Humility, Cable way as a solution and a tragedy

The Mountain Managers weekly thoughts..

This week I will reflect of humility. I was reading an article about a journalist which got the information of a priest who has decided to live as a refugee. With just 6 euro a day. The journalist decided to answer to the social experiment. She told the priest that how can you do this it will be nothing like become a refugee, you will now that you can get back to your ”normal” life whenever you want. The priest answered -I agree, you are totally right! The journalist lost her Words. She thought that the priest behavior was something she wanted to have as a rule. Be humble, and often people have right while listen activley on others.

As a Mountain leader this becomes very important. I remember a winterday on the ski  tracks from Sylarna to Storlulvån. Me and Mattias Jansson was pushing hard, for checking how fast we could reach Storulvån. But when we was in front of the wind shelter Spåjme, Mattias stopped. Open up the door asked the  people how they were doing, we are just fine they aswered. We kept on going to Storulvan with a experience richer…

In the blog of the 19th Augusti and also 27th of May, I wrote about the Swedish trail system. What was the biggest cost was the bridges. Now they are looking into a solution with Cable way. There is a test ongoiung in Valadalen. This could be a solution for saving Money. Two person at the time will be the capacity.

This week is a tragic week. One person have died at Kebnekaise. A Group of Three persons from South Korea, was going to attemt a summit try for Kebnekaise. The wather Went bad, and one person in the Group was ill. The other two left the third one. They called the mountain rescue, but at seven a Clock AM, the weather was so bad so they cancelled the search. At Thursday the woman was found dead. With a class one warning related to th weather and with no guide, there was a bad decision to choose a summit attemt…

Mountain rescue at Kebnekaise.

Again you have to be humble, you are small in the mountain Environment..

The autumn is here, this means it will be dark early. Then it is time like Alfred in ”That boy Emil”(Sv. Emil i Lönneberga) to carve rake stick(Sv. Tälja räfsepinnar). But for us climber it will be to improve our skilles. Knots is one of the skilles we Always can get better on..

This weeks gear will be the combined ice axe and shovel from Climbing Tecnology.


See ya soon..

A man who thinks slow…

Interview with Markus Torgeby.

Markus Torgeby is a celebrity in trail-running. As a 20-year-old he moves to a sami-tent, he has written a book about running, and today holds the talk of ”pulling the brake”. He is something of an icon in running in general and trail running in particular. The unmistakable Gothenburg dialect breaks through during our conversation in an amazingly genuine way.

Hello Markus, what is your background from outdoor life?
”I grew up in Göteborg on Öckerö, and was a scout. But by the way, there was no specific interest in night life. I did a lot of work during this period. Then at the age of 20 I started thinking about Gunder Hägg and Vålådalen and ended up in Hålland and on the mountain education at Folkhögskolan there. When the school ended, I decided to move to a horny mountain. That’s how it was done. I moved out in August which was good, because then he got used to my cold. I got good routines and a good approach.

I have an impatience in my body, and have lately realized that I have some kind of letter combination combined with endorphic desires, Can you recognize it?
-Yes, I have absolutely some form of a combination as well. I build my life with routines to handle it. For me, routines that ”feel” in the body have been important. For example, cold, and how to sleep in a sleeping bag, etc. I experience that in today’s society this is a big challenge. We have a lack of physical routines.

Which area does it like best?

-Norge is very beautiful and spectacular, but I have to say that I’m driving the Jämtland expanse. The surfaces, the horizon and the ”light” air in combination are completely impossible. As I live today, I only need a couple of minutes to run and I have the views over the boat and Ottfjället.
How do you look at the development of outdoor life?
-A single answer is ”less is more”. It is really about today that we are chasing experiences and adventures. I think we will go back to the more traditional and slow. By 2050, 75% of the population will live in urban areas, then at some point we will need contact with nature. Then it will be about reducing the pace. At the same time, I think it’s great fun running, fast, easy and fast. like when I ran from Treriksroset to Sulitelma.

Do you have any funny anecdot you can tell us about?
-Ha ha, I remember when I was traveling with a classmate to Trondheim, but ended up in a underground storehouse(Sv. jordkällare) in Storlien. So from Trondheim to a underground storehouse:-)

Gear of the week:

This weeks gear will be the Mammut Neon Gear Pack. This is a real thought through bag for the climber. With details such as a separate pocket for the magnesium holder, so you can avoide whitening everything. Combined ropebag and roperug.




See ya soon..

Prepair for upcoming season..

The autumn is here, and its time to start the preparation for the upcoming activities. So start analyze what target you have for this Winter season,

For me it will be a four week focus of leg workout. When it comes to climbing in general and ice climbing in particular, your leg strengt will be crucial. Front squat, back squat, dead lift it will be..

I also been testing the Tecnique Extreme jacket. It is a flexible jacket, in the low price segment this will narmally be a challenge. The design is good, with details as a pocket high up at the arm. Such details I really like. A minus vill be the drawstring at the hip. This feels cheep, and it will loosen up.

The holder of the hood is innovative and wide enaugh for a helmet. So so far so good, For the price of 99 Euro, it looks that you got a lot of jacket for the Money.

When it comes to the outdoor market I can see a trend of stripped shell jackets. This comes from the ski alpinism brands from the beginning, Karpos, Dynafit and La Sportiva is the brands working in this area for full. But now the others are following. Here you can see TNF(The North Face) Jottnar and Stellar Equipment. So if you want to have a stripped jacket for hig intensive activities this ones might be a suggestion.

The trend of stripped jackets. The coulor might be red? Jottnar, Stellar and TNF is the order of the jackets at the Pictures. 

When it is autumn you can use the evenings to get order of your Equipment. Now I am done with the marking of my stuff, ready for the ice adventures..

With markes stuff, you can build routes togheter with your mates, and still get your Equipment back:-)


Get ready for your next adventure..

See ya soon, there will be a new interview during the Watch up:-)

A man a legend…

Interview with Staffan Lindberg Jamtland.

There are men, and there are legends. This interview is with a real legend.

Hi Staffan, what is your background related to outdoor?

-Well, this might take a while. I grow up in Ostersund in Sweden. My family was an outdoor oriented family. I early join the scout organization and spend a lot of time in the outdoor environment. Normally I went out a lot by my own, fishing and hiking. I borrowed my father’s Volvo Amazon and went for hiking tours in the Jamtland mountain environment. I meet a lot of mountain people, and one of them was the mountain pilot “Spökis”. During this time, there was a beginning of the mountain rescue set-up. So Spökis got a radio in his airplane that need to be operated. Staffan was asked to do this and he of course did it. He also did time in the service, and was pointed out to a border ranger unit. So, the unit got 24 snow mobiles to control the border between Norway and Sweden. There are few areas there I haven’t been too Staffan tells with a laugh. I also worked for the Lapp agency (Sv. Lappväsendet). He was during that period helping the sami-Overseer (Sv. Lapptillsyningsman) So he went with him to the yearly reindeer slaughter, and test the fishing in a lot of different lakes. I was also working at Lundhags, and after that I was working in lot of different missions at STF. But that is a history buy itself. I was one he made the Helags mountain cabin to become a lodge. Here you can see ”spökis in his airplane..

Ok, and can you see any trends today in outdoor life comparing to ten years ago?

-Yes I do. What I can see today is that people got more physical skills, better equipment but much less experience. Our mother and fathers brought us out to learn about cold and wind. But the outdoor enthusiast of today haven’t got that. I can also see another trend; people are more gathered to the same areas nowadays. In Jamtland the Jamtlandstriangle is one of them, the second Valadals-area. I also can see that trail running becomes more popular as well. From my point of view, you missing the substance of being in the mountain environment if you are in a rush. I can also see that extreme long tours of “lonely wolfs” increases as well. The green and white band is one of them (ski, cycling or hiking the whole kungsleden). The trail cycling is hard to the mountain Environment. People complain of snow mobiles, but I must say that cycles put more marks in the environment. And another thing;  Experience is the most important skills you need. Being a chief standing 10 year over pots at a mountain lodge, doesn’t make you to a mountain men. You need to be out there, and have the skills to adept to the environments demands.

In one of the STF yearbook “loved mountain” Sv. (älskade fjäll) you been interviewed and they say there is no path you haven’t hiked or no goblins (Sv. småknytt) you haven’t meet. Is that about goblins true?

-Ha ha, well you see travelling among old sami paths, you will be more observant in details. You listening more to your intuition, and your sense are more open for unexpected things. And yes, I’ve been involved in some weird happenings. One time I forgot a knife in the Oviks-mountains. A year later I found it at the same place, just by a happening. One of the samis said -the “one” (goblins) that borrow it has given it back.

The Mill-men, maybe Staffan have meet him:-)

So today you are retired, do you live a calm Life?

-Ha ha now I dont for sure. I am a part of the mountain rescue comittee in my area. I am also chairmen for VÄSEK snowmobile association for private routes. So no boring days in my Life..

Which of the cabins in the Jamtland area is your favorite?

-That must be the Anaris Cabin. It is close to Hoglekardalen which is a favorite area. And I have a special connection to that cabin.

I must say, Staffan is a fantastic person, there are few with such much skills and knowledge about the Swedish mountain Environment..I hope you have a oppertunity to meet him..This interview really touched my soul..

Liberty Mountain was found in 1952, here you find a lots of good gear. There own brand Quick Draws for example..

See ya soon

And the winner is…Mountaineering workout..

Due to technical issue this weeks interview will be presented on Tuesday 18/9.

Becoming a good mountaineer, you need to be in good shape. It can easy be divided into three parts; Basic ground workout, this will be the ground for all your workout, Specific mountaineering workout, tailored workout for the climb ahead. The base is aerobic workout. Cardiovascular workout which will keep your ability to get the stamina. The key here is one: variation, you must have a various of different kinds. Skiing, running, cycling, rowing, hiking, etc. The heart rate range should be between 65-85% of your max. The theoretical model says 220-age. For example, 220-50 year = 170 is the max heart rate. 65-85% out of that will be the range. Increase the length as well as the weight in back pack for become better.
The second area: Specific mountaineering workout. Here you need to be more creative. Yoga, stand on one leg and close your eyes. Balance on a line. And specific training for becoming stronger in the mountains; Back and front -squats. Walking lounges, military-press, core-workout such as FLR, Sit-ups, hollow body rocks and pull-push-ups.
The third area is much more of a challenge, here you need to do an analyze of the target. You need to adept the workout to the real Environment/area were you are heading for. Build up the workout as much as it will be like when you climb the mountain you have as target. Long time up-hills and downhills as one example.
A suggest of set up could be: Monday: aerobic, Tuesday: Strength, Wednesday: rest day, Thursday: intervals, Friday: Aerobic, Saturday: Strength or intervals, Sunday: Aerobic/endurance.

A well thought trough programming will help you to reach your goal, and for avoiding injuries. If you need a tailored workout Contact us for a set up: +46 702-50 90 28 You need fantasy and good know how for getting the shape for your next adventure…Funky bench-presscould be one of the workouts..

Now has the evaluation of the pants been done. My favourite is to have ”alpin-style” of clothing. This means tight and fit. The advantage is a flexible and breathable garment. Whatever, this to pants is very good. It is more details and more stylish pant from Lundhags, but the Stellar trouser will be the winner. The reason: very comfortable, good price and perfect finnish.

Stellar, my favorite. Next in test for hardcore will be the Tecnique Extreme jacket. So next sunday you will know if this garment will be a favourite or not.Tecnique Extreme shall now be top on proof..

The Mountain Leaders weekly coments: After almost 38 years in the mountain Environment, I am still struggling with light pack or comfortable pack. Need to have or nice to have. As a leader you must have the best ability to know exactly what you need, when needed it. So always calculate for having a solution for all events, thats the difference of a guide among others..

See ya soon(Tuesday 18/9)


This weeks interview and review of trousers.

This weeks interview is with Magnus Ormestad the founder of the Husky poddcast.

Hi Magnus what is your background when it comes to outdoor?
”I grew up in the Dalarna, first in Avesta and then we moved to Ludvika. The whole family was very intrested in outdoor life. Skiing in the long run and snowmobile was a common occurrence in the growing up. So the outdoor interest may say that it was in my DNA. Then I think about nature and there is a space of adventure that draws me. Then I worked as a bicycle auction in Stockholm, and in 2009 I went to Åre at a conference and picked me up on the snowboard, and thought it was so fun. So with two old friends we Went to Björkliden and participated in Haglöfs Arctic weekend and on that way it is.

What was it that made you start Husky Poddcast?
-I like to hear others tell me about their experiences and their know how, from their own solid outdoor interest, it was quite natural for me to get the podcast started.
You have actually run over 200 interviews, which has been the best? Or has affected you the most?
-It is very difficult to answer to that, interviews where you enter into a feeling with the interviewer becomes very special. Claes Grundsten for example when he talks about Sarek. Andreas Fransson is, of course, another interview that has become emotional in view of his appearance. Same with Matilda Rapaport as well. So it’s not easy to answer. But a suggestion to you is to listen of that interviews.

What is your dream guest to Poddcast?
-Garry Fisher, Sven Yrvind, Yvon Chouinard, Reinhold Messner are probably some I really would like to interview.
How do you look forward, and how will you develop the pod?
”It would have been fun to work more with the web page as such, too, but nothing that’s on my mind at the moment.
What is your opinion about the outside world, Outside Sweden, Utemagasinet,
I obviously follow these, I also think that STF’s Tursit and the promotional membership magazine are good. Sidetracked is another paper magazine I’m reading.

Ok, thank you very much for your time Magnus, (and then we vent together for getting the Sidetracked Magazine:-))

The Review of pants is ongoing. The Lundhags Makke vs Stellar Equipment Softshell pant.





This two pant a really two different types. One slim fit(Makke) and one more loose fit(Stellar) The Makke is  a slimmed light design, and Stellar is more of a core type.

Both have a very good fit feeling. So the design and finnish is very good. What I would have liked is thou a better strenghtening over the knee, cordura for example. Stellar 150Euro and Lundhags 190Euro. Both got very good ventilation for high physical activities. One advantge of the Makke is the variation of coulor. The Stellar got well thougt trough pockets.

Well designed pockets and good ventilation, one of Stellars advantage. The result will be presented next sunday..

Face fabric: Schoeller® Dryskin. DWR treated and extremely breathable, super durable 275gr/sqm.
Fabric composition: 73% Nylon, 18% Polyester, 9% Elastan.
Garment weight: S 619 grams, M 653 grams,
65% Recycled Polyester
35% Organic Cotton. Stretch Schoeller® Dry Skin 52% Polyamide
41% Polyamide (micro)
7% Elastane Reinforcements Schoeller® Keprotec® 76% Polyamide
14% Kevlar
10% PU
bluesign approved. Product
including DWR 100% FC Free.



See ya soon

About event, some test of gear and others..

This week I have been interview the responsible for events at the brand; Fjallraven, Andreas Cederlund. There will also be a travel report from Chamonix, and some upcoming test of gear.

Andreas Cederlund Fjällräven:
Hello Andreas, how does you and Fjällräven think about events in the mountain environment?
-For us at Fjällräven, of course the Fjällräven Classic event is our main focus. For Fjällräven as  brand, it is of course hiking that is our core value. and main focus area. We have previously arranged Fjällräven Extreme Marathon mm. But the range of such competitions is so big that we do not need to be there. For us it is important to get as many people as possible to hike in the mountains / mountain environment. In the beginning there was a competition moment with timing etc.(in fjallraven Classic) But that we have removed.
The arrangement is about the fact that those who are less experienced should have a good organization to be able to and want to go out to the mountain several times. To find out and drive yourself without an arrangement behind. And that those who are themselves can have a more social context in their mountain trip. We see this as a concept that is established and functioning. Today we have set a limit of 2000 participants. Statistically, there are about 450 Swedes and the others are actually foreign participants. Europe is of course large, but also Asia.
We have also moved the concept internationally as well, and there are now Fjallraven classic in the United States, Hong Kong and Denmark.
We want to inspire new hikers and there has also been a research about this to see what effects such an arrangement has. Who is participating and gives it an increased outdoor life for the participants?
It can be noted that this type of arrangement is successful, and next year it will celebrate 20 years of the arrangement.
Should we go into a little more scientific and look at some facts about the event we can note the following:
65.9% of the participants are men. 33.9% women. 47.7% are 31-45 years, 37.3% are 46-65 years, 9.7% under 31 years and 5.3% over 65 years.
35% of participants live in the big city, 20.7% City or lesser place in the country, 19.3% of participants live in medium-sized city.
72% of the participants had never visited Abisko prior to the implementation of Fjällräven-Classic.
20% of participants have returned after completing Fjällräven-Classic.
Over 70% of them respond that they are likely to return to Abisko. In summary, MUIN’s research shows that visits to the mountains often result in new outdoor activities.
Ok, and if you have to choose one Product, Which would be your favorite?
-Then it will be Fjällräven Echo Shell ”Bergtagen” jacket. A very sturdy yet dressy jacket.

Ive been travel to this years Chamonix event. This year I want to check the Via Ferrrata in the valley. So early Saturday morning I went to Les Houches to meet Jean, one of the guides. So we Went to Passy and the Curulla Via Ferrata.

Fjallravens Echo Shell ”Bergtagen” jacket.

Jean a skilled guide of the Via Ferrata. This one was challenging one. With wire bridges and other difficulties. This one was graded as D+, in a scale from A-E. One and a half hour wtih climbing…

Chamonix as Always delivers, with a hike up to Lac Blanc. The refuge was closed, but Gianni a Italian guide offer me some cheese and italien vine and meat. Real nice..

Gianni the Italien guide.













  • And Chamonix is Always the best…
  • This week I will test the Makke pant from Lundhags, and compare it with Stellar Equipments Soft Shell pant. Stellar Equipment is a interesting Challenger on the market. With a shorter line to the end customer the price will be lower. But they are a Challenger for the establish quality knowned brands such as Jöttnar, Arcteryx and Norröna for example.




And at the end the Mountain Leaders comments: As I can see a trend at the market that lots of the brands present slimmed core Shell jackets. I Think this is connected to fast and physically adventures. So this will be a part of the next blog. see ya soon