The art of conveying a feeling…

As a guide you need to be skilled and got good and grounded knowledge of the area. But also as a guide you really need to got the skill to conveying a feeling. It doesn’t matter how good your technical skill is if you don’t touch the clients. When I hire a guide, this is one of the most important skills I expect. You must really in your heart love what you do. As guide you do it for the clients and not for your self, that what you need to have in focus.

This week I have spend in Funasdalen in Jamtland. The first day it was time for the peak-tour. I get up early and checked the weather. A light rain, but the sky got some light parts as well. The first part of the track was steeply uphill. The first plateau was reached and it felt good for everyone. The next part was  bit easier and the participants moved ahead in a good pace. Soon we reached the Anntjarn, a nice little mountain lake. The rain has now stopped and it was a nice air to breath. Now the track become a bit steeper again, and the next plateau was reached. the fog and clouds now began to come in from below the mountain, and the visibility was affected. But the trail was still easy to follow, and in sudden the cloud and fog diapered and we could at that moment see the peak of Anafjallet. So now it was easy and in twenty minutes we were standing of the top of the peak. The hike down was easy and the the weather smile against us, and for another time it told us that it is often worth starting early. 

Next next step of the adventure was a helicopter-tour. so just a bit later we were sitting in the helicopter. Starting with a flight over the Funasdalen, to Ramundberget and follow the trail to Faltjagarstugan. From here we fly over Mittadalen and ovar to AnaFjallet and the peak of the day: Annfjallet. Fantastic and see the area from this angle. With all this adventure the participants went back to the cabin. The guide (me:-)) decided to take trail-running tour towards the Funasdalsberget. So that begun to look like a nice mountain day in the end…

This day it was time for a hike towards Miesjehkentjahke at Flatruet. From here the view over the Sylarna-Helags massif is really nice. In the other direction you got the Anafjallet in the fond. And as Carl Von Linné described it: It is like a sea that has been frozen. It is like waves…When this hike was done, it was time for a Via Feratta -tour towards the Funasdalsberget. The route is 300m up, and parts are really steep. There is also part that is just trail. But the last part is a bit airy in some part. The effort is well worth the view as the reward. 

Early the next morning I put on my trail-running shoes and started the rout around the Funasdalsberget. The pre-mountain forest was really nice and a woke up two capercaillie birds. A bit higher up a falcon followed me a bit. And at the top of the mountain three reindeer looked at me wondering what I was doing. But this was a really nice mountain morning run.

So conclusion is that Funasdalen has delivered. Really nice area with a little bit of Chamonix feeling with the mountain in sight wherever you standing…..

The summer and vacation is coming to an end, but this is the start of the autumn and winter season. Here we come…


See ya soon

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  1. It sounds as you hit the jackpott when visiting Funäsdalen Bergman. As you write this area has a lot of possibilities.

    The Via Feratta here is realy cool when you top up right at the cafe offering you a hot espresso ”Cham style”.

    Looks forward to hear about your next guidingmisssion.


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