Training and motivation…

Nine workouts the last week. Lots of running this period as usual. Upcoming period the focus will be for strength.

My thoughts about motivation:


I often got the question of how I get my motivation. An easy answer from my side will often be; The more energy you put into what you want to achieve, the easier it will be to get it. But it aint just that easy…

Motivation includes three main parts, to have a clear target. If you planning and have clear target it will help you to become motivated.  Target must be in short terms as well as in long term. The second will be to have a good skill to imagine. Train your ability to imagine that you have achieve the target, how it feels etc. You will experience resistance to get to your goal. Here comes the third part, you need to have so called ”impulse control”. No shortcuts will get you there.. so your internal talk must be trained. This for get up 5 a clock in the morning, do the extra set at the gym…So develop your impulse control. You can do it every day. Stop drinking coffee or the. Using sugar, or get upset of the weather or the late train…


Train your brain to become a help to achieve your targets..


See ya soon



When you least expect it, the great adventure finds you…

A new week of training has past. nine workouts, within six days. Trail-running and strength. Also a visit in a mast, with a terrific view and the feeling of height..


Trail-running with height…


And a nice view…

Planning for upcoming adventure is on going with fully focus. Next in schedule will be Chamonix, and a glacier hiking in Valle Blanche area..

Climbers walking among crevasses on the Vallee Blanche glacier in Chamonix, France

And one of the winter events in the planning phase will be a winter climb over the crest from the north peak to the south of Kebnekaise..


A crest adventure in Kebnekasie Sweden..

And keep your eyes open, the planning of next summer events will be presented under news and updates soon, so sign up!!

Keep up your shape, so you can participate in the adventure when it appears:-)…


Be prepared for the next adventure…

And at last a motivational movie…enjoy!!

See ya soon…



Vacation, Trailrunning & mountain philosophy

Even a mountaineerier need vacation:-) This time I Went to Rhodos for a swimming and sun vacation.

I met Papastamatis a guy that got a outdoor store with a real good philosophy. He was working actively to get people into the adventure and hiking area. Visit his store while your in Rhodes:-).


I nice outdoor store in Rhodes.

When it comes to training, my planning is to train as much different type of training as possible. This for avoid injuries and don’t get bored. This period the trail running will be in focus.


In Jamtland the Vålådalen area.

This time I went to Vålådalen area. Run from Vallbo to the mountain cabin Anaris. One of the smallest cabin in the Sweden mountains. With lots of trails it is easy to choose different ways. This time I choose the trail trough the Ice valley (Is-Dalen) a fantastic trail. I was warned before for the high levels of water in the creeks, but with high speed and long jumps it worked out fine:-). It was still lot of snow in the mountains. the colour of the blue sky, the white snow and the green-brown mountains was amazing.


The use of La Sportiva Buschido was a terrific choice. Perfect stability and a grip I never had before. This together with the perfect fit makes the experience 100% of satisfaction.

When it comes to Anaris Cabin, normally you will be there by your self. this related to that fact that it is quite unavailable. But this time it was fully booked. Ten persons, and a perfect weather. 9 of them was trail runner. so it has become a real concept in the Swedish mountains…


Anaris mountaoin cabin. One of the smallest mountain cabin in Sweden.

About being a alpinist and values…

It is very important to clarify what are the most important, and what you value most in your life. What you stand for and what is the most ultimately motivates you most. If you don’t have this cleared out,  you will never feel your decision will be the right. Take your time and think about your most important values. Use them as a tool when you need to take important decisions in life….


Becoming a good mountaineerer, you need to think trough your values. And when its done, go for it….

At last some motivational video…



See ya soon…