Preparation and training..

This week it has been 10 workouts within 6 days, and overall 545 minutes. Perfect, and a lot of different type of training.

And when it comes to training there is no excuses any more. If you do the Tabata and/or EFIT you can train were ever you are at any time:-)


Just go for it…..

And when it comes to endurance, it can be worth reading what Brian MacKenzie tells us, use Cross-Fit to become a good marathon-runner. Train short, intensive and with ..pain. He means sometimes less is more right, than long slow training.


Brian McKenzie.

So keep up your training, the preparation for this years Chamonix event is on-going. And the weather forecast..Looks good…

This weeks training music Aer:

See ya soon..


Via Ferrata, Love to the North of sweden and the Body..

A real good week of training. Seven different workout, and one of them Via Ferrata. Yesterday morning I Went up early. My goal for the day was to go to Skuleberget in northern Sweden for via ferrata. A fantastisc morning with the fog leaving the water, and the sun rising in the west.


A great Via Ferrata day at Skuleberget, Sweden.


Look in the middle of the photo and you can see the climbers:-)

This summer has been fantastic, trail running, longboarding and Via ferrata. And I must say, when I passed the Dalälven river yesterday I felt the good feeling. I cant help it but it feels so good to be in the northern part of Sweden. It is with a heart full of love I can Think back to all adventures i have had up here. Another thin I am very pleased of is my body. It adept to all training I subjected it to. It is fabulous. What a perfect machine the body is if you take care of it physical and psychological. And you; the most beautiful view, is the realization.(Sv. Den vackraste utsikten är insikten).


Northern Sweden is beautiful…

Upcoming events:

Ute fest 11-13 September.

See ya soon


It is better to become fit, instead of finding excuses for not training…

A normal week, with nine workouts and 500 minutes of training. More hours in the gym, and less in the running trails…Ended week with two hours longboarding. Nice…


In Sweden the highest peak is the south peak of Kebnekaise. At least at the moment. Very soon the northern peak will become to bethe highest(if not already). This will be a challenge related to the fact that the peak is more a technical climb. Today the Kebnekasie mountain station got mountain managers to guide the tourists to the top. But to the northern peak it will requires an authorized mountain guide. So either they need to hire more mountain guides or secure the area with fixed field solutions such as wires and ropes etc. In Sweden the Environmental protection agency (Sv. Naturvårdsverket) is responsible for this. Today they have done nothing, and very soon the pressure will be high to climb the peak from tourists. I hope the first accident not will be the starting point for building the required safety environment.


Kebnekaise North Peak..

Christopher McDoughall new book will soon be able to buy, after ”Born to run” he has written ”Kraftprovet” which is a book about the human inbound but forgotten physical ability. Naturally movement, stubbornness and proper nutritional intake. Thus back to basic again. Up in the mountains in Crete in Greece he try the challenge a British/Greece special forces team was subjected to…


This weeks music track…

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Mountain safety and challenges…

Another week has past. the training has been good six workouts so far and 270 workouts totally so far this year:-). When it comes to challenge my self I have take a step. I need to train the balance and the ankle, sp what can be better than ..longboard:-).

In a article in the Swedish magazine ”outside”, Morgan Johansson a writer write about the safety in the mountain environment. That we are to cautious, and bring to heavy and to much stuff. (He has also wright the book; Hiking featherweight sv. Vandra fjäderlätt). He means that we should be more careful by the travel to the mountain environment, due to it is more car accidents then mountain related accidents. He means that we got to many forefingers point on safety and security. He got a point, but when it comes to safety from my side there will be no ability to cut the corners.  we can also hear and read in the news of people that need to be rescued, related to the fact of lack of skills or the right equipment. Today it is so accessible to get into the mountains, and having good equipment cant compensate having good skills. So go up in the mountain environment and get skilled, and use a mountain leader or a mountain guide to become more skilled. That is what you pay for. The knowledge of years in the mountain environment, the knowledge of the specific area and equipment..And you, never trust a guy with shiny gear:-)

Next year there will be three tours in the Chamonix area. Between the 8th and 21th of august. So if you interested read about it under news and updates.


Glacier walks and top tours in Chamonix valley 2016…

National geographic: Helags number three.

The Helags, had been pointed out as world number three best top tour. National geographic has pointed out Helags as the third best top tour in the world. I hope this will invite more people to this fantastic mountain area.


Helags, the third best top tour, due to National Geographic.(Photo Ulf Bergman)

This weeks music, Sabina Ddumba:

See ya soon..