A February morning…

A good day start with a good breakfast. Today was one of those days, blueberry protein porridge egg fresh pressed juice coffee and a shot. With a good start and a open mind the thought starts to wind out. I been writing about hidden trails and tourist stations and cabins. Today it is time for another one. I guess you never been there…but in a hidden part of Jämtland you can find this place. Not far from Undersåker and Vålådalen it is suited. In the deep of the Hållfjället.

The tourist station has been closed for a couple of years but now thanks to two families from Netherlands it open up this year. You have to take the car to Nordbottnen and ski/walk from there. But it is well worth a visit. The interior has been intact since the forties.

And the place of it is fabulous, so why don’t visit it during the winter?

Lundhags has produced a new series of backpacks. This time a more lighter variants. My feeling is that they have chosen a more ”European” alp model this time.

So this will be interesting to see…

When it comes to mittens it is always a jungle. But Cold Skills sells a real nice one. The Atla Polar Mitten. This one is used by the reindeer police in Norway.  A fully skin mitten with a isolation of thermal wadding and micro-fleece. The price of 90 Euro is quite ok…

When it is time for ”fika” it is necessary to have a warm seat. The Dalum of Sweden got a nice reindeer sit for the tour..

For just 399:- you got this nice reindeer seat…

Renskinn ”Ward litn” – Dalum Sweden

Loner Deer – Oh, Buddy [OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO] – YouTube

See ya soon…

Mountain trip to Funäsdalen…

Sunday evening and a bit tired. Just arrived home after a weekend in Funäsdalen. Started the Friday with a snowshoeing hike to Anåtjärn and after that a tour from Fjällnäs towards Rutfjället, up to 1040m. This was a real nice tour.

With a coffee at Fjällnäs hotell the day was rounded off perfectly. The Fjällnäs hote ll is really nice..

Saturday we started from Tänndalen towards the windshelter at Svalåtjärn.

The wind was about 15-17m/s so it was a tough one. When we came back to Andersborg the waffle tasted real good. After that coffee and some food to the husky we went back to Fjällnäs for another tour towards Hamra. So concluded we got a lot of meters with snowshoes. All happy and satisfied.

And now I also got the needle, now its for real. I have become a IML for sure…

And the North Face backpack Verto27, what was the result of the review? It is a very light sack, perfect for short day tours. It is very simple, but very functional. With a fold seat pad in the back part, it suit perfect even with hard and quite heavy weight. The clip for ice axe or poles was easy to use. So the I will grade this to a NNNN+. The reason for not NNNNN will be the price. It is a very stripped backpack, so from that perspective the price might be a little to high…

At the end I will close this weeks blog with some small but nice things to have with you. First the Firebiner. A combined holder (carabiner) and a lighter.

Firebiner (Specialty Versions) (outdoorelement.com)

A carabiner, Firestarter, blade, opener screwdriver etc. A nice tool…

And also the ”Gas-adapter..

Camping Gas Saver Plus Gas Converter Shifter Refill Flat Tank,golden | Fruugo SE

This gear you use for refilling from a gas bottle to another so you save all your gas.  So you can take two half full gas and get one full. Smart isn’t it?

The Partisan – Leonard Cohen – YouTube

See ya soon…


”Follow effective action with quiet reflection”

Its amazing what a little more of light can do for the feeling, and today it will be a topic of navel gazing. One of the most important thing to remember will be to do some self-reflection sometimes. This will help you to develop your skills and effectiveness. But how will I be doing it you might think, well here come some good advice. Think about what are your strength, what are your weakness, what skills do you got? What problems do you got at the moment? What have you achieved? What makes you happy? and what and how can you do for improve this areas? This will sort out the big picture.

If  you are ready for the next step you might be working with this thoughts; Am I using my time wisely? Am I taking anything for granted? Am I employing a healthy perspective? Am I living true to myself? Am I waking up in the morning ready to take on the next day? Am I thinking negative thoughts before I fall asleep? Am I putting enough effort into my relationships? Am I taking care of myself physically? Am I letting matters that are out of my control stress me out? Am I achieving the goals that I’ve set for myself?

And finally what will be your thought and answers to this:

-My favorite way to spend the day is…-The two moments I’ll never forget in my life are…-Make a list of people in your life who genuinely support you  and whom you genuinely can trust. Then make time to hang out with them. -Use ten words to describe yourself. -What’s surprised you the most about your life or life in general.

This week I will review The North Face Backpack Verto27. This is a specialized back pack for mountaineering. With a volume of 27L and a weight of just 465g it will be used for peak-attacks. Though it is minimalistic it still got straps for two ice-axes or poles. Light weight and with reflection details and straps for rope etc, it will be interesting to check. The price: ~90 Euro(999:-)

Noah Kahan – Hurt Somebody (Official Video) – YouTube

See ya soon..

Challenges during 2023.

The year has just begun and there are a lot of challenges that can be done. I will present a couple of challenges that might tickle your mind.

First we got a new challenge; The Ramisklassikern in Ramundberget. Here you got 12 month to complete 39K within 24 hours, alpine skiing 400 height meters in 24 hours and also mountain bike 15K and 400 height meters and end up with a run or hike with 11K. You have to do it within 12 month and then you got a medal and a diploma.

Ramisklassikern – sugen på en rejäl multisportutmaning?

You also got the Idre mountain marathon.  Here you got the option to chose from 12K up to 45K you chose your start group depending of your expected time.(fast, middle, modest)

Tävlingsinfo – Salming Idre Fjällmaraton Salming Idre Fjällmaraton (idrefjallmaraton.se)

You also got two interesting challenge in Älvdalen. First you got the Älvdalen backyard Ultra, here you run a 6,7K track with varied subtrade. You have one hour for each round, until you cant reach the goal. Then you are out…

Älvdalen Backyard Ultra | Sweden Runners Backyard Ultra (backyardultrasr.se)

Here you also got the UKA Pain. 170K, 100K, 50K and the 28K  This is a real challenge for the brave ones…


At Ljungdalen you also got the Helags Mountain marathon. 23K 1040m 580 height meters.

Banor – Helags Fjällmara (helagsfjallmara.se)

So now you got some good suggestion to motivate you for the workout:-). This month challenge for us will be 5min of the plank, can you fix it?

And at the end Lars Monsen and Aclima has done a nice series of wool underwear the Femunden. really nice underwear for the outdoor..


See ya soon…