19th of December and a reccurent theme..

It is incredibly important that we listen to the indigenous people. They have lived in balance with nature for so long. These words came from Greta Thunberg. So the topic is more important than ever. But at the same time, our own natives stuggle for there rights and there culture. So why do I think this is a so important subject? Well first of all we have a lot to learn from them, both regarding to knowledge and skills, but also there culture and relation to tne nature.

The history of the Samis starts before 11000 F. Kr. In the north of Norway tracks from the first people, which was hunters and collectors. In 1100 n a Norwegian history work, a story is told of how a gracious, a Sami shaman, through his drum, puts himself in a trance to save a sick person.

In 1600 Gunilla Jonsdotter is an unmarried three-grandson, sister of patchworkman Tomas Jonsson and a well-known healer who also refuses to take communion will be sentenced to death for sorcery.

n 1685, the state decided that the Sami would be forced by Christianity. Seites and sacrificial vessels were demolished and the holy Sami sites were destroyed.

And like this the history goes on and on. Sápmi was a country where the reindeer roamed freely. That the reindeer herding Sami would be allowed to move across national borders has long been a matter of course. But the rights …

During the 1920s and 1930s many Sami people were eliminated from the reindeer herding. Several investigations found that they lived in severe poverty. At that time, the state invested considerable amounts in populating Norrland’s hinterland with kronerotorpers. But the Sami received almost none of this support. Although many of them had already taken up successful new construction, the authorities did not consider that the Sami could handle such work. Yet in 1941, the Board of Agriculture found that the Sami were not suitable for agricultural work for ”racial biological reasons”. The end of the Second World War meant that race politics did not become very viable anymore. Now began a new era in which the problems for reindeer husbandry and Sami culture were caused by modern Sweden’s intrusion with large-scale forestry, hydropower developments, mines, roads, railways and eventually large-scale tourism. Much of this also benefited the Sami, but the space for their way of life and their culture became smaller.

The times when the Sami ran their reindeer on skis have long since disappeared. Numbers are otherwise required for reindeer husbandry to be profitable. In modern reindeer husbandry, for example, scooters, crossbikes and four-wheeled off-road vehicles have become indispensable tools necessary to effectively operate the reindeer.

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