Get yourself a role model and be one yourself…And rewild yourself..

It has been a lot of activities last time, therefore it has not been time for blogging. But here it comes..

Three weeks ago I was in Are for skiing and to provide a mountain safety lecture. A lot o fine skiing , with a Manchester morning on Friday. Then it was time to jump on to the snowmobile for a mountain ride.

Nice morning at Areskutan, with Manchester morning skiing.

Free heel skiing at Are, nice weather and conditions..

Snowmobile in to the mountain environment..

The Mountain manager in action on a lecture in mountain safety..

A wind shelter can be the difference between life and death on the mountain with bad weather conditions..

 Last weekend there was a ice climbing tour to Rjukan. Rjukan is probably the best ice climbing areas in Europe. The environment is awesome and make you want to try winter actions.

Awesome ice climboing in Rjukan Norway..(Photo Mikael Linder)

With four whole days of ice climbing your technique will be developed..

Mikael Linder working with an ice screw at the ice wall. Great technique..

Cold weather and frost will not stop a ice climbing bum…

This week I was interviewed by a student, after his question battery he asked how I have become so successful. I was surprise of the question and it was so unexpected. I thought and tried to answered him. Sometimes I think we all need to sit down and think for a while. It was very spiritual to have the conversation with the guy. It all ended up in a thought about how to become a better me. I think it is important to have role model to look upon.

Ed Veisturs one of my role model of a mountaineerer..

But it also very important to also become a role model for others, but most of all for yourself. Inspire, and motivate others and yourself to become a better you. And maybe rewild yourself a bit. Get back to were we want to be. To get that, you might can get some help for it here..

Find some who can help you to push your limits..Take on a little more then you think you can. Imagine you already reach the target. Look how others reach the target. Inspire yourself to action. Don’t stop until exhaustion. Work on your weakness. Accept the discomfort..

And this week, we got the first lesson of rewild yourself. Get out in the nature and just listen for 20 minutes. just be quite and listen on a place you like..

See ya soon..

New gear and a lot of upcoming events..

So we are already in February, in the middle of winter season. Today we got the record of cold of the season. -39,5 degrees at Nikkaluokta.

With minus 39,5 is good to get the knowledge of cold…

This week the ISPO fair has been held in Munich. There a lot interesting topics. One of them is sustainable textile. Ecological aspects such as recycled nylon and PFC-free bio technologies based on renewable raw materials are a focal point of the industry. Incorporating Econyl (recycled nylon) into their collection, it isn’t just the ingredients of the textiles that are pursuing a stronger sustainable push but finishes too.

It is time to take a stand about sustainable choice when buying new clothes. It is also important to not have poison close to your body..

Products that was rewarded at the fair was for example:

Tecnicas new boots, Forges. The winner at the ISPO fair this year..

Also another Italian producer was awarded. Kongs new helmet Leef was another topic at the fair.

Blackyak is another interesting dealer, For the past 40 years, BLACKYAK and Dongjin Leisure have developed in mountaineering, outdoor apparel and gear. From the first brand store „Dongjin Mountain“ in 1973, we have been striving to become one of the leading companies in the outdoor industry.

Blackyak, a interesting company, which is quite unknown here in Scandinavia.

A real nice back-pack for climbing is the Warthog 26L SS15. A stripped backpack for demanding routes. With no fancy details, this is just for the fast technical alpine tour..

The adventures stands like spikes on the slopes. Free heel skiing in Are, Ice-climbing in Rjukan Norway and cross country skiing in Jamtland. A perfect beginning of the year. But don’t forget to plan for the spring and pre-summer. its time for planning the Via Ferrata tours now:-)

Join us for a Via Ferrata at for a extraordinary experience..

See ya soon..

Ice climbing again..

During the weekend we went to Alvdalen och Trangslet again. The ice has grown and it even was better this time. With a start of -18 degrees it was a crisp morning..

The team preparing for the upcoming climb in Rjukan in February. (Photo Mikael Linder)

The ice makes sculpture of icicles..(Photo Mikael Linder)


You must focus on the technique while doing the ice climb. The more efficient you are, the better you will climb. Use the naturally chubby-holes, and already used ice axe placements..

When it comes to the workout, the variation is very important. Today there was a boxing session. With just four participants I can tell Í was fully exhausted after the workout..

The workout of the day, boxercise..

A inspirational motivational video..


And a interesting pod about the Jamtlandsfjallen..

When it comes to crampons, we sometimes need more simple ones for ascending hiking peaks. This one can then be a solution..

See ya soon(Sunday as usual:-)