The heaven is now…

The trees are pure green, and the sun caresses my cheek. The pre-summer is here. Just a month ago I was heading for the summit of son-mountain. Time flies, I’ve been thinking about that. I over heard a discussion. -Do you think we come to heaven when we die, or do you think we just come to the earth? -We will come to the earth, of course. We can see it, and we are in the heaven now. I have been thinking about it, and about the ”carpe diem”. I think it is a good perspective to have, that the heaven is now. Think of what you will use this day for. Not with cues, or demands. You can choose to do nothing, or a lot. Nothing will be right or wrong. But you choose of how you will experience your day…I can tell you, you will like this way of thinking and having this approach.

When it comes to gear I have been testing the Haglöfs, solid Pro Gt. This is a real stable boot. It has a good fit, and it is easy to put on. The first model of this boot was nice but, the quality of the leather left more to be desired. But so far I am satisfied. But the test will continue. Planning a tour to Skuleskogen and Skuleberget. So it will he hard tested before it will get its grade.

Today I will start a new theme, the Swedish hikes. We start at the High coast and stage 2. Lovvik-Fjärdbotten 9,6km. Take a hike up towards the peak of Valkallen 240m. this will give you a fabulous view over the High coast bridge and Angermanalven.

All Along The Watchtower: You’ve Never Heard It Like This #10! – YouTube

See ya soon….