1st. of December and the calendar starts…

Time to open this years advent calendar. This year it will be competitions and information as well as a book tip every day. Now we will tie the knot for all the adventures of the year. But, for being able to win the nice prices you will need to follow the calendar every day. Small clues will be hidden to help you out with the competitions. All prices will have bearing of mountain safety…

Time to open the first door of December! Today it will be about one of the gate to the Jamtland Mountains. A hidden pearl that is approachable.  A hidden village which you often have been driven past on your way to the mountains. But it is highly recommend to do a visit. You follow the Damman towards Bydalen, soon you will have Drommens North face on you left. In the valley your eyes be unknowingly constantly drawn towards the mountainside of Drommen. This year I have been here three times; Winter, Summer and pre-Winter. All trails are easy to find and access. As icing on the cake (sv. som grädde på moset) You can go to Arodalen or the wild Anaris mountains. But on the other hand you can explore a lot at the Bydalen itself. Why dont you do the three peaks. Drommen, Ostfjallet and Vastfjallet? That is what I have done, twice this year!:-) 

the book tips of the day; we will start strong with a Norwegian book

Friluftslivspedagogikk – Skolor – häftad (9788202575830) | Adlibris Bokhandel

Jingle Bells – YouTube

See ya tommorow…


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