Test of jacket and boots…

Sunday and spring. The weather is fantastic and perfect for workout. So today it has been 10 K running with strength workout as well. Building up the stamina for the upcoming season is crucial. Versatility is the word for becoming well trained and to avoid injuries. Circle-workout programming is the shit. Here you got some inspiration: Circuit training avec le major Gérald. #majorGerald #circuittraining – YouTube

When it comes to gear I will review the Revolution Race Crisp jacket this week. So what is this for type of jacket? First of all I will present revolution Race for you. this is a Swedish brand who has a market place in the middle due to price and quality. This is my first test of this brand so it is interesting. My first opinion is that it is solid with good details. So what do I think about the jacket? Well this is a jacket promoted for skiing. For that I think is is a real good jacket. It is a ”heavy duty” jacket with a 3 layer shell. Compered to a jacket like Taiga Oakland it is almost 200 gram heavier. So it is a bit heavy from my point of view. It has to really good details. It is the arm pocket and the zipper for the hood. The zipper helps you to choose how to fit the hood, really nice. The disadvantage I see is three main things: The size of pockets, they are to small. You have a snow lock, and it cant be removed. With a zipper it have been very easy to remove. The weight is also a thing to consider. But the prize of the jacket make it really desirable. The question, is this a jacket you will bring to a peak tour? Here I am split. You don’t get the finish as you got from a established brand, but close. A tour to a lower peak yes. But to a high alpine tour no. But I will give the jacket a NNNN+ Because its design and finish and of course the price. 

The next gear to review is an old faithful servant in replay. The Haglofs Solid, the flagship of shoes from the brand. I have wear some of this a couple of years ago, and it was ok but not more. Haglofs is a brand with high quality but shoes has not been their best product. I will test this boot upcoming week, so I will get back on that one.

The last update when it comes to the cable car incident in Italy, three of the responsible has been arrested. the reason is that they have removed the emergency brakes function due to operation issues when the cable started to operate after the pandemic closing.

Mando Diao – Sorgen (Live Session) – YouTube

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When the heart sing…..

First of all, a tragic accident have happened in Italy, close to the lake Maggiore in the northern west of Italy. A cable car fell twenty meter to the ground, and at least thirteen people has died. The Stresa-Mottarone cable car takes tourists and locals from the town on Lake Maggiore, almost 1,400 metres above sea level to the top of the Mottarone mountain in 20 minutes. The accident happened as the cable car was travelling up the mountain, with the cabin dropping some 20 metres and rolling several times down the steep slopes before it was stopped by trees. People hiking on the mountain heard a loud hiss just before the crash, this might has been caused by one of the cables breaking. I will report more about the reason to the accident when we got more information.

When it comes to Corona and Swedes habits related to outdoor activity The Swedish outdoor brand Lundhags has been interviewing 1000 Swedish people about it. 34% spent more time outdoors 2020 then the year before. Interesting is as well that females(41%) has been more active then the males(27%). The result also tells us that young people and people with low income , has not increase the time they spent in outdoor activities. This looks like a socioeconomically issue. There is also geographically differences as well. People in the northern part of Sweden answer(75%) that they spend one ore more times in a week in the nature. In Malmo for example there is just 50% of the people that spend one times or more in the nature during a week. For young people the reason for not going outdoor, is that they missing the context or friends with skills for outdoor activities. There is a lack of information and guidance, and Lundhags has decided to start a digital training and also Youtube videos for that reason.  a great initiative.

When it comes to workout, it is high time for getting the summer strength. This period it is important with the leg strength. One day of the week, it is hill workout on the scheme. Two days of fighting, real good. Running two days, and orienteering. And at least 15k speed hike every day, there you got it. And as a real mountain man(Jansson) one day said to me: -It is much more easy to conserve and maintain a good physical level, then to build it up again. thank you for this wise words Jansson!

Standing on a peak, looking out. Exhausted you feel your heartbeat, listen to your breath. And…your heart sing…..I hope my heart will sing soon.

Visite Chamonix Mont Blanc – Vallée du Mont-Blanc – YouTube


A Climber’s Anthem – YouTube

See ya on Wednesday, then it will be about the hunt of the optimal outdoor pants.


A good weekend…

This weekend has been great. Technique training and also long distans running. I started the weekend with some rappelling and rope training. It is important to keep the skills up to date. I also preparing for the upcoming summer adventures. So rappelling with improvised equipment was one of the parts. The endurance workout is important as well. So trail running was on the scheme for Saturday and Sunday. The Roslagstrail is a nice trail. Follow the coastline of Alands sea it is really nice. You also get really good ankle workout for the upcoming adventures in the mountains. Part 11 goes between Grisslehamn and Sandviken (20km). I tested the Haglöfs L.I.M Shield Comp Hooded jacket. I nice trail running partner that can be used for Via Ferrata cover up as well with bad weather on the mountain. So what is the good with this jacket? Well it is light, and hooded. It is windproof like the ”old fashisoned” ones. Like generation 1 of New Line. But with improved nylon. The price is quite high, but you also got a jacket with nice finnish and good functions for multiple activities. So (NNNN) will be the grade. For getting a higher scoore it wood need a better price or more details/functions. Now it is a stripped running jacket and than it got the 4 NNNN. I also keep the hunt of the optimal outdoor trousers. This time it is time for the Mountain Equipments Tupilak Gore-Tex pant. This is a new Gore-Tex solution, for the ones that need the ”most rugged and durable protection that is available”. This is a nice trouser to wear. It is rugged and got an interesting solution for handling the size. Also the hangs got its ”own” type of solution. So ok, is the the optimized trouser for outdoor activities. Well a trouser for 470 Euro I expect more. At list one pocket would have been nice. This is a real tough hi- tech trouser with 3 layer 80D:s Gore-Tex. But from me it cant get more than NNNN due to the price. I expect more for a trouser with this price.

You Won’t Believe This Is In Italy 4k – YouTube

Hiking Alone in The Alps During a Pandemic – Tour Du Mont Blanc – YouTube

The Dead South – Broken Cowboy – 1/9/2020 – Paste Studio NYC – New York, NY – YouTube

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What is your upcoming adventure?

We are already soon in middle of May. The winter season is almost over and it is time for planning the upcoming summer adventures. This year it looks like it will be ”local” adventures again. I will give you some suggestion of hidden treasures in the Swedish mountain environment. But first a bit a thought from my side. You who follows my blog, knows that I am not a found of light pack ( my quote:  light is not always right) I think you should prepare your trip and bring some luxury.  I heard about two mountain runners talking about that the ”rescue bag” just weighted 84 gram. When the shit hits the fan, I do not want to be in their clothes. Another advice I want to give, will be to stay on the course for a while. Do not discover three or even four different areas and tracks. Plan to take a part of a longer trail, and then do another next time. This will give you more time to experience and be comfortable with your equipment and gear.

So my first suggestion to you will be a hidden pearl. Go to Kittelfjall and take peak tour towards Borka mountain. This i 8 km single way. Partially marked, so you will need to follow the map. The height difference is 750 m. After 4 km you leave the trail and follows the ridge towards the peak. Be aware of the edge and keep away…The easiest way to get here is by car to Kitterfjall. But you can also go by train and bus.

This summer it will be crowded in the Swedish mountains, even in the cabins (The mountain station is of course fully booked already I guess) But take a trip to the Valastugorna. If you take the trail from Valadalens mountain station it is 20 km, and some of the trail is more or less unmarked. This means you have to follow the map carefully. To get here you can go by train to Undersaker and from there with shuttle/taxi to  Valadalens Mountain station.

In the outdoor industry the sportfack has chosen the gear of the year 2020. And the years shop Alewalds was their choice. The brand of the year, Trangia was choose. The years newcomer the brand Garphyttan was the chosen one.

Vance Joy – ”Mess Is Mine” | Black Box Sessions – YouTube

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Another mountain tour…

Early morning, the air is crisp. A couple of minus degrees. The goal of today is the top of Sån mountain. The husky is expectant, and impatient. He wants to go, but I have to put on the the snow shoe first. It want be easier with a husky that pulls toward the trail. But of a sudden the snow shoes is in place and we can go. I really enjoy the fresh air and the knowing of having no time to fit. The beginning of the trail is steep  so I get warm fast. We continue up towards Sodo valley and soon we got the winshelter in sight. From here I take a bearing to the peak, and slowly start uphills. The husky turn to both right and left but not uphills, I have to stear him. But soon he understand his direction and can pull me a bit. The last 100 m to the top is a bit steep, and I breath heavy. But after about 30 minutes we reach the top. The cloud is full with snow, so we dont mess around at the top more than a couple of minutes. And it is time for going down. Step by step, telleng the husky to take it slow SLOW!! of a sudden he understand and adjust his speed to mine, and we are friends again. Down at he wind shelter we taking a couple of minutes to rest. I decide to take the trail around Valm mountain, it will be about 5 km longer. Said and done, we are on the track. We passes the Sodans Valley and this is a well knowned avalache area. And as you can see at this picture there has been an avalanche…We walk the tour and finnished. 18K in about four hours withe tour to the peak of Sodo mountain. Thats nice. This morning we woke up at 04.30 and at 06.00 we were on track. The goal of today was the Sodo Valley. The weather was perfect. A couple of minus and crisp snow under the snow shoes. What stuck me this morning was that how easy it is to forget how nice the pre-mountain forest is. It is like a portal to mountains. With the old dry twisted pines, the path that winds, meanders up towards the mountains. It is all like a fairy tale…So dont forget the portal to the mountain wilderness…

Billie Eilish – Your Power (Official Music Video) – YouTube

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