A peak story…

We are located in Lisa Lindblom county. More particularly in Asarna in Jamtland.  A fast look at the clock says me it is 05.02. The Husky have woken me up. He can feel the mountain air, like myself. The high air and the atmosphere is there. I get up, dressed and ready for a morning hike along the Ljungan. I breath in the clear air, and feel the excitement. After a breakfast we driving towards Bydalen. This day it is the peak of Drommen and the peak of Vastfjallet that is the goal. We park at he bottom of the Drommen ski-lift. The husky is eager, so as I. The first part is in the ski-slope. just for taking height. But soon we get a nice view of the Bydalen valley. After we passing the creek it is time to climb upwards. The trail is easy to follow, and soon we can reach the peak. The wind is hitting us, with 18 m/s it is quite windy. The trail downwards it easy and with a extraordinary view of the valley. Soon we are back to the starting point and it is time for the second peak. This one is a bit easier, and after passing Fjallhalsen the trail start to be upwards. The trail is nice and I am just floating with the peak in sight. When the trail turn left, we got hit by the wind again. But the view over Storsjon is magnificent. The view give us extra energy and soon er are standing at the peak. The wind almost lift me up, and we turn back to the trail. Soon we are down and can ascertain the two out of three peaks is done. One left to go. After a good sleep at persasen, we driv to Graftavallen. We park the car and the Husky is eager to get on the trail again. This day will be a bit more challenging. Here there is no trail, so we have to discover the best way up. We start up in the Ski-slope. And follow a small trail, But soon it is time to read the map and use the compass. We pass three plateaus before we can see the real peak of Ostfjallet. But when we got it in sight the speed increase. A couple of minutes later we reach the peak pile. It is still a hard wind, and pretty fast we start downhill again. But the view here is also fantastic.   The Oviksfjallen has exercises its magic over me. It is marvellous how many different mountains there is in the area…

Three persons , three peaks and three badges:-)

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The guide spirit…

Becoming a guide has demands. This means that what you say and do will make an impression. Every single second you will be valued. Therefore it is of utmost importance to reflect over yourself. It is hard to see you own weakness and shortcomings. With pride comes spirit, the spirit to become professional. So are you proud of being a guide -that is a good question to ask yourself. What is your scheme for becoming even better? This year I have been focusing of avalanche safety and navigation. Every single moment when I got the opportunity I have been practising it. And I started to feel much more confident in my role as a guide. (Matt Larsson-Clifford have made me becoming a better guide)

Early morning, the atmosphere in the breakfast room can be felt. Everyone is a bit quite, eats and chews in silence. The evening before everyone got the instruction for the day. I am looking at my clients, thinking about the man which wife called me a couple of days before telling that he is frighten for heights. This will be interesting. We gear up, and start the walk from Hotel Alpina in Chamonix towards the cable car to Aguille du Midi. The weather is nice and 10 minutes later we stand in the line. Quite fast we get up ti middle station and em-barque the the last part of the cable-car. Up at Aguille du Midi we gather in the ice cave. I’m fix the rope, and the participants starts to lock in. I’m looking into the eyes of the man with frighten of heights. I ask him how he feels, and he reply -fine, I feel elated this will be great. Good I think. A couple of tourists looking at us, and ask about our gear. We step into the void, the ridge of Aguille du Midi. Step by step we walk downhills. As usual slow, very slow in the beginning with the suction in the stomach. The weather with the sun is fantastic. We stop and take picture, and just enjoying. We keep the pace and soon we are close to Mont Blanc du Tacul. Here we speed up for the block and serac falling. We pass a couple of crevasses, but struggle in good speed up to pointe Hellbrunner. Sipping on a Italian Cappuccino, and reflect over the days adventure everyone is satisfied. And now its time for the cable car over the trail we walked during the day. See it from above give a new perspective over the days event. At Aguille du Midi we take some time for enjoying the view. But soon we going down, back to 1000m over sea level again in Chamonix. The evening is spend on a nice restaurant with savoyen food.

And the best workout music ever…just F***** go for it. Hit the target…Volume to max!!

Darude – Sandstorm – YouTube

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A dear subject and more…

To adapt the adventure to its ability and prevailing position”  That would be my description of mountain safety. When you know what you know and not thinking of what you know, then it happens that you feel comfortable. And that what it is all about to feel comfortable. The planning of a tour is the basic. Read the map of understanding the area. Is there any risk you can see directly,  and if how to avoid?  Look into river passing, steep ground etc. How can the wind direction affect me? Where do I have my escape route if I got injured or if the weather become bad.  So know I have build up a basic knowledge base of the area, whats next? Now its time to do the route planning. Still use the map and now it is also time to get the compass. Take head direction and you can also mark spots at the map, even with ”soft” time lines. If it get fog or white out with snow, you still have the head direction for your targets. Challenge yourself with spending time in the outdoor environment with map, compass and navigate. This will build up your self confidence. That you will need when the weather and the sight is bad. So ok, now you know your limits, and you have done the planning whats next then? The next step will be the equipment, the gear. So from a mountain safety perspective what would you think of? After a couple of years in the outdoor I can recommend clear colours.  If you end up in a situation it is much easier to find a person in mountain environment if you got clear colours on your jacket for example. A wind-shelter is also a safety gear you shall bring. First aid-kit and of course map and compass. A extra ration  of food is also good to bring. Some kind of communication equipment is also good to bring, the mobile phone may not got coverage so do not trust on that solution. This will be the minimum of gear to bring(the list need to be build up depending on type of adventure and time of the year. Winter has it own needs of gear) Now it is still two thing to do: Check the weather of the area for a couple of weeks before you going to the area. this will help you to understand a bit of the wind directions etc. And also inform someone about where and how you planned your route. So now you probably are ready for the hike, but you want to challenge your knowledge to become more confident. So now what to do? Here the guide comes in to the plan. Book a guide for one day or more, that will develop your skills a lot. That the solution for that. So get out there and ”break a leg” mate…

Tierra Pro Series | presents Alpina Fjällräddningen – YouTube

An epic start of the season: Ski touring Tolpagorni, Kebnekaise – YouTube

Feel Me (Chill Mix) – Jjos – YouTube

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A normal upbringing or? and a three peak tour.

I grow up in working class family. But my mother was a leader in Friluftsframjandet, and my father has been competing in cycling. I was raised in skating school and skiing school. The weekends were spend in the nature. So there I got my interest for the outdoor. When I started to competing in cycling in 1978 I also got the taste of the adrenaline and the thrill of competing. Parallel I still was in the Outdoor. While the other classmate went to disco, we went out to a wind shelter.  But we visit the disco from outside. But by wearing the Fjallraven Greenland jacket the outlook done as we looks like communist at that time. That should all the people wearing this outfit today ha ha. Well by the interest of the outdoor it was not far to the Army. So I decided to do the service for 15 mounts. The winter training were excellent and I got my first avalanche training at that time. But the best was the real leadership practice. I continued in the service for 17 years and was captain when I decided for leaving. It was not a job, it was a lifestyle and that I can still miss. Therefore I think the interest of the outdoor was beginning to grow. In the business I also got the opportunity to been leader in wide are such as telecommunication,  communication, IT-outsourcing companies,  and banking and insurance. At the moment I’ve visit +30 countries in the world and that has enriched me in many way. But that is a whole other history. But I also feed my Outdoor interest and drive a own guiding company. I am also Vice chairman and treasurer for the Swedish mountain leader organisation for the third year. And most of all I am still learning about the outdoor skills. This year I’ve been to a mountain every month; Kittefjall, Bydalen, Salen, Helags, Sonfjallet, Skuleberget and now I am planning for the July adventure.

News in the outdoor of Sweden tells us that the Landowners in the south of Are-fjallen want the hikers to pay a fee. This related to the worn of the trails in the area. It is not possible to do it by the law, but as a voluntarily fee. The suggested cost will be about ~200 euro. So from 0 to 200 euro. I think it is a giant first step….But this show us the road ahead. This might be a backside of the Corona invasion related to our Swemester (Swecation).

The Swedish outdoor company Silva has been bought of a risk investment company. Verdone will be the new owners and the goal is to increase the profits and to speed up the digitisation.

And if you are curious about my upcoming July adventure, here is the plan. Me and the husky are gong up to Jamtland. The Bydalen area. We will try to reach three peaks of Bydalen. Vaster-fjallet (1158m), Osterfjallet (1211m) and Drommen (1140m).

Gandagana | Georgian Trap Music (Lyrics) – YouTube

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I’ts the small things that matters.

In the early nighties Haglofs promoted a T-shirt with the quote: Its the small things that matters. And I think that is a good statement. Today the social media force us to compete about who has experience the best adventure and so on. The small adventure can be the biggest, and why comparing it. Bring it in your mind, and play it during the winter or summer. So do the small adventures, they might give you the best experience in your life…

This summer it will be another year with summer adventures in Sweden. I think its great, we will learn to love our own country even more. The Swedish mountain will be the goal for a lots of tourists. So here comes some suggestion of book for the reason.

This book will give you suggestion of hiking tours in the north of Sweden. Archipelago tours, water falls, the Ven island and many more suggestion all over Sweden.  Friluftsliv och äventyr i Sverige : Med utflyktsmål för hela familjen – Bokförlaget Semic – inbunden (9789155269432) | Adlibris Bokhandel

The next book suggestion will be the ”Expedition Sweden”. Linda Åkerberg has been travelling around the world for the hunt for the perfect adventures. And she discover it in Sweden. 4680km travelling trough all our 25 counties, This is a moderna version of Nils Holgerssons underbara resa. Here you will explore Sweden piece by piece. Expedition Sverige : vandra, cykla, paddla från Smygehuk i söder till Treriksröset i norr – Linda Åkerberg – inbunden (9789127170469) | Adlibris Bokhandel

I also have promise you to tell you about my hunt of the perfect outdoor pant. I’ve made a movie, but it was too long so it did not work. So here we go instead. Lets get back to small thing matters. While you choosing a pant, you must start rethinking what will it be used for. When you got that clear, we cant start work. Today it will be a lot of different solution. We start with the waist. Here it can be with or without belt. I like the solution with Velcro fastener.  This will rubs less, and you can get the perfect fit. When it comes to pockets I want to have at least four. The lower ones I want to have on the thigh, this because then it will not rubs your side of the leg. The next step will be the ventilation. Here we got to solutions: One with net, which will limit the opening of it. The second solution is just a zipper. During summer I prefer the last one, and in winter the first one. It is also good if you can open the zipper from two different directions. This means you can limit the opening as such. If you got this solution it will work fine during the winter even without net.

(Norröna Falketind flex1 Heavy duty will be my next test object for evaluation)Pre-bent knees is also good to have. Ok when it comes to fit, we got all kind of designs. I prefer alpine fit, which means it it tight-fit. It will help to transport the moisture from the body heat out from the garment. I think we have gone trough the whole trouser, but we have the strap to the boots left. This one shall be big enough to work with even with mittens(or with 2.0 per mille of alcohol in the body:-). So little will go away.

People are Awesome – Epic Rock Climbing Skills! – YouTube

GIMS – Lo Mismo ft. Alvaro Soler (Clip Officiel) – YouTube

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Via ferrata, test of gear among others…

So the last weekend it was time for a tour to Skuleberget and Via ferrata. The plan was to do the Via Ferrata on Sunday, spend the night in tent and hike in Skuleskogen on Monday. The weather was perfect, and we got the opportunity to test the black trail. I can understand why its closed during rain. The surface is quite slippery even in good weather condition.  But two trails the yellow and the black was the result of the day. So with a good feeling we went towards the south entry of Skuleskogen, and started to set the tents. When it was done, it was time for a fast swim in the cold sea. Started a fire and eat dinner. The night was warm, but I slept good in the Hilleberg tent. Monday morning we fixed breakfast and started the hike. The plan was to go to Slottsdalsskrevan,and continue to Tärnettvattnet and to Näskebodarna. The weather was perfect for the hike, and everyone was satisfied.

When it comes to gear I have got a new favourite. The MSR pocketrocket 2stove. Very easy to use, and it will not take any space. So if you need a gas stove, this is the one for you.

When it comes to backpack, Mattias Jansson have been reviewing the Fjallraven Singi 48L Here is is feedback:

Test of the backpack Fjällräven Singi 48

A good backpack is important when going out into the woods and the mountains, on longer or shorter trips. A backpack is usually something that will be used for many years and I am concerned about what footprint I leave in relation to the environment. It is therefore exciting to test this backpack from Fjällräven, which has an environmentally friendly focus with new ideas when it comes to material selection, and with a design that lasts over time.


This is a 48 litre backpack made of reinforced G-1000 Eco fabric with organic cotton and recycled polyester. Despite the fact that the rucksack is only 48 litres, it has a good frame in the back with rails of certified birch, which creates a stable rucksack. The support system is robust and easy to adjust for different back lengths. The backpack is quite simple, at the same time as it has many functions. The lid can be raised to accommodate more equipment. On the hip belt there are two pockets perfect for snacks, small tools etc. There are also two small loops for attaching carabiner hooks for gloves, fire steel or other equipment you want to reach easily. Inside the rucksack there is a cloth pocket against the back for maps, water bag etc.. At the bottom of the rucksack there is a zipper that makes it easy to get hold of what is at the bottom. I like to store the windprotectionbag here.

On both sides there are 2 strong straps to attaching skis, axes or sleeping pads. There is also a rubber cord on the front that can be used to attach a jacket, reindeer skin, etc. There are loose side pockets to attach to expand the bag’s size and functional area.

The carrying system is robust with well-padded shoulder straps and a strong hip belt. A whistle is attached to the chest strap.

In the top lid, there is room for the included rain cover, which is in a clear blue colour for greater mountain safety, and which keeps the backpack dry in bad weather.

Experience of use

This backpack has been used for hiking trips in autumn, winter and springweather, skiing and snowshoeing in snow and wind as well as shorter tent trips with light equipment. Despite the fact that it is only 48 litres, it holds a lot and it is easy to attach things to the outside as previously mentioned. There is good padding in the back and with a weight of 2.1 kilos; the backpack is light enough, at the same time as it is robust enough to withstand a little load. A weight of around 15 kilos is no worries.


This is a backpack that has become my favourite and is relatively technical without this being at the expense of Fjällräven’s simple design style. The fact that the backpack also has a design and a choice of materials that contribute to it lasting a long time is important for environmental sustainability. What I miss on winter trips is a pocket for a shovel, but it can be arranged by attaching some straps to the backpack.

Price: Approx. 3390 kr

More information: www.fjallraven.se

Tested by Mattias Jansson

Naâman – Time Is To Rebel (Official Video) – YouTube

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The heaven is now…

The trees are pure green, and the sun caresses my cheek. The pre-summer is here. Just a month ago I was heading for the summit of son-mountain. Time flies, I’ve been thinking about that. I over heard a discussion. -Do you think we come to heaven when we die, or do you think we just come to the earth? -We will come to the earth, of course. We can see it, and we are in the heaven now. I have been thinking about it, and about the ”carpe diem”. I think it is a good perspective to have, that the heaven is now. Think of what you will use this day for. Not with cues, or demands. You can choose to do nothing, or a lot. Nothing will be right or wrong. But you choose of how you will experience your day…I can tell you, you will like this way of thinking and having this approach.

When it comes to gear I have been testing the Haglöfs, solid Pro Gt. This is a real stable boot. It has a good fit, and it is easy to put on. The first model of this boot was nice but, the quality of the leather left more to be desired. But so far I am satisfied. But the test will continue. Planning a tour to Skuleskogen and Skuleberget. So it will he hard tested before it will get its grade.

Today I will start a new theme, the Swedish hikes. We start at the High coast and stage 2. Lovvik-Fjärdbotten 9,6km. Take a hike up towards the peak of Valkallen 240m. this will give you a fabulous view over the High coast bridge and Angermanalven.

All Along The Watchtower: You’ve Never Heard It Like This #10! – YouTube

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Test of jacket and boots…

Sunday and spring. The weather is fantastic and perfect for workout. So today it has been 10 K running with strength workout as well. Building up the stamina for the upcoming season is crucial. Versatility is the word for becoming well trained and to avoid injuries. Circle-workout programming is the shit. Here you got some inspiration: Circuit training avec le major Gérald. #majorGerald #circuittraining – YouTube

When it comes to gear I will review the Revolution Race Crisp jacket this week. So what is this for type of jacket? First of all I will present revolution Race for you. this is a Swedish brand who has a market place in the middle due to price and quality. This is my first test of this brand so it is interesting. My first opinion is that it is solid with good details. So what do I think about the jacket? Well this is a jacket promoted for skiing. For that I think is is a real good jacket. It is a ”heavy duty” jacket with a 3 layer shell. Compered to a jacket like Taiga Oakland it is almost 200 gram heavier. So it is a bit heavy from my point of view. It has to really good details. It is the arm pocket and the zipper for the hood. The zipper helps you to choose how to fit the hood, really nice. The disadvantage I see is three main things: The size of pockets, they are to small. You have a snow lock, and it cant be removed. With a zipper it have been very easy to remove. The weight is also a thing to consider. But the prize of the jacket make it really desirable. The question, is this a jacket you will bring to a peak tour? Here I am split. You don’t get the finish as you got from a established brand, but close. A tour to a lower peak yes. But to a high alpine tour no. But I will give the jacket a NNNN+ Because its design and finish and of course the price. 

The next gear to review is an old faithful servant in replay. The Haglofs Solid, the flagship of shoes from the brand. I have wear some of this a couple of years ago, and it was ok but not more. Haglofs is a brand with high quality but shoes has not been their best product. I will test this boot upcoming week, so I will get back on that one.

The last update when it comes to the cable car incident in Italy, three of the responsible has been arrested. the reason is that they have removed the emergency brakes function due to operation issues when the cable started to operate after the pandemic closing.

Mando Diao – Sorgen (Live Session) – YouTube

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When the heart sing…..

First of all, a tragic accident have happened in Italy, close to the lake Maggiore in the northern west of Italy. A cable car fell twenty meter to the ground, and at least thirteen people has died. The Stresa-Mottarone cable car takes tourists and locals from the town on Lake Maggiore, almost 1,400 metres above sea level to the top of the Mottarone mountain in 20 minutes. The accident happened as the cable car was travelling up the mountain, with the cabin dropping some 20 metres and rolling several times down the steep slopes before it was stopped by trees. People hiking on the mountain heard a loud hiss just before the crash, this might has been caused by one of the cables breaking. I will report more about the reason to the accident when we got more information.

When it comes to Corona and Swedes habits related to outdoor activity The Swedish outdoor brand Lundhags has been interviewing 1000 Swedish people about it. 34% spent more time outdoors 2020 then the year before. Interesting is as well that females(41%) has been more active then the males(27%). The result also tells us that young people and people with low income , has not increase the time they spent in outdoor activities. This looks like a socioeconomically issue. There is also geographically differences as well. People in the northern part of Sweden answer(75%) that they spend one ore more times in a week in the nature. In Malmo for example there is just 50% of the people that spend one times or more in the nature during a week. For young people the reason for not going outdoor, is that they missing the context or friends with skills for outdoor activities. There is a lack of information and guidance, and Lundhags has decided to start a digital training and also Youtube videos for that reason.  a great initiative.

When it comes to workout, it is high time for getting the summer strength. This period it is important with the leg strength. One day of the week, it is hill workout on the scheme. Two days of fighting, real good. Running two days, and orienteering. And at least 15k speed hike every day, there you got it. And as a real mountain man(Jansson) one day said to me: -It is much more easy to conserve and maintain a good physical level, then to build it up again. thank you for this wise words Jansson!

Standing on a peak, looking out. Exhausted you feel your heartbeat, listen to your breath. And…your heart sing…..I hope my heart will sing soon.

Visite Chamonix Mont Blanc – Vallée du Mont-Blanc – YouTube


A Climber’s Anthem – YouTube

See ya on Wednesday, then it will be about the hunt of the optimal outdoor pants.


A good weekend…

This weekend has been great. Technique training and also long distans running. I started the weekend with some rappelling and rope training. It is important to keep the skills up to date. I also preparing for the upcoming summer adventures. So rappelling with improvised equipment was one of the parts. The endurance workout is important as well. So trail running was on the scheme for Saturday and Sunday. The Roslagstrail is a nice trail. Follow the coastline of Alands sea it is really nice. You also get really good ankle workout for the upcoming adventures in the mountains. Part 11 goes between Grisslehamn and Sandviken (20km). I tested the Haglöfs L.I.M Shield Comp Hooded jacket. I nice trail running partner that can be used for Via Ferrata cover up as well with bad weather on the mountain. So what is the good with this jacket? Well it is light, and hooded. It is windproof like the ”old fashisoned” ones. Like generation 1 of New Line. But with improved nylon. The price is quite high, but you also got a jacket with nice finnish and good functions for multiple activities. So (NNNN) will be the grade. For getting a higher scoore it wood need a better price or more details/functions. Now it is a stripped running jacket and than it got the 4 NNNN. I also keep the hunt of the optimal outdoor trousers. This time it is time for the Mountain Equipments Tupilak Gore-Tex pant. This is a new Gore-Tex solution, for the ones that need the ”most rugged and durable protection that is available”. This is a nice trouser to wear. It is rugged and got an interesting solution for handling the size. Also the hangs got its ”own” type of solution. So ok, is the the optimized trouser for outdoor activities. Well a trouser for 470 Euro I expect more. At list one pocket would have been nice. This is a real tough hi- tech trouser with 3 layer 80D:s Gore-Tex. But from me it cant get more than NNNN due to the price. I expect more for a trouser with this price.

You Won’t Believe This Is In Italy 4k – YouTube

Hiking Alone in The Alps During a Pandemic – Tour Du Mont Blanc – YouTube

The Dead South – Broken Cowboy – 1/9/2020 – Paste Studio NYC – New York, NY – YouTube

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Din väg till äventyret…