Tie together the Risk Management…

Sunday afternoon, sitting and sipping of the coffee, and Writing this weeks blog. I feeling of anticipation, a week is gone and a new on its rise:-)

Summing up of Risks…
So, we have taken the first step in November. The winter season is knocking on the door. So, if you
haven’t sharpened your Ice tools it is high time for it now. Today the I will bring up the workout for the ski season and continue with the risk management plan.

I have taken up the risk planning, risk awerness, the risk avoidance and last week the risk mitigation. I’ve been also talking about the decision making. So with all this in mind, is it time for the adventure? Well, there are some more to mention. What affect us and our decision making is something I will bring up today. This will be the closing down of this series. A study that Johanna Ohrling has done tells us that we are more risk averse when we are together with others. And one thing the report shows is that we also have a higher risk averse together with a guide! This is very important to understand. The clients feels safer with a guide and are willing to have a higher risk averse for that reason. As a guide you have to keep taht in mind. Also the social media force people to take higher risks. Also the high pace in the society, is Another factor. With short time to spend, it is easier to rise the stake, and ignore the risk factors. The availability of areas and Equipment is Another factor. Earlier we spend more time for building up experince, today we buy new gear and just go… So Think twice, and take the right decisions ahead.

Johanna Örlings report lift the question of” strong alone -or simply more careful”. A mix methodological study of death accidents and risk taking in outdoor activities in Swedish mountainarea. In the year 2000-2018 there has been 19 deadly accidents in the Swedish mountain area. Out of this 7 was involved with avalanches, 7 was caused by a fell, 1 out of chilling, 1 out of strangling, 1
never found, 1 out of stone slide, and 1 unclear. Of this 19 incidents it was 17 men and 2 women. So the study is clear, the alone adventurer are more cautious.

You now got the Tools, so take care there out on your mission/adventure.

The ski season is coming up, and you have to be prepared. Today I will give you four good workout selection for starting up the season. The first one is the box jump. Start low and build it up. Stand up when you are on the top of the box.

Second will be the deadlift.

Next will be the bridge(supine) walk out..

Here comes the next…

And in the end, the skate jumps..

See ya soon..

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  1. Here you have some realy good points Bergman. Just as you mention I think two things realy ad upp the last few years of increased accidents.
    1. People have less time. The weather and the conditons doesn automatically adapt the the outlook calendar. Before, mountainpeople had the time to wait out bad weather or unsafe conditions.
    2. I think social media increases how prone people are to push thrue or increase the risk when they have posted the weekend adventure before it actually have taken place…


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