Summer time…

So it is summer again. The good thing with summer is that we can relax and plan the upcoming adventures and challenges. From my side the workout has been a bit more of cardiovascular. This because of the entry to tough Viking obstacle race in August. So the arms has been challange of lots of meters of monkey bars…So one workout at the extremefabriken and also one military obstacle track. But a lot of trail running as well…But more obstacle workout is up to come…

New clothes for testing will be the Patagonia Nano puff vest. A real good layer two vest. With its prima loft layer it is easy to bring, light and still warm. For us who likes vests it is a real good Product.

Poles from Black Diamond has often been a good complement, especially when trail or sky running. The Distance z poles will be tested at the moment. This Product is for Three season, and not for Winter is my view. They are very light, and easy to use. I will use them for running.

The story of theis week will be from Jamtland again. The year


Jamtlandia Enafors, at this time the hotel was opened, and we could by soft drinks and ice Cream. 

1980. Ten Young guys in the 15th, and there leader a 55 year old ex paratrooper shall do there first mountain hike. The night train starts at lunch-time, and will arrive in the morning at the Enafors Railway station. I look out from the train window. The view makes me excited, expectant and tingly. We started the journey directly from the train. The trail to Snasahogarna and Ulvatjarn was the target. The first nigt we spend in the tent just below the Silverfallet. A nice shieling with the sound of the waterfall. The next morning we get up early, the sun was really hot but we took us up to Snasahogarna and to a Plateau Close to Getryggen. When the tent was up and the dinner was done, we climb the peak of Getryggen. Nisse our leader said -Do that you boys I will be sitting here and waiting for you. When we arraived to the tent Three hours later he was sitting outside his tent and eating a choclate bite like eating  a sandwich. The next day we checked the map and started the hike for Sylarna. A couple of hours later, we arrived to the Place of the old Mountain station were we pitched our tents. Some of us, Went to the mountain station to buy some softdrinks and candy(at this time there has been a fire at the Mountain station so the only Place that was left, was Klappen as you can see at the Picture. So there was a Little kiosk were we could by some Coca cola) . Afterwords we took a bath in the sylriver. Cold and refreshing. The next day we startet early though we have a long Days hike. This dady the Blahammaren mountain station was the target of the day. Everything was smooth until we reached the mountain station. Nisse our leader was very quiet, and we was a bit concerned over him. Early next morning, he looked at us with a Pearl of sweat over his lip and forehead and said: -boys, I Think you can call the helicopter now. We run up to the mountain station(at this time there was no cellular phones) and asked them to call the rescue helicopter. our leader has kidney stones. The helicopter comes and we had to reach out our own way dawn back to Enafors. The sun was shining, it was mid July and we Went down to Sevedholm and Rundhogen, and walked the E14 to Enafors were we pitched the tent across Enaforsholm. This was my first trip in the mountain, and there were more to come…But I have to thank Nisse for bringin us up to the area. It will Always be in my heart and soul…

See ya soon…

A summer visit, and about age..

It is early but it is already Bright outside. I look out from the window and the sun is already high on the sky. I put on my cloth quickly and the dog is already up wating for going out. I got an hour before the breakfast. I choose the trail to Silverfallet. After a half hour I got to the Point were I can see Storsnasen being kissed of the sun. And what a view…

(Photo Ulf Bergman)

A fast breakfast and now it is time for the trail towards Blåhammaren from Rundhogen. The plan of running has been ruined of the heat. So there will be more of a jogging and fast Walking rather then running. The trail is nice and follows the Tvararscreek in the beginning. Something the husky likes. He stops for drinking and bathing his paws. Get new energy and starting to go fast again. Soon the summer and Winter trail crosses, and at the same time I can see the windshelter. We stop for drinking some water and taking a photo over the Blahammarklappen and Blahammar mountain station.

Soon we are on the track again, and after just 1,5h we arrive to the mountainstation. But almost at once we continue to the top of Blahammarklappen. The view from here is fabulous. and every altimeter is Worth it…

(Photo Ulf Bergman, Jamtlands own Lapport and Blahammaren Mountain station)

Down to the station and home again. The bridge over Enan is a challenge for the Husky:-). This trail is a special one, due to the fact that no so much people choose it..

The next day we hidding for Storulvafjallet. The husky is eager. He run and jumps over stones and puddles. The Clouds hanging Heavy over the heaven and Mountains, it almost licking the valleys with its White cotton quilt. Just over 9 degrees the air is almost perfect for running. After 30 minutes we reach the peak. My dog vent with his nose, I try to understand if he sees some reindeers. Then of a sudden I can see what he is smelling. On the hillside two big mountain mooses coming running towards to us. I dont want to stay and risk a confrontaion with the dog and mooses so we start to run downhills. I can tell it goes fast… And with that Another history of Jamtland has been done…

(photo Ulf Bergman, the husky smells the mooses)

And now something about aging. Age has never been a big issue for me. With my almost 55 year, I love Life. But you have to challenge yourself, and most important, do what you really want. Age can never be an excuse for not doing a thing. Of course you have to do compromises, but that is a part of the Life…Love yourself and your Life, and you will get the same back. Getting old is nice, and I am proud of every grey hair and furrow, I have struggle for it:-). If the Mountains are Calling, Go!

See ya soon

a summer Sunday..

So here i am, sittning with a cup of coffee in my hand and starting to blog. This ha been a tough workout week. Two one and a half hour of fightting and also climbing running and workout at the gym. The core of the body starts to get modifyied of the fighting workout. Thats nice.

When the mountains are Calling I must go, and there we are… So planning for a upcoming tour to Jamtland. I found a trail I havent walked, so this one must be hiked…reporting will come.

Sylarna Photo Ulf Bergman

The tour to tell about today will be from Sylarna. In 2003 I was asked to guide a Group from a Company towards Sylarna. I accepted and in beginning of September it was time for the occasion. The Group was all together 15 people. I realised that I should need a guide assistant. so I choose one from the Group, one which I did know got some skills of navigation etc. We got walkie talkies so we could communicate. Following radio sequense I got to my ear: -Hey, we got some problem here, Kristian have problem with his backback. The Wheel is hurting his back. I answered: -what? what is it for Wheel you are talking about? -Well, it was in the early morning yesterday, he must have tking the wrong backpack when he was leaving his home. Well six hours later we all have arrived to Sylarnas mountain station. Next day the sun was shining and the goal for the day as the Sylarna summit 1762m. After a while upphills Three of the Group decided to turn back. Their cotton underwear was wet, and Heavy. We continued up to the peak of Lillsylen. Everyone was satisfyed, and we turn back to the mountain station. So what was the learing from this guiding? Well, number one be sure that you are enaugh with guides. Secure that all got the right Equipment. Otherwise you will spendto much time of wrong things.

And now time for some notalgica…

Skidåkning i Klövsjö anno 1931

Skidåkning från Klövsjö från 1931: Uttagning inför OS i Lake Placid, 1932 – Njut:-)

Slået op af Klövsjö Panorama i Fredag den 1. februar 2013

Enjoy the Syltraveresen with Rikard Westling. Honor his memory with a mountain adventure…

See ya soon