The perfect Tuesday, and are you a dreamer-planner or a doer?

The vacation time is coming up, and we will all rest ourselves. But after the vacation the melancholy will be present. Therefore, it is better to prepare already for how to reduce it. One thing that I have find out is to plan for a mountain tour close after the summer. This will mean that you have something to look forward to. And another good thing to strive for is to have a weekday and longing for. And what cant be better than make the Tuesday so something extra ordinary. Monday is the start of the week, Wednesdayis  the middle, Thursday it is almost Friday and Friday is special by itsself…So way don’t get yourself the perfect Tuesday. The day when you listen to that pod or reading that book you have been thinking of to read. Or take that hike to the place you never been to. But as mention before, without planning, the Tuesdays becomes as every Tuesday. So, use the summer for finding out what to do the first five Tuesday, then you are home…

What is the diffrence between a doer and a dreamer.

The difference between dreamers and doers. One of the big differences is the words vs action. The dreamer paint rose picture of how it would be. The doers believe less in talking and more efforts towards achieving their dreams. Doers basically express their words through their actions.

Dreamers spend most of their time in contemplating about a probable situation. They spend their time planning for situations that may or may not arise. But planning is a good thing, right? Yes, but experimenting is better. Doers risk experimentation and improve their attempts if meted with failure; they have more practical knowledge than the dreamers, who just rely on their theory and explanations.

A very clear thing is the action to lift the phone and do the call. The talk will open the opportunities. Be addicted to your goal/s.

So ok, you define your self as doer, then what is the difference between a doer and a planner than? You need to define the broad strokes of your goals. This can prevent you from wasting your time and effort. But perfectionism is a paralyzer, and there is a risk to “over” work the thing. So take the best from the planner and the doer and you will gain the best.


This weeks review will be the Ortovox Back pack. As you already know I really like the small refinements. This is a perfect from that point of view. This pack have built in pockets for avalange equipment, and also ice axe holder in lot of different ways to do it. You can trip of the hip belt and the stay, this will reduce the weigt to just 720g. So this one will get NNNN+

This weeks book review will be the Mountain Leader book from the US Marine Corps in Mountain warfare. So this is more of a tactical book then a technical book. But you can find a lot of good solution of diffrent things. A lot of distinct pictures of ”how to” is real good. I would compare this as a military version of ”The freedom of the hills” So this one I can recomend for thus how want to have premium.

See ya soon…

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  1. Tuesdsy is often a hard day so this advise is welcome for achiving a perfect week.
    That mountainbook looks interesting. Where can one buy it?

  2. Tuesday is often a hard day so this advise is welcome for achiving a perfect week.
    That mountainbook looks interesting. Where can one buy it?


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