My own smallness…

Today I will do a reflection of my adventurelife. There are many time I have experienced magical moments in the nature. Back in 1984 in the service I rembember a early morning at a firing ground in Varmland. We had vent up early for a shooting exercise. It was very coold, almost -30 degrees. In a sudden the sun rised over the moore, and it was a magical moment and everyone just stood there watching…Or at the Mont Blanc tacul, and the sun started to heat us while climbing…

What strikes me in this moments is my own smallness. And my own insignificance. And to be honest I think that is a very important. You re not so important from a bigger point of view. And the power of nature is nothing you have control of. With this in your mind, you are ready for the next adventure.

I testing the Aklimas Anarjohka pants, and I also will test the polo as well. The trouser is very nice to wear. The wool is perfekt.

A week ahead the calender will start…

See ya soon..


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  1. Those moments when the sun passing over the horizon warming and releifing a cold body is worth waiting for….remeber those cold sunrises in Aconcaqua. We have to get back Bergman.


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