Summer examination in Offerdal-mountain.

Sunday morning, the car follow the small road between small villages. The landscape is coloured by the autumn. It is still, a anticipation is in the air. Here the winter is just a couple of weeks ahead. You can already feel and breath it. At the end of the road we stopped and it is time to set up the tent. Five participants arrives during the noon. A short brief for the next day and then time for the sleeping bag. Up in the morning and its speed navigation test. The test came to take all day. And Tuesday morning the mini expedition will be started. With morning fog set the tone of the day. Navigation and other skills were tested and evaluated during the day. In the evening the camp was in place. A fast dinner and time for night navigation. With fog and under 20 m visibility it really was a challenge. You really have to concentrate and stay focused. In steep terrain a mistake can be a real disaster. But it went good.

Wednesday morning it was time for steep ground judgement and choice of methods. Were when and how to use your equipment and skills. This is a challenge and means you have to  be prepared and got the skills. This is the minute of truth of your skills..

Then it was time for a new navigation challenge. The target was Himmelsraften 1213 m. Fog and also one of the group got injured (test) but the members solved it in a proper way, and than we reach the peak.

Next step was a navigation to the base camp for the night, with high speed and sun and also with good visibility we reach it in planned time. The tent was set, and at eight we all were warm, dry and replete.

At six a clock it was time to wake up and prepare for the upcoming day. Navigation leadership skills and river crossing was the plan for the day. Everything worked of smooth and the day was really great. So this was a very nice trip in the Offerdal Mountains. Real wilderness with no other people or trails, you really need to now your navigation skills. I really loved this mountains…

OneRepublic – Run (Official Music Video) – YouTube

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High Altitude sickness and knots….

(Overhand knot, marshal knot with overhand knot stopper, ) Less than a week it will be time for the IML Summer Assessment. So this week has been focus on preparing for that. Rope Technique and knots is important and also knowledge about rappelling with  temporary equipment/solution. 


(South African rappelling solution)

It looks like the pandemic will be a bit calmer, and that the most countries open up step by step for tourism. I can also see that the price of flight still is quite ok. So due to that I think its time to plan for an interesting adventure season next year. And due to that I will start a series of information about High altitude sickness. This area is huge to understand, and you need that for preventing AMS Hape and Hace etc.

High altitude knowledge.

To begin with, the human body consists of 37 billiards of cells that needs energy for workout efficient. The cells are used for transporting nerve signals, for movements or producing hormones. The cells are using a chemical energy that is stored in the molecule ATP. ATP is produced during the combustion process of oxygen and sugar. This is so called aerobic combustion. The rest product of the process is carbon dioxide and water. The carbon dioxide is toxic and need to be excreted. Many of the cells can also produce the ATP without oxygen a so called Anaerobic process. This can only be used as energy giving process for a short moment. This is the ground of why we need oxygen for surviving. The cells need a good environment for being so efficient as possible.  The amount of salt, acidity will be some of the parameters that effect the cells to work as efficient as possible. This parameters is regulated by the kidneys and by our breathing. The oxygen come into the body trough the lounges. The oxygen pressure is 21 kPa, but will be reduced to 20 KPa in the moist inhaled air. At sea level this hag got no meaning, but at high altitude the increased air moister an important reason for the oxygen pressure decrease faster in the blood vs. than in the air. I will continue this next blog….

Think of a trail to a cabin in the mountains were you will be alone. A real adventure with a epic view. Here you will get a feeling of it.

Finding the Most Secluded Cabin in Switzerland – YouTube

Arctic Elite Military Force // Only 1% make it – YouTube

City of the Sun – Máscaras en el viento, Nascosto nel Mondo, Une nuit sur Terre – YouTube

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Be safe in the mountains…

In the news we can read about rescue operation every week now. At Kebnekaise, a school class in Ljungdalen from Stockholm. 22 pupils and teacher needed to rescued by the mountain rescue team. Now the police even have information on their website about mountain safety. Here they give advice to be prepared for bad weather. What gear you should bring and that you better listen to locals and guides about the conditions. What we can see is that the mountain environment will be visited by beginners. With all the social media with just nice picture ”hides” what it really can be like when its stormy and no visibility. So my advice as always, use a guide at least the first day of the hike. this will give a good start and you will get the grounded knowledge of the area you will have your adventure in.

This week it has been a lot of rope work. Bowline, overhand knot, rappelling technique with temporary equipment. So now the routines is there I hope.

Positive attitude, Having a positive attitude means being optimistic about situations, interactions, and yourself. People with positive attitudes remain hopeful and see the best even in difficult situations. In contrast, those with negative attitudes may be more pessimistic and disagreeable, and typically expect the worst outcome in tough situations. So how to do it practically then?

Start the morning strong. It’s easier to maintain a positive attitude all day if you implement it right after opening your eyes in the morning. That dreaded moment when the alarm goes off can often lead to irritation, which sets you on the path to have a negative attitude all day.

Instead, think about some ways to make your morning the best part of your day — especially if you’re not a morning person. Consider waking up a half hour or an hour earlier than usual. This means getting into bed earlier, too! Give yourself time to do the things you love but may not always have time for; go for a run, relish in a hot shower, have a cup of coffee, and actually make breakfast (and, no, granola bars and frozen waffles don’t count). Put on your favorite music or show, or even whip out a book and start your morning doing something you love while enjoying a home-cooked meal. When your morning is more productive and less rushed, you’ll be sure to head to work in higher spirits. That morning glow will spread throughout your day, and then, the cycle can repeat

”You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.”

Charlie Thompson – Changed My Mind – YouTube

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