Useful with guide, workout & Via Ferrata among others..

Sunday evening, time to be a bit thoughtful. Lately it has been a couple of accidents in the Swedish mountain environment. At Sylarna a skier fell off a ridge and died, shortly after a climber fell as well, and got severely injured.

A French climber was rescued at the western trail to Kebnekaises summit.

And yesterday a French climber was rescued at Kebnekaise after bad weather conditions. All of this accidents got one thing common. No one of them used a guide. The thing is that I am not telling that the accidents wouldn’t happened with a guide. But a guides prioritization is safety before target, and others. With a guide you have someone taking  the responsibility for the safety. Therefore it will minimize the risk. You always also got a better experience with a guide overall and got more dimension with your activity/challenge..

The workout is on going as planned. At the moment the rowing machine is in the centre. With a refined technique it also feeling real good. The upper body is under control so now it will be more focus on the lower body and endurance. Time for some more army/SF workouts.

This weekend was planned to be the first Via Ferrata weekend. Due to illness among lot of other reason I had to cancel it.(not depending of me) But on the other hand there are lot o new dates planned.

There are a new season of variation of activity now. Kayaking, cycling, cross country running orienteering etc. So you only have to choose and go for it..Why not try something new..

The planning for the expedition to Mt Damavand next autumn is on-going. So we are a couple of participates at the moment, a few seats are still left.

Gosfandsara, base-camp at Mt Damavand Iran. (Photo Mattias Jansson)

You don’t need snow for good skiing;-)

See ya soon