The search for the optimal backpack…

Sunday, and soon we will step into April. A lot of good workout this week and also a first review of the Mountain Equipments Fang 42 back pack.

From my point of view, back pack can be devided into to different camps. The expedition pack with a volume from 70L and above. The other area is day or short tour pack. The volume here is from 25 and above. I’ve been testing and checking a lot of back packs in this area and the optimal is hard to fine. 35L is a bit to small  for me as guide, and 50L will be to large.

The Fang 42 from Mountain Equipment is a very good back pack. With the 42L it is optimal from my point of view. It has a big pocket inside were you can put a shavel etc. It also got long straps, which is very easy to work with even with gloves. The fabric is tough and can withstand chafing from cliffs etc. The lid is easy to take off, and can be adjusted when needed. So what is the disadvatage then? Well, a back pack with this price I think shall have gear loops. From my side I also expect that a build in wistle in the bracket…So 4,5 is a very high grade, and it might be my favourite on my back.

When it comes to winter skills it is a wide area. You have to have significtantly more skills and experience comparing to Summer adventures. The cold in hand in hand with the wind will become a challange for us. The snow that cover the ground also means that we need to have even a better control ov our navigation focus and skills. There is also a lot of other equipment we neéd to know how to use. 

So were to start to become a good winter adventurer? First of all, study and understand how weather works. Follow the weather in the area where you are going to. Ok, so now you have start to understand the weaterh good that step one. Now you need to learn how the cold will effect your body. For example, when huttering which is a normal behaviour when you are cold, you really need to take in more energy to your body. This meaning you must have exta or emergency food in your back pack. Knowledge of how the body will react you can read about on the internet. But, get out when its cold and discover it by yourself. Windshelter is one thing you must bring, but you also need to understand how it works. And as I describe the training in the 1930s you need to understand the soul of the equipment you use. Not just how it works. This meaning work with it during tough circumstances. Why not try it with blindfolded eyes in hard wind…Navigation, practice micro navigation. You use a 20 000 scaled map, and move from short from piont to point. This will give you a good selfconfidence, and that you will need in the mountains during winter. Always remember KISS= Keep It Simple Stupid. That will help you out. Also use COLD= Clean, Overheating(avoid)Layered, Dry. During the winter, you also shall take care of each other and looking for ”white” spots. As you understand it is more demanding during winter comparing to summer. But as you can see, it is duable to train and get skills even if you are living at sea level…

Winter skills 1.1: choosing boots and crampons – YouTube

Tom Walker – Fly Away With Me (Official Video) – YouTube

See ya soon..

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  1. Great advises on winterskills today Bergman. And I realy like your opinions on backpacks. Same as you, I preferbackpacs with whistle. That should be mandatory.

    Talk with you tomorrow

    Take care


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