Watch out and become more caring…

So we have stepped into June, and the summer is almost here. The tracking says 6 month and six mountain adventures.

Stared out in January with a Ice Climbing session in Älvdalen. In February it was time for a Winter examination in Stordal in Norway. March it was Funäsdalen with a lot of skiing. April it was snowshoeing in Jämtland. May a IML examination i Voss Norway and June Via Feratta at Skuleberget.  And also a lot of other stuff with the Swedish Mountain Leader organization, Mountain Leader council and the Swedish Mountain safety Council so a busy first half year of 2024. And with summer coming and plans are ongoing in my head for new adventures… When going hiking in alps in Europa you always here the ”bonjour” and meet with a smile. I think we could be much better in that in the Scandinavia. We should be more caring about our other in the nature, and help and support everyone. Let that be a promise for this summer.

When it comes ti equipment/gear I have been testing a watch, hence the title. North Edge Apache is a analogue watch. Yes I might be a bit old-fashioned here, but I really like ”easy to use gear” with basic function. This watch lives up to that motto. With four bottoms it is easy to use, and with just three presses you easy can adjust the height, that is something I really like…North Edge Apache watch 3’s Functions include an altimeter, a barometer, a compass, a thermometer, a step counter, world time, a countdown timer, an alarm, and a backlight. Barometer, Altimeter, compass so it got all you need. I will test it more before my statement, but so far very good…

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