A normal upbringing or? and a three peak tour.

I grow up in working class family. But my mother was a leader in Friluftsframjandet, and my father has been competing in cycling. I was raised in skating school and skiing school. The weekends were spend in the nature. So there I got my interest for the outdoor. When I started to competing in cycling in 1978 I also got the taste of the adrenaline and the thrill of competing. Parallel I still was in the Outdoor. While the other classmate went to disco, we went out to a wind shelter.  But we visit the disco from outside. But by wearing the Fjallraven Greenland jacket the outlook done as we looks like communist at that time. That should all the people wearing this outfit today ha ha. Well by the interest of the outdoor it was not far to the Army. So I decided to do the service for 15 mounts. The winter training were excellent and I got my first avalanche training at that time. But the best was the real leadership practice. I continued in the service for 17 years and was captain when I decided for leaving. It was not a job, it was a lifestyle and that I can still miss. Therefore I think the interest of the outdoor was beginning to grow. In the business I also got the opportunity to been leader in wide are such as telecommunication,  communication, IT-outsourcing companies,  and banking and insurance. At the moment I’ve visit +30 countries in the world and that has enriched me in many way. But that is a whole other history. But I also feed my Outdoor interest and drive a own guiding company. I am also Vice chairman and treasurer for the Swedish mountain leader organisation for the third year. And most of all I am still learning about the outdoor skills. This year I’ve been to a mountain every month; Kittefjall, Bydalen, Salen, Helags, Sonfjallet, Skuleberget and now I am planning for the July adventure.

News in the outdoor of Sweden tells us that the Landowners in the south of Are-fjallen want the hikers to pay a fee. This related to the worn of the trails in the area. It is not possible to do it by the law, but as a voluntarily fee. The suggested cost will be about ~200 euro. So from 0 to 200 euro. I think it is a giant first step….But this show us the road ahead. This might be a backside of the Corona invasion related to our Swemester (Swecation).

The Swedish outdoor company Silva has been bought of a risk investment company. Verdone will be the new owners and the goal is to increase the profits and to speed up the digitisation.

And if you are curious about my upcoming July adventure, here is the plan. Me and the husky are gong up to Jamtland. The Bydalen area. We will try to reach three peaks of Bydalen. Vaster-fjallet (1158m), Osterfjallet (1211m) and Drommen (1140m).

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See ya soon…


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  1. Great story of a life of adventure Bergman. Its obvious that you have walked the grades in a steady and determined pace. Experience do not come for free. You need to be avalanched at Jbel Toubcal, knife threaten at Mt Damavand, almost cruched by rocks and mudslide in the Andes and offered fresh brewn coffe by your mate Jansson a crispy morning overlooking the sunrise at Storsnasen in subzero temperature.
    Adventure is such a great asset for a good life and good friendship.

    Keep up the good work Uffe.


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