The Outdoor athlete, and a Jamtland session.

How to become the optimal outdoor athlete? This question is always on my mind. I think it is very important to have a varied scheme. This for avoiding injueres and for not being bored. It is also good for the capabilitie of increase your adaptability. If looking into the five traits sucessful endurance athletes got, and what we can learn from it? First of all they got resilience, the ability to turn adverse circumstances to their favor. The second consitency, establish the frequency of workout, a behavior that makes them do it and do it again. Organized, planning and got a detailed plan and they will always be prepared for the upcoming race or competition. Brutal,Successful athletes have a brutality about them—a drive and burning desire that won’t let anything stand in their way. These athletes almost welcome adversity because they know it will make them stronger, and they thrive on training in a masochistic way. Brutal athletes have no idea, and that’s the true beauty of it. It’s a power trait for coaches to capitalize on when exploited in small doses. Present,  Being present can have short-term parameters—it can simply be a single interval within a session. It can also have long-term parameters, which includes staying aware of the season’s big-picture goal. If you have an athlete who during the first interval is thinking about the third, or an athlete who is planning for the next “A” race during a taper, give them a reality check and keep them focused on the task at hand. So this might help you to think like an endurance athlete, This can feels hard, especially for us over the 50s, so what willbe important for us? First of all train consistently over the year. Use training periods to prioritize your training time. I suggest Base-phase, peak-phase, taper-phase, recovery-phase, maintenance-phase. Continue strength training at high intensity. trength training after 40 has tons of health and performance benefits. As we age, our muscle mass and bone density gradually decrease. Consistent weight training slows down these processes and helps us maintain strength and function. Continue with HIIT and aerobic interval workouts. Allow more recovery time after hard workout. Use cross-training. Get more sleep, with aging you will need more sleep for recovering after a hard workout. And at the end: Focus on your abilities over your limitations…If you need some more inspiration, this book might be a good suggestion.

This week I was at Jamtland and visit the Fettjafallet in Klovsjo area. I really enjoy this small trips with experience..

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  1. Here you have catched a good topic for keeping the enduranve and streangth trueout a life of training.

    And that waterfall truly looks nice.

    See you one the Sylantravers


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