About the hand and gloves.

Today it is time for the door twenty, and today it will be about hand and gloves. We often talk and learn about different tools and how to use them. But the most important tool in addition to brain is the hand. So this tool you must be very careful with. The anatomy of the hand tell us that the hand isn’t got any muscles, only tendons. The most important finger is the thumb, because with this you can ”lock” a grip. So it doesn’t matter how good tools you got, if your hand doesn’t work. So you have to keep it warm and dry, and avoid to hurt the thumb. So how to do that? When using the hand to example digging in the snow for building a shelter or at a avalanche, secure you got a good grip. Place the hand on the tool(shovel) and lock the grip proper. Doing that you will avoid injure. Be cautious and meticulous. 

Now you got the technique, then we can start looking into the protection and heat. The glove area is a galaxy of choice. First of all when to wear gloves and when mittens? If it is really cold the mittens is preferable. But as soon you need to ”work” with the hand it will be more difficult. Normally you use mittens as reinforcement garment. But as always let starts from the beginning. Use a liner closest to the hand. And then a glove. If you gonna climb, work with rope etc. The glove shall be made of leather. So make them a half or one size bigger than normally, so you can add the liner. If you will be in wet/moister areas, you need to have a glove with good waterproofing and a shell that is protecting from becoming wheat. My own experience is to choose a pair bit more expensive then the average, it will reward you in the long term. And remember as said before, this is your second important tool at the adventure…

(Smartwool liner glove, a good suggestion closest to the hand) And at last, don’t forget to workout the hand, train the ability to grip. This will help you in every situation you will end up in. a strong grip will always be good.

See ya tomorrow…


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  1. I always go for inner mittens in wool Bergman. Its warm even when wet. During breaks I always put the gloves under my jacket to keep them warm and safe from wind.

    Whats you opinion about innen or outer seems on the leather?


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