A blessing or a curse…

I’m living a two world life. One with a 100% normal work at the office and one with a lot of the rest of time in the outdoor. From my point of view I think it is the perfect life, the very best out of two worlds. The outdoor activity  can then remain a hobby and not just a job, meaning it will give a lot of energy instead of take. The last weekend it was a tour toward Jämtlands fjällen and the Enafors/Storulvån area. With a peak tour towards Getryggen at Friday, Storsnasen Saturday and Västerfjället in Bydalen on  Sunday. The tour towards Getryggen was fantastic, almost no others on the mountain, and with the sun sparkling in the eyes. The tremendous view of the landscape of Jämtland  spread out in the front of our eyes…The peak of Storsnasen would prove to become a challenge. The reason therefore was both the wing and the snow. The rotten snow become hard to walk on, an d close to the peak the gusts of wind was closed to 30m/s. The peak of Västerfjällen was a really nice trip and all was satisficed when we summing up the weekend. Worth mention is also the stay at Enaforsholm Mountain lodge, it is incomparable one of the best stay in the Swedish mountains..

The trail running season is upcoming, and there will be a couple of tours the summer. I will test some trail products and first out will be a pair of shoes, the Inov-8 trail talon, a shoe that looks and feel nice. With a good grip and also a bit more build up for the feet then normally of a trail shoe it will become interesting to review. Silva has always come up with some nice gear and now I will review a back pack.  Running in the mountains means you need to bring some stuff, so you really need some space for gear. The Silva strive mountain pack 17+3L looks perfect due to size. You can bring some clothes to change with and also a sleeping bag etc. This will become interesting to see how it will feels on the back. So now you got some feedback for gear to look out for…

The next upcoming planned tour….

Rimstigen – Aurland (youtube.com)

Capleton – Dubplate – Little Lion Sound – Rockstone / Raggy Road (youtube.com)

See ya soon…

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