About rest, and a Swedish explorer


Sven Hedin, one of the most famous explorer in Sweden. Hedin was born in 1865. This year it is 150 years since he was born(19th of February ) When Selma Lagerlof wrote a school book about the geography of Sweden. (Nils Holgerssons underbara resa) Hedin got a assignment to write a book of the rest of the world(from Pole to Pole). At the Ethnographic museum in Stockholm you can see photographs from Hedin, and as well from Lars Larsson. Fantastic opportunity to compare new photographs with the one from Hedin. Mr Hedin also climbed the Mt Damavand, which also I have climbed:-)


A movie from Mt Damavand with my mate Mattias Jansson.

Importance of the rest, while training.


This week is a rest week, well that means that I will have two rest days instead of one. It will be on the rest you build up your body. When you train hard you need at least eight hours sleep. During the sleep, growth hormone will be released, as well as testosterone. This will develop your performance and strength. And If you train different muscle groups each workout, then you can train even harder than if you don’t,

See ya at Sunday;-)

Acklimatisation and others…

This week the training has been good. A week ago I tested yoga for 1,5 hours and totally 10 workouts. This week it will be 9 workouts. This including two HIIT (high intensive interval training) workouts. Yesterday I went up early, an lugging the wheel as usual:-).


It has started to become spring, but when I woke up this morning the snow was back..

Acclimatization in one interesting topic. At the Mid University they have been study this for a time. Focus in there study is the spleen(sv. Mjälten) The spleen is a dynamic reservoir of blood with a high concentration of red blood cells. This reservoir can be used when its needed. The scientist was doing a pilot study at Louboche Peak (Nepal) when the test persons hold their breath, they could recognize a increasing of the HB level in the blood. But they also could see that, as the result decreased at higher altitude. Another study was they followed 11 trekkers of their tour at Rolwaling (Nepal). The trekkers went up to 4200m, the volume of the spleen was measured at 1370m, 3700m and 4200m. In rest at all of the altitudes the volume of the spleen has decreased with a higher level of HB was measured. The test persons also tested with a ”step test” at the same altitudes. There is knowledge that also physical training  will decrease the volume of the spleen. What the scientist could see was that even if the spleen already has decrease its volume, it still decrease with physical activity. The knowledge of that, told the scientist that  the spleen has a very central function of the adaption to high altitude, before a real acclimatization is done. So the conclusion of the research so far, will therefor be; The spleen looks to have a important function, in the acute situation when you end up in a fatigue oxygen environment. The function of the spleen will be to compensate the lack of oxygen with a higher level of HB. Of a longer time (3 weeks) you can se a result of that the spleen will increase its volume. But after 2 month there is no difference since before. The research is still on going, and I will report more as soon as I got the information..And thank you Angelica Lodin Sundström for the information.Damavand 035

Ulf Bergman with AMS (acute mountain sickness) at Mt Damavand Iran. (just vomiting three times:-). (photo Mattias Jansson)  

I am also planning for upcoming tours. It might be a tour to Härjedalen, but nothing is set,yet.

And here a inspiring film of Scotland and cycling:

And this week inspiring music video look and listening:-)

And now I am going out for a workout, see ya soon. Wednesday…


Now I climb mountains where ever they might rise…

Sorry for a week without update, I ran out of time..

The training has followed the plan. Last Thursday-Sunday I was in Åre freeheel skiing the whole weekend. Early Friday morning, we went up and meet up with the ski-guide at 0800. As the only four in the ski area it was amazing. The weather during the weekend was a bit stormy, but otherwise the condition was perfect. This week it will be 9 workouts, within 9 hours..


Free heel skiing in Åre area.


Standing in the cable cabin this days, is much more cosily then for just a couple of years ago (the photo is the cable car for Åre skutan in old times)

Yesterday I read a interesting chronicle in Svenska Dagbladet from Jenny Damberg. She wrote about ultra-running and all extreme variants of training. I think she got a point. Today everyone need to be more unique, to standing out from the crowd.  we have those who train everyday, and then we got those who doesn’t train at all. And it is a bit of the same feeling about mountains. the extreme ones will always be there, but it is the others that need to stop the clock and feel the humility to the nature…Every new one, for the mountains is a victory:-).

Is it all about weight? Most of the magazine do test of mountaineering equipment. The thing is on lately they always write abut lightweight stuff.  It is of course good most of the time, but dont forget that the quality. I tested the La Sportiva Storm Fighter GTX pant in Åre. It is a light shell trouser for  ski-mountaineering. Quite light, but not I will use in high altitude environment..


A light pant, but be causes were the use of it..

Here come this weeks training music, the Swedish band Hives with Blood red moon..enjoy:-)

This year will be the year of testing different type of training. So today I will try a new thing. I will tell you next Sunday what is all abut. But challenge yourself with new types of training and you will develop your mind as well as your body:-).


Time for a thoughtfulness in Åre..

My spirit is longing for mountains, but I will be there soon. I know:-)


A hard week, ice-climbing and about avalanges

Sunday evening, and here I sit and do my bloging:-) To be honest, I  have longed for it. A cup of coffee and here we go. This week has been a good, but challenging training week. With totally 9 hours and 33 minutes I am satisfied. Running, cross-country skiing, EFIT, lugging the car Wheel, and also workouts in the gym. 9 workouts in 6 Days, that nice.


The snow was tough, and builded up a wall in the front of the Wheel, even more training;-)

There have been some avalange accidents during the weekend. One here in Sweden, with a happy ending as it seems out right now. And one in Switzerland and that one does not look so good:-(. Before all this happend there was a disussion ongoing about guides and there education about avalange security and knowledge. The mountain safety organ here in Sweden (Fjällsäkerhetsrådet) has decided to do some requirement set for the education.


Sorry for the Swedish, but it is all abut the requirement for guides working in off-pist areas.

And now over to ice-climbing, the latest here is that the Niagara falls has been climbed, look to this movie and enjoy…

The upcoming week contains some free heel skiing, and I look forward to it. I will test a new back-pack. A ski pack from Salewa, build for randonee skiing. Lots of good details from a first view. But now it will be hard core tested…details will be brought up next blog..


Other new products to keep an eye on will be the new ”Black Light collection”. (from Peak Performance)This one will be interesting, a new mountaineering series of clothes…let me guess, that this one will be mentioned at the outdoor cloth fair in Germany.


The new collection from Peak Performance…

Keep up the training, and here some good quotes to rely on…

On the mountains of truth you can never climb in vain: either you will reach a point higher up today, or you will be training your powers so that you will be able to climb higher tomorrow


“Mountains are not stadiums where I satisfy my ambition to achieve, they are the cathedrals where I practice my religion.”

(Anatoli Boukreev)

Cuz you’re one sexy mother fucker when you train, and you know it (why training…)

Only he who can see the invisible can do the impossible.
(- Frank L. Gaines..)

See ya next week..