Dont forget the small adventures…

At the moment we are in between two seasons. It is time for reflection and contemplation. In the sami calendar we are in the pre-winter season. At the moment the snow light up the dark evening/nights and dress our playground in duvet. The cycle of the year is fantastic, and if you follow it you will feel more alive. From that point of view I’ve been having a fantastic year; a lot of both small and big adventures. Now is the time for planning the winter season and maybe to plan your training. Why dont you plan for a first aid course with Adventure Medicine, Utbildning inom vildmarksmedicin- Adventure Medicine or why dont you take a avalanche course; Kommande Evenemang – Kittelfjäll Adventure ( or a winter training for beginners in Jamtland Vinterutbildning i fjällmiljö – All in Nature SWEDEN I will also give you a heads up of a good books, that might give you more longing for European adventures: The Hidden Tracks – Fotvandring – inbunden (9783899559552) | Adlibris Bokhandel and also the Wanderlust Europe – Europa – inbunden (9783899558661) | Adlibris Bokhandel

At the moment I am planning for the upcoming November tour. This one will be a short and fast adventure, but with a good planning it will be a great adventure, to be continued..

When it comes to gear I have stared the evaluation of the Beyond Nordic  BN007 3L Hard shell pant yellow. This is a 3 layer pant. It has a good price: 140 Euro. The finish is ok, but the fit gives more to be desired. It has alpine-fit, but still there is some need of improvement from my point of view. But so far I think they are price-worthy.

And as I told you before the advent calendar is coming up soon. Here it will be contests, facts and Christmas gifts suggestions. For example you will have one book gift suggestion every day…

State of Sound – Higher Love (Lyric) ft. Viktor Norén, Gustaf Norén – YouTube

See ya soon

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  1. This is a great season Bergman. Time for some training and some reflection.
    Its time to fire up the oven and ket the maps to plan upcoming adventures.
    Lokks forward to read more about these trousers


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