Early morning, we have just left the tent. With seven mile look we got the sight out of the Brattås mire. The body is stiff and we are cold. But with a cup of coffee we start to get the bodies warm again, can you recognize the feeling:-) Even the smell of the coffee wakes us up. But is the coffee so good and healthy as the rumour says?  Well, lets start from the beginning. Today we got a much better research result on the are due to new tools in the topic. Today the researcher can use the genetic to clear thing out. So what have they found then? Well the health effects are clearly exaggerated. But the coffee keep us waken, that for sure. What they found was that we got 25 genes how bitter taste is experienced. And the research has also discovered a substance called adenosine. This substance is very central in the area here. This is a interesting substance that together with its receptors will be involve in numbers of biologicals processes, such as sleep, epileptic activity and motor skills and more. Ok, but what has the Adenosine for connection to the coffee then? Well, when we got tired, the adenosine tell the receptors to the body to rest or even sleep, simple we got sleepy. But when we drink coffee, the caffeine block the receptors and we keep lively. We dont get tired. But hold on now…how does the body react to this? Well, it start to produce more receptors, which lead to that we need to increase the coffee drinking to keep up the alertness…Ok but lets reverse to the 25 genes that how we experience the taste of bitterness. Depending of the set up of this genes we will like/love coffe more or less then others. So if you are one of those who stands in the que to the coffee machine a couple of times each day – you are a coffee lover. The coffee also was a important part of the industrialization of the society in the  beginning of the 1900. During the 1920 the company could see that employees that drank coffee stayed alert. Ok, but what about the findings of the health effect then? The effect of avoiding heart deceases, diabetes type 2  and heart failure? This can be derived to effect missing in science language. Today the researcher use genetic grounds with a solution named Mendelian randomization, this ensured that the selection criteria are much clearer. And the result – the risk of gallstones and kidney stones is clearly reduced with coffee drinking…So keep up the coffee drinking:-)

When it comes to alpine activities, they often get combined. Skiing and climbing/Via Ferrata.  Via Ferrata and hiking/climbing. And for that type of quite different type of adventures you will need a alpine harness. What does that mean, what will be important when you choose? The criteria I found important will be: It shall be comfortable, it shall have a low weight, it shall be easy to use, a simple construction so it not will be tangled, easy and fast to fit.

The first I will present will be the Black Diamond Bod. This is a real good harness. This is the only one with snap lock ar the leg slings. this means it will be very easy to put on, even with skies. With a simple construction, you cant fail to get it on right. Weight 394g. Price 40Euro

The second will be Grivel Easy harness. Multi-functional harness, easy to wear and adjust. Easy to wear single-point harness with wide adjustment range. Two buckles on the leg loops and one at the waist. Padding on the belt and leg loops, and two gear holders. This one does not got snap-lock at the leg slings. But it is very easy to use and it will not be tangled in the backpack. Weight 466g Price 43,86Euro

The third one will be the Simond Edge. This is a very light harness from the french brand Simond. It is in two coulure, for being easy to put on. It got four gear loops. The leg sling is not adjustable. It is a very comfortable harness. Weight: 290g.  price 48Euro

So what will my conclusion be here? The best and most functional and most adaptive harness will be the Black Diamond Bod. It is very comfortable and got adjustable leg slings with snap-lock which is very good while using skies or snowshoes. Second choice will be the Grivel Easy, due to the price and it is so easy to use and for adjustable leg slings…

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See ya soon…


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  1. Just the smell of coffee in the tent is almost so you wake up and are ready to go:-). The picture you added says everything.
    Yes the Bod is a real classic, didn’t know they now have ‘snap’, need to upgrade mine

  2. A morning coffee in the mountains is one of the reasons to get out in the bush. Together with friends its even better.

    Howvlong is the lifespan of a harness Bergman. Onused or unused? Does the synthetic plasticbands detoriate?

    1. Coffee makes the day:-) The question of harness life time is a bit tricky. But due to the manufactures recommendation it will be: For a ”normally” used harness 1-3*) years. A daily or often used harness (such as mountain guides) 1 year. Correctly stored NOT used up to 10 years.

      *) A harness used a few times a month up to three years.

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