A choice of solitude…

This Sunday I thought I would spend a lot of time on Skäckerfjällen. This area is a bit of a hidden pearl, with a few outdoorer knowing the area. It is placed in the heart of the Kall Sami area. With just 10 reindeer keeper and about 2500 reindeers it is a unaffected mountain area. This also meaning that you really have to be careful in the area. Nothing or very little arranged here. So there are few trails and they will be sparsely marked. So you must have good navigation skills here even if there is one trail  between the two Mountain huts here.

The first choice of a hike here will of course be the trail between Kolåsen and Anjan, a trail with 34km can be hiked in two days, but use four and you can do a couple of peaks as well (well recommended) or why don’t do a detour to Rutsdalen, a valley which is the Jämtlands answer to Rapadalen in Sarek. Also the area between Manshögarna and Sockertoppen is a really good place for spending a tent night. Keep your eyes open in the area, because here you can experience seeing Great Moose as well as Golden Eagle etc.

Another suggestion of a nice tour will be if you start from Anjan and take the trail towards Mansjön. Then you turn to East towards the Anjaskutan, You take seight to the peak and then you go down and follow the winter trail. Take a detour into Styrdalen as I mention erlier, it is a real nice area. Then back to Anjan Mountain lodge.

During the 1300 the area was known as the way between Nidarås (Trondheim) and Jämtland Route 336 and it was a kinder choice than route 322 which was higher up in the mountain.

It has also been an interesting area during the World War II as well:


Benson Boone – Beautiful Things (Official Music Video) (youtube.com)

See ya soon..


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