healthy as the rumour says?  Well, lets start from the beginning. Today we got a much better research result on the are due to new tools in the topic. Today the researcher can use the genetic to clear thing out. So what have they found then? Well the health effects are clearly exaggerated. But the coffee keep us waken, that for sure. What they found was that we got 25 genes how bitter taste is experienced. And the research has also discovered a substance called adenosine. This substance is very central in the area here. This is a interesting substance that together with its receptors will be involve in numbers of biologicals processes, such as sleep, epileptic activity and motor skills and more. Ok, but what has the Adenosine for connection to the coffee then? Well, when we got tired, the adenosine tell the receptors to the body to rest or even sleep, simple we got sleepy. But when we drink coffee, the caffeine block the receptors and we keep lively. We dont get tired. But hold on now…how does the body react to this? Well, it start to produce more receptors, which lead to that we need to increase the coffee drinking to keep up the alertness…Ok but lets reverse to the 25 genes that how we experience the taste of bitterness. Depending of the set up of this genes we will like/love coffe more or less then others. So if you are one of those who stands in the que to the coffee machine a couple of times each day – you are a coffee lover. The coffee also was a important part of the industrialization of the society in the  beginning of the 1900. During the 1920 the company could see that employees that drank coffee stayed alert. Ok, but what about the findings of the health effect then? The effect of avoiding heart deceases, diabetes type 2  and heart failure? This can be derived to effect missing in science language. Today the researcher use genetic grounds with a solution named Mendelian randomization, this ensured that the selection criteria are much clearer. And the result – the risk of gallstones and kidney stones is clearly reduced with coffee drinking…So keep up the coffee drinking:-)

When it comes to alpine activities, they often get combined. Skiing and climbing/Via Ferrata.  Via Ferrata and hiking/climbing. And for that type of quite different type of adventures you will need a alpine harness. What does that mean, what will be important when you choose? The criteria I found important will be: It shall be comfortable, it shall have a low weight, it shall be easy to use, a simple construction so it not will be tangled, easy and fast to fit.

The first I will present will be the Black Diamond Bod. This is a real good harness. This is the only one with snap lock ar the leg slings. this means it will be very easy to put on, even with skies. With a simple construction, you cant fail to get it on right. Weight 394g. Price 40Euro

The second will be Grivel Easy harness. Multi-functional harness, easy to wear and adjust. Easy to wear single-point harness with wide adjustment range. Two buckles on the leg loops and one at the waist. Padding on the belt and leg loops, and two gear holders. This one does not got snap-lock at the leg slings. But it is very easy to use and it will not be tangled in the backpack. Weight 466g Price 43,86Euro

The third one will be the Simond Edge. This is a very light harness from the french brand Simond. It is in two coulure, for being easy to put on. It got four gear loops. The leg sling is not adjustable. It is a very comfortable harness. Weight: 290g.  price 48Euro

So what will my conclusion be here? The best and most functional and most adaptive harness will be the Black Diamond Bod. It is very comfortable and got adjustable leg slings with snap-lock which is very good while using skies or snowshoes. Second choice will be the Grivel Easy, due to the price and it is so easy to use and for adjustable leg slings…

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Be unique? & Headlamp

When looking into social media, I think everyone wants to be unique. When you browsing around, you what everyone else is doing. And you are just working and not especially interesting. Do we/you must be unique? And what does that really mean? This will of course be a very personally value for every one of us. I’ve been blogging about charismatic leadership and I think it will slide in into this area. The reason for that is that good leasers as well can be role models for every one of us (Guide, leader or not). When a unique person takes his conscientious stand and demonstrates his strong conviction in his belief she/he will do it with trust. Next thin is that they often will use metaphors for clear out the “big picture”. The charismatic unique person will always be humble, they don’t need to grow depending on others. So you might ask -What step should I take to get there? My point here is the tricky part, because that is why you become charismatic or/and unique. Because you don’t need to ask that question. But I will for sure help you out here, so here come some advices.

It all starts with a believe in yourself. Believe that you can achieve things regardless of what people say. Act towards your way and be consistent in it. Take a step, take an action. Don’t just sit and visualize it. Act and don’t let fear stop you. Conquer the battles, have faith and have belief on your way to success. Stop taking advice from others Stop now. Nobody knows you better than you. You know about yourself everything. You know your power, strength, flaws, mistakes everything. You know which steps to take to achieve what you want. Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. Face danger and stand up against odds. Be your own hero. You already know what you want to become rest is all secondary. Don’t think to much, Think about the present. Don’t worry about the past and future. Think about what can you do today for the better tomorrow. Take steps for the growth. Deliberate your thoughts but when it’s time for action, stop thinking and go on. Don’t tell anybody your next step, When you talk to people about your dreams and goals it will be less likely to achieve those goals because people are there to attack you and change your mind. So it’s time to not say people about your goals until you succeed. If no one knows what you are up to, no one is going to stop you. The less you reveal about yourself to people the more power you will have and the more you will achieve. So, keep things to yourself and achieve the great height of success. Let you result make the noise…Always be curious, Life is a learning process. It’s not that you give an examination, get a degree and it’s finished. The whole life of yours is a learning process. Every step teaches you something. So, never stop learning. Learn about everything you dream of. Every day you have a chance to learn something new. So grab every opportunity to learn. Discover something new. Prove yourself. Set goals for the day and achieve it. Learn from the tiniest to huge things. So, learn from every aspect of your life.

When it comes to headlamp I got a question from Mattias if I prefer a lamp with batteries or one that can be rechargeable? I think I need to clear the whole are out, so now we open the box…

First of all you must define what you are going to use the headlamp for? If it in rough environment in a multisport competition or is it a reserve if you eventually can be late to the cabin during a hike in the autumn? The headlamps today can provide a long thin beam, or a shorter broad beam for basecamp life for example. So that’s the first choice you need to do. Then it is also the weight of the lamp. But normally all are quite light, and if it is a more heavy model it often got a options to place the battery pack in the backpack and the lamp it self just got a weight under 100g. There are three specific function you also shall look into while choosing headlamp. 1. Is it possible to angle the lamp down (for looking at the map) 2. Is it possible to switch to red light for night vision. 3. With a easy touch change the lamp beam strength. The best solution will be a lamp where you can use both ordinary battery as well as rechargeable ones. The rechargeable can be reloaded 300-500 times. A good rule will be to avoid to discharge the battery fully to many times. So many “smaller” discharge and reloads will be  better. If you don’t use it for a longer time you need to maintain reloaded it.

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What’s in your Sight?

So now we got a new year, with a lot of new options. So what is your 2023 going to mean to you? My new focus this year will be ” new thoughts” I going to challenge myself by trying to defy and provoke my values etc. And I am already on track…This is all about self-awareness, Everyone got self-awareness, but often only to the level where it is comfortable wear. So my target will be to move that a bit further this year.

This weekend I was on a trip to Älvdalen for a Ice-climbing session. When we left our accommodation in the morning, tension was in the air. How would the ice look like.

But after gearing up and and approaching to the ice we find the ice really nice. At the first minutes we heard the water flow, and got a bit worried for that the would be covered by water. But it has grown fine and was bigger than ever before. So we started to place the top anchor, and soon we where rappelling down for the first climb of the season. A good start of the season with a lots of climbs. So now we are ion track:-).

And now over to some fact about outdoor stoves. First of all when it comes to gas there is three kind of sizes; 100g, 230g and 450g. But for how long will they last? This is a bit tricky question but here you get a suggested way to estimate. The 100g last for boiling ~10L, 230g last for ~20L and the 450g last for ~40L. And you normally boil 0,5L for the food etc. for every meal. So now you can calculate how much gas you need for your trip. If you use a stove with the heat exchanger it will increase the result to 20,30 and 60L instead. So to the main question what stove is the best? This is not an easy question. It is a bit complex. What normally will be the suggestion is the compact stove such as Jetboil or Primus Lite plus stove. I have done a test and the Jetboil is a bit faster than the others on the market. I also use MSR pocket rocket, and really like it. But if you need to melt snow, and in high altitude a multifuel such as Primus Omni lite or MSR XGK ex.

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Mountain wind and a review.

Wind over Aconcagua…

Today it will be about mountain weather and more specific about mountain winds. Early morning and a sunny day. The weather service has announced that it is a class one warning over the mountains. I cant see it because the sun is shining and the wind is calm. So we put on the skis and start our trip towards Helags mountain station. After six kilometers the shit hits the fan. We got wind and snow from ahead, and it begun to get cold. This is how it normally looks like in the mountains. So now I will show you a bit more of how wind arises and occurs in highland terrain. it is based on the image below.

A nice day in the mountains, the sun is shining and its nice. But the weather can suddenly changes and then it is good to keep an eye on the wind’s effect on weather and trail conditions and possible protection, bivouacking. So let’s begin with winds in valleys in the mountains.

Winds in walleyes in the mountains. The winds in a Walley means they have to pass a narrow passages. This means it will be affected of the venturi effect. This means that (see picture and no1.) the wind due to the venturi effect in combination with the air pressure will increase the wind speed from 10 m/s up to 17 m/s. And it will of course have very different impact in which direction you are going.

The next phenomena will be the corner effect. This can be comparable to the effect you probably have experienced at the sea, when you pass a corner the wind will affect you. It will follows the terrain and will be extra strong in the corner. (Helags mountain is a good example of his).

If there is a wind in the top of the mountains and you have winds going upwards as you can se in picture 3, you got a so called corkscrew effect. This will have a certain effect for the air traffic in the mountains.

You also got an effect like a foen(blow) wind.(se figure 4 in the picture) You have a inversion up to the first level, and little wind. You got hot air flowing upside. When it passe a high peak the air will fall down and it will be warm down below. In 2016 the temperature in January was measured to 14,4 Celsius.

When the wind blows straight towards a mountain, you can get a so called blocking effect. If the air cant go over a big mountain the air will accumulate and related to the pressure gradient of the air pressure the air will go on to that side where the pressure is lowest. (fig. 2a) If it is a lower mountain the wind can pass over it.(fig. 2b)

A dangerous situation can appear when there have been a high pressure under a longer time with cold temperature. This in combination with stagnant air, and a air pressure gradient. This will make the wind to increase. A significant sign of this is snow drift on the peaks. This will be a clear warning sign if you are in the mountains. In the foot of the mountains the weather can be nice and no winds, but you can see plumes or snow drift on the tops. This is called katabatic winds and was one of the Cause of the Anaris incident.

Ok, so what will be the conclusion out of all of this?

First of all listen and check the weather report, ask locals about how the weather has been last week. If you are going to pass a valley, check the wind direction. It can be a wind tunnel trap. If it is windy avoid ”corners” where the wind can get different directions. If you have the wind from back and you moving to a high mountain, the wind can in a sudden turn fast near the foot of the mountain(the blocking effect) And if it has been a high pressure with real cold weather for a longer period and you see plums/snow smoke at the peaks, it can be real windy at the foot of a mountain with raging winds down. This meaning to avoid valleys, streams and furrows where the wind can gain extra speed. And especially don’t build bivouacs or emergency shelter in that type of area. And maybe most important of all, normally the wind under the three line don’t get over 10m/s which means that if its possible always have a evacuation way downwards to the tree line…And don’t forget that it will blow 30-50% more on the peaks comparing to the free atmosphere around it.

This week I have reviewed the Snigel Field Binder. This is the perfect travel partner for administration. Maps, tickets etc. It has two big pockets for maps, and a lot of pockets for other stuff. A holder for light and also a lot of holder for pens. I really like this, but it will only get NNNN(+) the reason for not get a 5 is that it is to expensive. It cos about 86 Euro (~850:-)

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In 2022 it has been 72 blogs for all you who have read them:-) Sometimes I feel I write about the same, but comparing to ex. Utemagasinet with 12 releases I don’t think I have to worry…Hope you all have enjoy it:-)

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