About focus, upcoming season and new gear..

One step from November. Now we going into a tough period. It is dark and its hard to get motivated. But see it as a challenge, now its time to stick to your goals or dreams…


Get a attitude of expectancy. You get what you expect. Take control over what you can, and let the other go. Read and focus on positive information. Surround you with positive people so often you can. Speak positive affirmations. Rehearsed your victories. When it comes to training, stay focused. Think: this days training will be the best of training ever..

And some new gear:

Sleeping in the field is one of the most important areas. A good sleep when you got the opportunity is very important, for be able to work hard. Nemo Tensor 20 r Is a interesting sleeping pad. Small and low weight , it will challenge the market.


Weight 410g, Temperature zone: -9 Celsius. Width: 51cm, Length: 183cm, Thickness: 8cm.


A new  and good sleeping pad of the light pack model..

And the training; well with 9 hard workout this week I feel tired. With a even higher level of the training at www.evolvefitness.se I must consider how to stay focused, and not get to burned out. But after a year of this type of training I am very satisfied. it really challenge me from a lot of angles. The perfect set up for a adventurer.

This week there will not be a cabin/mountain station presented. It will be a whole blog on one on Wednesday instead.

And at the end this week some good music:

See ya at Wednesday…Keep the good work and focus..




Test of Gear, Helags and training…

Been a while since last blog. So this one will contain some new test of clothing,, a presentation of another mountain cabin, and about others.

In the end of September I went to Helags. This was the last weekend it was open for the season. The mountain station was crowded, I think the service was affected due to the number of persons there:-). However it is always nice to go there.


Helags is always nice…


´The Husky’s first time in the mountains, if he liked it? Guess:-)

The summer season is gone, an the autumn is here. Now its the time to prepare for the winter. There will be a ice-climbing tour to Rjukan in February, so its just to sharpen the Ice tools..


Ice-climb in Rjukan..

And when it comes to gear I have been testing The Mammut M’s Comfort High GTX Surround Black/Inferno


A good boot for approach and easy hiking, It is a real good comfort, but it is not so good build up arch. As usual you got what you pay for. But for a normal use this one is perfect, and I love walking with the dog in them.

I also tested the Edelrid McLane jacket.


Edelrid McLane jacket.

The colour of the jacket is good, however this one is stripped down. For a jacket in this price level I expect ventilation under arms for example. It still is a real good jacket, but I expect something more. The cowl is good and it is easy to wear a helmet under if climbing.

Today the track has come to Lunndörren cabin for a presentation.


Lunndörrs cabin is beautifully situated at the northern mouth Lunndörrens. Besides valley is interesting from a geological point of view, it was also a route for the Vikings. The lake beside the cottage acts as watering holes and wood-fired sauna is a delight for every frozen mountain traveller! Here, at 802 meters above sea level, there are a total of 32 beds waiting for you. From Lunndörren can lead to Vålåstugorna, Anarisstugan and Tossåsen, the village on the other side Lunndörren. Among the history this place has been very important for transportation between Harjedalen and Jamtland

And the training, well 371 workouts so far this year, I think that’s a good figure. At the moment there has been focus for endurance and strength for the Ice-Climbing..

See ya soon, next sunday….