How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains.

Started at 10 a clock from Enafors. The trail leads south, and up to the mountain area. The first four kilometers passes a mire area, I passed three bridges before the trail started to go up hills. It is so quite, and I can just hear my own breath.


When I left the last tree behind me, the sun colored the mountain side in gold.


With three top ascends it ha been a real good trip, the experience and skills is in place and I am ready for next adventure. But most of all, a fantstic awesome time in the mountains…Good for the spirit, good for the soul..


Time is 14.36, in a couple of minutes it will be dark. Now it is time to use the last of the daylight for preparing for tomorrows top ascends.

The summit of Sönner tväråklump:




 A happy guide in his best of modes:-) And soon this years calender with competitions will start, look out:-)


The mountains are calling and I must go…

It has been a good week. 10 workouts in 6 days, that will be ok:-). 550 training minutes this week that will do. Saturdays E-fit training was a killer..The week was also ended with a bath in Lillsjön. Now it started to feels cold, but after the cold water the air felt varm:-). Today the temprature was nearly six degrees…


I have starting the preparation for the yearly event at Getvalen. The mountains are calling and I must go….I need to breath the air of mountains…Secure you got a real good week, and strive for your life goals..


The trail near Silverfallet to Getvalen in Jämtland, close to Enafors..

Some pictures are more important than others…

I was reading in the DN newspaper on friday, as my normal habit I start reding the culture annex of the news. It was an article about Jimmie Nelson the Scottish photograper. He has been taken pictures of the natives around the world, fantastic pictures and the series was called ”Before they pass away”. I think we all have a responsible to take care of the natives. As we here in sweden got the Sami’s it is our liability to secure there culture and lifes. Follow the attached link and enjoy the fantastic pictures…


Photographer: Jimmy Nelsson.

The training goes well as planned. 12 workouts this week(11.5 hours), and of course a bath in Lillsjön. Today it was just seven degrees. Good for the spirit:-). Planning for upcoming tour to Jamtland is ongoing. Snow shoes and tent are checked up. Secure that you all will have a good fall week and train and stay focused on your targets and achivements.