New adventures…

It has been a fantastic summer and also a fantastic year. 8 month and just as many mountain adventures this year (so far). We can see that the interest for mountain activities has increased a lot in Sweden. This means that some of the areas will be more affected, this is the ones with easy access. It will also means that people with less skills will be more common. This is a possibility for the guiding area. The pandemic will probably have the effect that more people will change one of their vacation in foreign countries will decrease. So now it is time to take the advantage of this. So go with clients to places where they will be alone in the mountains will be a business opportunity. I also think that this will also help us to guide clients in other countries as well. So with a International Mountain Leader certificate you will have a future success ahead.

Soon we step in to September and it will be the best time for hikes in the Swedish mountains. It is also time to start planning for the upcoming pre-Winter and Winter season. So how to do that? Well it is time to check map and calendar for put in to the plan. Skiing, ice-climbing, cross country skiing. Just to plan.

This week it will be rope technique training, and to start building up the leg strength and balance for the skimo(ski mountaineering) So here you will got some suggestions. Challenge yourself with new workout so you get inspired and get better step by step. A lot of fighting workout at the moment…

( Me, coach Mohammed and the inspiring Marcus after 60min fighting workout)

Start the workout with balance in time for the season. My first suggestion will be the aeroplane. Stand up, and lift up one leg. Follow with the rest of the body and grip a stick. Hold it over your head.

Trekking Tabata – YouTube

When it comes to equipment I have been testing the Salewa MTN trainer 2. An approach shoe for hiking and Via ferrata. This is a really nice shoe. They are small in its size so choose a size bigger than normal. Then you will have a really nice shoe. With its special sole, its is developed for Via Ferrata. It has a solution for Via Ferrata steps in the sole, small but well thought out solution.

Enjoy Skuleskogen:

Bästa stunden på dygnet att vandra i Skuleskogen – YouTube

Jenn Grant Eye Of The Tiger – YouTube

See ya soon…



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  1. It was nice Bergman to see that stunning photo of the Sylarna massif. It looks wast and the colour makes you wish September lasted the whole year.

    I agree with you, now its the time for guiding service. More people needs to learn the skills and to get safety thinking.

    Good luck with that Marockan fighter. Give him a hard time.


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