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The IML process has resulted in a couple of experiences. This has ended up in some steps in my mind. This week I will share this experiences and thoughts with you. So lets begin. The first learning is about leadership. In our context as guides/IML’s we will be working in and with Temporarily composed groups. What does that means? Well we must bear in our mind how participants in a group of that will think. Now go to yourself and think -how does it feel when you participate in a new group, for example in a training course (for avalanche training for example) In this type of situation you/we will feel a level of stress. As a participant in this type of situation we will feel insecure and experience stress from two main areas: -How will other in the group think? And how will the other do? So how can this stress be reduced? It is important to take good care of the participants in the group that is vulnerable. Group members with less experience and competence. Another factor is if you can count with the other participants knowledge and experience. Will they do good or bad thing from your perspective? You as guide and leader also have the responsibility of handling setbacks for the group. A good leader have a good ability to improvise, and that is a success factor for leading a temporally composed group. So reflect of this; how can I as group participant make a group more comfortable? And how can I as Guide/leader make the group more comfortable?

I also ended up in everything comes around with everything. Good leadership comes out of good navigation skills, and also good skills of handling chaotic situations such as accidents. This meaning you need to be experienced in first aid. As you see it all is a circle, and leadership will be the first step.

Tomorrow it will be about first aid…

Les Humphries Singers – Mexico (ZDF Disco, 11.11.1972) – YouTube

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