New challenges, and the mountains are calling and I must go…

At last the winter air came. This weekend it has been sub zero degrees. It is great to got the first feeling of winter. Directly it feels like its time to go to the  mountain:-). If you want to have some good suggestion of peaks, and advice for a safe skiing, you can find it here:


And the training; well it continues as planned. This week it has been 9 workouts within 6 days. Totally 570 minutes. The end of the week was a tough one, but you can read more about it under the challenges.

Today I will focus of talking about our strength. The science point out that if we know our strength, this will generate:

Insight and provide perspective of your life. Generates optimism. Gives a sense of were you are going, your direction. Help you to develop your self confidence. Creates a feeling of vitality. Gives a feeling of fulfilment. Will help you to reach your goals.


This weekend I was in Eskilstuna. I run in to a outdoor-store. The mestute. A well-stocked store with a staff that really knows what they are doing:-), and really nice guys..


And now over to this weeks challenge. I think there will be two challenges this week. One will be to get to enjoy a week day. We always just celebrate its weekend. But I think life is to short for not celebrate a Tuesday or a Wednesday, so that will be a challenge ahead. The other is of a more physical nature. I have done 2km running, 70 pull-ups, 100 push-ups and 100 squats at measured time. Try it and I will provide you with my time, we can make a change:-) But it is tough. the goal will be to do 100 pull-ups and 200 push ups and 300 squats..

And at last some good music…

See ya soon…

About habits and mountaineering equipment and enjoy life..


Got up early in the morning yesterday. A fast and short breakfast. Put on the headlamp and the 25kg backpack. The harness in place and start lugging the car wheel. After 2 hours I was done. Great training, now the pre winter season really are on-going. For preparing for coming challenges, I think it is very important to challenge my habits. At the moment I have a total new focus and set up of training. Multi-training with cardiovascular involvement. berghaus-blog-5-4[1] For reaching the top, and peak performance you need to challenge your habits.

It is very easy to follow our normal patterns. But if you will go a bit further you really need to challenge your habits.  Then you will be much more prepared when needed. From a psychological point of view I will now give an advice. If you will be standing in a critical situation in the mountain environment or elsewhere, think and act as you have been in the situation before. This will help you out. Bergans the Norwegian company has produced a new summiting series. the Slingsby.


The training this week has been 9 workouts within 685 minutes. So it sticks to the plan. Now I will be hunting a long staircase… And at last a word from the guide: train develop and challenge yourself. But most important don’t forget to enjoy the life, maybe with a good cup of nice coffee in the front of the bonfire…And soon it is time for this years December calendar…


(Photo Bjorn Dahlgren)

Enjoy life…

Shine and inspire, let the change encouruage you to deeds.

I think that one of the most important thing with of our lives is to inspire others. I really love people who can challenge me and inspire me. If  I surrounding myself  with people who inspire me I also become a more inspiring person myself.  And this will be a good circle…


Become a inspiring person…it will help you and others:-).


This week’s challenge was a technical one. Started with one hour Slack-line exercise. You have to have patients. It trains your all body and mind. So really good one…


After lots of strength and endurance it was tine for technique and balance workout…

This week it has been 11 workouts within 590 minutes. Fridays challenge at the Evolve was a competition including; Kettle-bells, ski-machine, rowing-machine and medicine ball. tough and inspiring. I got some questions about the Evolve so here is the home page:

So now, get out there and be inspiring to the world…

Be a good example, care about others, encouragement, be inspired yourself, share from your own experience, be vulnerable, tell stories, be a good communicator, challenge people, and yourself, read and read a lot to find new inspiring areas…And keep on, let the chain continue your development. Let every day be a inspiring day..



Longing for snow, so here comes..RHCP with…yea right snow!

See ya soon..

Pre-winter season, Via Ferrata and challenge your self..

Pre-winter season. Early November morning. The forest is so quiet. The birds has left, and the sun light just stay for a couple of hours. The nature is preparing for the winter. Go with the nature and start preparing for the winter.


The mountains are calling and I must go…(Norder tväråklump foto U Bergman)

The training continues as planned. 10 workouts within 7 days. At the Evolve training at Friday it was a competition on the rowing machine. Tough race I can promise.

And the challenge..


This weeks challenge was the Via Ferrata at Skuleberget. Two routes, and the second one in a furious pace..


Via ferrata at Skuleberget, nice challenge…


Keep on challenge yourself for developing your skills and mental


See ya soon…