24th of December I wish you a merry Christmas.

Now the advent Calander has come to an end. And I a merry Chrismas greeting will to all of you send.

Nine adventures:

Concluding this year it has been nine adventures in the Mountains. Three out of these has been with guidning. Kebnekasie, Salen with dog camp and Utefest at Docksta. Also ice Climbing at Abisko, skiing in Salen, Sonfjallet etc. Really nice. A lot of work with the Swedish mountain Leader organisation as well. And thank you www.viaferrata.se  for your Life time membership. 



The Mountain Leaders chronicle:

A good year with lot of adventures. What i learned most this year will be the Risk Management planning. How important that is. While Reading all reports, articles and technical investegations I understand and really dont want to end up in this kinds of situations. And here back to the old knowledge; surround yourself with the right people and they will encourage you to develope your skills in the area. So thank you Mattias and Mikael, Matt and Markus for that. Another thing is to never stop enjoying the nature and the mountain views.

Early morning, it is still dark while I pulses in the snow with snowshoes. The Husku is eager due to all the reindeer tracks, he sticks unsteadily on. The sweat cover my back, then I turn and can see Helags, Lunndorrs pass and Are. I stop and just listen to my own breathing, and I Think I must be the happiest man on the Earth. I quickly get out of my thoughts, the husky got a new track to follow and he is eager to continue…

Merry Christmas my friends…

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