Earthquake in Nepal, tough training, and Norway crosswise..

The earthquake in Nepal hit the mountaineers at Mount Everest. Scaring and will give you a understanding of the power of earth..


Help those affected…

The training the last week was good. 10 workouts, and real tough. Hill training, with a terrific view over the northwest of a Åreskuta up and down before eight a clock in the morning. That’s a good workout:-)

IMG_0111Northwest of Stockholm Saturday morning…

In Norway they got a good tradition of good tradition of doing documentaries. This one is about a youngster that not got any job, so she cross Norway crosswise…

And the music this week will be a bit softer..


Se ya soon…








Failure for success, navigation and a mountain tour

Early morning, looking out and it is all whiteout. My brain starts thinking. What will the plan be for today? Wait for the sun to warm up and pharheps the fog will dissapear? I got good knowledge of the terrain, and I have Control The descision will be to start descending..The thin is that it is good to test your knowledge for developing. As long as you not doing any risky thing it will develop you…


Fog means attention…use your knowledge.

The most important thing conected to fog  will be a good knowledge of navigation. Here followsa a good intruduktion or a repetion for you who already got the knowledge..

I’ve been to Jämtland for the third time this spring. Great trip to Sylarna, Blåhammaren. Skiing cross country at the last of snow this year.


One of the participants of the ski tour…

The training follows the plan. So far this week i got 5 workouts, and now it is a lot of endurance training..


Hill training with backpack…

Some motivational video…Enjoy:-)


The mountains are calling, Becoming a good mountaineerer and the good feeling..

Spring time, this means more light and warm winds. Now it is easy to train, it follows the plans. Soon i will breath the mountain air again. The mountains are Calling:-).

I been thinking of the fact of what a good mountaineerer is. I think it is a skilled mountain person that now his/hers limits, related to the conditions. A person who understands when the limits can be moved without risking the safety.  A person who always try to develop her/him self.


Ed Veisturs a good mountaineerer.

The training goes on, and it feels good. Today I have my rest day. It feels a bit strange, not exercise. A sign that it perfect to rest:-). Now it will be hill training in the weekend…

And it is also important to enjoy life, and the calm after a good workout. And what can be better than a good cup of coffee..


Don’t forgot to enjoy life….

Music this time will be a oldie goldie..

See ya at sunday:-)



A tough week, about challenge and old know how still matters…

A tough training week, 10 workouts and 10 hours..I ended the week with a running workout. Felt a bit tired. I have changed a lot of the training, so this is a sign that the body has started to adapt. At the gym, I have get back to do the exercise slow and correct. I also put strength in the running. So a good sign is the sore muscles.


Chin training at home a great addition..

To be a good mountaineerer, you Always need to challenge your self. Both menthally and physically.


For develop your self, you must challenge your self. Your training methods, your routes in the mountains. Probably most of all… your thoughts…and way of thinking..

I was Reading a book from 1953, and the thing is that there are two thing that comes to my mind. 1. They were really good in describing things at that time. 2. They really got good knowledge of the equipment and the mountain Environment. And it is easy to get impressed over there exploits.


Manne Ginsburg a hard mountain man..

This weeks training music:

This week insperation:

Se ya on wednesday…