How to get a strong mind, time for prepare for the upcoming season..


In a turbulent world we all need a strong mind. A strong mind is build up of five ingredients, the five elements is: Confidence, courage, commitment, control, purpose.

Confidence, start working with nit. step by step. A mountain are climbed step by step and not by giant steps. belief in yourself and your ability to meet your goals

Courage, Courage is the tendency to see life’s obstacles as challenges to be met rather than threats to be avoided. Face the situation, Believe you can do it,. Waiting would only make the situation worse..

Commitment, People are often unsuccessful because they lack commitment to their deepest values. Competence is not an inherited trait, like blue eyes. Competence is the result of working hard and concentrating on bringing about the desired result.

Control. A strong mind shuts out feelings of fear and inadequacy and focuses on reaching the goal. Control is having a certainty that you are able to shape your destiny rather than passively accepting events as they come along.

Purpose,  Live your life with a purpose. No matter how many major changes and transitions you go through in your life, if you rely upon guiding principles and values that are important to you, they will always give your life meaning.Strong-minded people have a dedication that comes from a purpose that’s in alignment with their deepest values.

The Sylarna- Helags-Valadalen will become a Nation park. The Environmental Protection agency have done a lot research and measurement. One is about guest nights at the mountain stations. At Sylarna there was 12000  guest night 2016, at Blahammaren 8500, and at Helags 6500 guest nights. The mountain environment becomes more and more popular.


Sylarna mountain station, one of the most popular ones..

Now it become time for stat to prepare for the upcoming mountain season. Start with the hill training, starting with a warming up about 10 minutes. Then its time for 5-7 X 2 minutes up-hills cold down downhill’s.  Now it is time for 5-6 X 1 minutes higher intensity, and rest downhill’s end it up with 5 X 30 seconds. Cold down with 10 minutes slow pace running, and you will be a bit stronger for the upcoming trail/walking/climbing season…


Secure a good preparation for the upcoming mountain season.

This week a bit nostalgically music from the 80s Swedish reggae..

See ya soon..


The good life, The approach to workout…

Sometimes we forget how good Life is. The opportunity to workout everyday, go for new adventures and planning upcoming events.


Ulf Bergman Guiding session in Chamonix, a fantastic opportunity..

When it comes to workout it is important  to got the right approach. Take the feeling you got after the workout, the feeling of be satisfied of your self and the confidence on top. Move that feeling into the workout, and you will be able to push yourself further.


Try to bring the good feeling during the workout, and just not after. You will go a bit further..

And how to get the self confidence?


1. Look the part to feel the part. Start to act like the person you want to be.

2. Always, always think positive. Your inner conversation must be good. Remin yourself of all good result and performance you have done..

3. Always be prepared.  Knowledge is the key, study and read and workout etc. And also mentorship is a key here walk with wise men and you will get wise..

4. Identify your principals. If you have your compass direction of life you know were to go..If you don’t got your principles you will feel directionless.

5. Analyse all the good things you done so far..Write down a list of all great things you have accomplish in your life. Read it from time to time and update it..

6. Always read or listen to inspirational stuff. Listen to a pod, read a book that develop you, this will give you a good feeling..

7. Teach someone It will always develop you becoming a mentor or teacher. There respect will give you more confidence..

8. Nobody is perfect always feel that everyone is not perfect. The confidence not the pride will make it easier to achieve your goals..

And over to some new equipment.

Patagonia has produced a new sleeping bag..


Patagonia starting up with sleeping bags..

La Sportiva hs a new boot coming up, with a new technology.


La sportivas new boot..

This week workout suggestion:


Try it you like it…

See ya soon..



The golden ice axe, training and some new stuff…

Already in March and it is time to plan for a cross-country ski-tour in the northern Sweden. This time it will be a journey to Gasen-Helags-Sylarna.


The Sylarna massif from Gasen cabin In wintertime..

The workout plan is followed, and so far so good. A bit stressed in the shoulders so I have to take it easy this week. But ten workouts in the diary feels good.

This years Piolet d’Or (the golden ice axe) goes to The American alpinist Jeff Lowe.


Jeff Lowe, winner of the Piolet d’Or.

This year’s winner, Lowe, is a giant of the sport who pioneered alpine climbing during the 1960s through 1990s.

Born in 1950, Lowe’s climbing career followed an arc like no other American mountaineer. He made upwards of 1,000 first ascents, authored books, and invented gear. Today Lowe lives in Louisville, Colo., and is continuing to inspire while battling a degenerative motor neuron disease.

And over to some new gear:

Black diamond has a new set up of camalots. The Camalot Ultralight is a high-tech upgrade for the light and fast climber’s rack.


And Arcteryx has a new soft-shell hoodie for climbing:


Arctreryx proton, build for the mountain environment..


Helmet compatible fully zipped and warm, this can be a new friend on the mountain.

See ya soon..


Outdoor Coffee..


When it comes to outdoor activities, the coffee will be a important part. As moral strengthen, as a heather in a cold morning and a catalyst for the digestive system..


A good adventure day starts with a cup of the black gold.

Today there is a lot of choice, both in quality and cost and weight and solution. So there is a jungle. Today I will reach out some of the question marks.

When it comes to a luxury choice the Oxx coffeebox will be your choice. it will cost approx. 217 Euro. But then you got a real good coffee maker.


Oxx Coffeebox, not so litepac but high quality..

Next step will be the percolator solution.

GSI perculator

GSI percolator for the gourmet..

For 94 euro you can get a good quality coffeemaker from GSI, a real good choice. Still a bit expensive, and will take some space..

The next one is still a bit expensive, but will take a bit less of space and weight.


The handpresso is easy to use and will give you a tasty espresso at your adventure..

For 125 Euro the handpresso will be yours..

The own cooked coffee always test good, so why don’t use a press solution for the stowed you already got. All stows company got some solution for this, and you can also use it for the.



Primus coffee press.

If you like the old fusion way of coffee, the go cook it by yourself. With a coffee kettle,. Lemmel of Sweden got a nice solution..


Lemmel the samis way of taking care of the golden drink..

When space and weight will become important there still is a solution (of course you still want quality) there still is a way to go..


The Growers cup will give you a real good coffee. It is cheap For two Euro you will get a great cup of coffee

And at last the rescuer to always bring with you. I will never leave my home for a trip without it in my pack. And cheap, the quality..quite ok..


Enjoy your coffee on your next trip, doesn’t matter winch one you choose:-).


See ya soon..