A hard week, step up and a quadrathlon?

This week has been a good training week. with 9 workouts with a big difference between the contents. This day I started with about an hour of running and strength. Sprints with car-wheel, lifting logs and box jumps. The noon was spend in the trail-running track.

But now it is time to prepare for next level, the next step. You must challenge yourself to get a bit further…


To get a step further you need a push, gather people that encourages yourself and you limits, that’s what you need..

So what’s next? I am planning for a mountain quadrathlon, but at least to become realistic would be a mountain triathlon. Challenge your self to a higher level and live as you learn. Train insane or remain the same..


Trail-running, Via Ferrata, MTB-cycling, and Kayaking. at least three of them would become doable.

The Elixir film feast is coming up, 12/4 Gothenburg, 13/4 Stockholm and 14/4 in Norrkoping.

See ya soon..



If just…

Another week is over and a new is upcoming. Have you thought over how many times we think over the fact if just..the weather has been better. If I just had felt better. If I only have been just I little more alert.


Do your life to yours, the talk and feeling about mindfulness is very easy. enjoy the moment and be grateful every night before you sleep. Stop thinking but if and buts, do what you need to do, what you are meant to do. After the second workout today I was tired. I thought: I am tired, but this is a real great feeling, and I got a lot of energy of the workout. And the best of all the feeling afterword’s, nothing can comperes to it. I live my life as I want.



Life is not only training and peak performance, You need to recover and enjoy it as well:-) a beer close to Aconcagua.

See ya soon, and enjoy your life…

Hard week and becoming a better mountaineerer..

9 workouts and 620minutes of training. I would call it a good week. Yesterday I was lugging the car wheel, a 10K speed hiking and ended the day with a cross country running.


Becoming a good mountaineerer is not just about physical training..

Becoming a good mountaineerer requires more then just physical strength. You most develop your social intelligence. Becoming a good listener is a good start of this..Adaptable will be another skill you will need. Different situation, and different group set-up requires different way of act, the better ability adapt to that, the better you will provide. Empowering yourself and other is another skill you need to have. The people around will probably be the one to help you to success. You also must increase your way of risk-awareness learn to listen and trust your intuition. Always think big, keep a holistic three step thinking.

So keep on develop, keep on challenge yourself to become better.


See ya soon..




Stay fit, Via Ferrata and outdoor fair.

Tired, global squats, box jumps 105 pull ups. Well the week so far the training has been challenging. I got aches every day, the positive part is that it is I new part of body every day.

Via Ferrata, a easy way to climb outdoor. A perfect family activity. It is challenging, exciting and safe. It is easy, and you can rent the needed equipment. And it is a good workout for the whole body.


What you need for via Ferrata, approach shoes, helmet, Via ferrata sling, a carabineer, gloves, and a small tight back-pack. You can hire it. If you go with us we can provide you with equipment.


The upcoming weekend the outdoor fair will be open at Alvsjo-fair in Stockholm. Don’t forget it:-)


And 14th April, there will be fjallfest at Storulvan. Lots of good stuff coming up:-)



And at the end some music, and look at the move and enjoy. See ya soon


The minds victory and leading by brain-syncronisation.

The training this week has been great. But yesterday morning I woke up 05.10. Went up for lugging the car wheels. It was snowing and raining. With almost no frost, and no ice the friction to the ground was a fact. After just 10 minutes my inner conversation started. -Put the f***ng wheels in the trench and go home and have a nice good sleep.  But as usual my mind did won the victory, and just after 2 hours I was back home. Satisfied and happy.


Twenty kilos in the backpack and increased to lugging 30 kilo wheels, it was a tough workout were the mind have to win over body. Those inner conversations develops me:-)

So this week it has been 9 workouts within 10 hours and 30 minutes totally, good work.

A new research from the Max Planck-institution has proven that a synchronisation between the leader and a follower is a fact. The brain activity between a leaders and follower are more in sync then between two followers. So far the research has got its focus on what and how a leader communicate, and not the underlying process that affects the communication. The conclusion from experiment shows that just following the brain-activity we can se who the one who is the leader within just 23 seconds in a group.


So what will be the learning from this:

1. It will not be how much you communicate that is important. It will be how good you will communicate. The quality will be more important than the quantity.

2. The target should be to create sync in the communication. You as leader should strive for being on the same side as the counterpart. Either on your side or at her/his side. Get sync in the communication.

3. When making decision, it will not be authority, it will be the sync that determines the decision. Here you as a mature leader you have to understand how the decision will affect the people who will be affected of the result of it.

4. Address emotional threats for decreasing the cooperation. When the brain is uncooperative, the social emotions will be activated. That is the foundation of a well-functioning cooperation. When people experience threats, the brains ”alarm” system will be activated. The amygdalae register a threat and limit our ability to cooperate.

So if we all work with ”brain-sync” it all will be easier.

And on Wednesday there will be a bit about Via Ferrata. And at the end some music.

See ya soon.

Stay focused, and be prepered..

After almost 6 month of Evolve Fitness training as one of the base of the workout I am satisfied. Increased strength, focus and endurance is some of the efforts. When it comes to the planning, we getting closer to the upcoming season and it is time to get prepared.


Get focus for your upcoming challenges, plan train and gain..

Here comes some suggestion of training for the upcoming mountaineering season:


The base: cardiovascular training, running. Uphill’s  downhill’s and long distance.


Step up will be another base workout. Stair running can also be used. Build it up with your backpack to increase the workout.


Balance workout, you can never get to much of it. Use your fantasy for new types of workout. Use your backpack even here.


One variant of balance workout..

And now some new gear. Today I will present to complete different gear. First a nice to have.


A portable speaker for your phone, and as well a waterproof case.


And here comes one more need to have, this one is a easy used equipment for water purification. This one is easy to use and you will avoid to get problem with your stomach. In 90sek one liter of water will be clean from 99,9 of bacteria, viruses and protozoa, including cryptosporidium and giardia.



And some good music..

See ya soon..