One decision for all…

Guiding tour at Kebnekaise. Mountain activity always demands a window of time. This tour was for a Friday to Sunday with only one day for an attempt to reach the ”roof” of Sweden. I went up to Nikkaluokta at Thursday with a faboulous weather. Friday was also fine but…Saturday…The cloud base was low and almost no sight. Also add the increased risk of avalanche, and unskilled clients. Well as a guide I decided to interrupt the attempt. For sure there were discussion in the group about the decision. But for me as a guide it was quite easy to make. I have not went up during this circumstances even on my own so… The thing is that the weather was fantastic the other day, and at last we did reach the target(but with a Little help of wings or rotors)

At the moment the sout peak was 30cm higher than the North peak…

The South peak and the Ridge over to the the North peak(Photo Ulf Bergman)

The snow layer was thin at Kebnekasie mountain station…Always a risk in late April…The sun will be warm..


When it comes to Equipment I have start a test of Fjallraven Abisko trekking tights. This ones belongs to the Abisko series which is the light weight one. I am a fan of alpine fit. This means tight clothing. From that Point of view the trousers is good. But with a price of 1699:- I expected more. I miss a zipper in the end of the legs for example. I like the belt holder so you can use a belt and easy to aplly a knife or other Tools, but a belt should be included in the price. The real price with a belt will be 1998:- and then it is too expensive. So so far just Three NLA:s from me.

The book suggestion this week will be Pär Axelstjernas: ”Nordtoppen och Sveriges tak”. A real nice and intresting book of the Kebnekaise area. Perfect for a cup coffee and a enjoyment of life..

From winter to spring, a new season with new possiblities and challenges. Today I reach 30km(including 10km running at 38,26 so on track..)

Ulf Bergman a happy Mountain Leader in his right Environment… the mountains.. 

See ya soon..

3 reaktion på “One decision for all…”

  1. Great blogg today Ulf.
    Its always a good decision to turn around when the conditions are not right. Thats what the group pays for. Years of experience and the endurance to struggle the hard hours of taking the right choice. The mountains are there next time as well.

    Good luck with the next guiding session. Will it be the Via ferrata?


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