I cant help it…

12th of March and I am up early in the morning. The sun is raising, and I think it is a tremendous morning. I love the snow and especially the spring-winter. Clear and cold morning, and a warming sun during the day. I am an incurable winter romantic. And isn’t it funny that during winter holidays we fill the day with activities, and at the summer vacation we just laying in the sun and relax (almost mostly). Maybe It can be a part of my love to the winter season.

Today I am going to reflect over the word, (and the ability) of judgement. I’ve been talking a lot about it, but what really is a good judgement and what does it means?

A good judgement will be to how one deal with a lot of information. The source of the information can be; the mood, theoretical information, experience etc. The judgement will be our ability take in all of this and act from it. What will give us the opportunity of space is that we always will be in new situations. The presence have never been before, this meaning that the judgement must always be open for an ignorance. The current situation might be bigger compered to the knowledge we got. But keep in mind:

”A good judgment comes from experience – experience comes from bad judgment” 

So, what is good judgement then? Since it is very or impossible to measure it easy becomes to feel very diffuse. But if we ask ourselves how do I develop my professional judgement, it might help?

This week I have reviewed the  Helikon-Tex map case. I find it difficult to buy a real good map case, but now I found one. Since it is smart folded it is perfect. It also got a lot of small pockets for extra gear. And the cost: 23.61 Euro, it is really affordable…Put it in the leg pocket and your on your journey…(NNNNN)

Todays music will be one classic, with lot of good memories and also a new one to just enjoy…

Jon and Vangelis – I’ll Find My Way Home (with lyrics) – YouTube

300 Mornings – YouTube

See ya soon..



4 reaktion på “I cant help it…”

  1. Yes it’s wonderful with the snow and the warm sun, totally agree!!!
    Judgement, also include to calculate your own ability to perform a certain task, right?

  2. Good filosofy Bergman. One have to fail some to get the experience. There are no shortcuts to learning.

    How does the plastic in the mapcase response to cold temperatures? Does it get stiff?

  3. The plastic is really soft, so I don’t think that is a problem. But I will check it during the weekend. Review of that coming up…

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