How to become a better mountaineerer

Okey, so it is Sunday again. The weather is grey, and the rain is just haning there waiting to start. At three a clock it is already dark. The term go with the flow, it might be right now. Time for reflection, time for listening to the silence or the sound of the crackling fire. Releax, take your time and evalute your year and your knowledge and skills. If you are or will become a mountaineer you need to know this truth: The weather will not always be perfect (rather often the opposite). Climbing a mountain is not a walk in the park. Always, always remember the summit is only the half way. You are going to be scared at some point of the trip oryou are not trying hard enaugh. There will be times when you want to turn back. You are going to get lost. You know it is going to be painful. You are going to fight with your partner. So from there you can get some inspriration for how to become a better Mountaineerer. First you need to understand yourself, what is the drivers for you. Why do you want to do it? Here you got a intresting area to understand and work with. Humility, curiosity. openess will be important caracteristics you can have good help with. Today we start with curiosity, how to get more of that? Read widely. and let the curiosity take on new path. Choose a area in mountaineering and dig deep into it. Poish your mind with others minds, meaning that ask others obout there thaughts and opinions. Being an expert who is interesting in everything, broad up your knowledge in the mountain area. So now try to become more curious.

When it comes to the mountain rescue, it was less numbers in Norrbotten during 2020. This is the only county that has less rescue missions during 2020. Norrbotten 66/77, Vasterbotten 18/13, Jamtland 64/43 in total in Sweden: 142/133.

In the pandemics track we can see that the numbers of Swedish visitors have increased during 2020. But this is not just positive, we can se as mention that numbers of rescues hav increased. But also the dump of trash and equipment!? At Kebnekaise mountain station the site manager report that people have dumped up to ovwr 100 tents. And in the tents even new unpacked new equipment…

See ya soon..


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  1. This is the time Bergman for lighting the fire and brew a cup of ecological coffe. Its time to reflect and to read.
    The adventure is always out there.
    What cand og tent do you recommend? A tunneltent or a dome?

    Best regards from Norway


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